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\rniL i;,

present the Mayor (Mr. A. L i the chair ;. tho .Sheriff (Mr. 0. T.
H McCalmont,
inj of tho Municiiul Corporation of South* is held at the A ail it House on Wednesday,
I'mainirl. donr*. Lomcr. Aalatt, Dawson, ,;„l II. Newman; Junior HaibirWarren; Messrs. M-rahaiu (ex-Mayor), hurlwr, .1.P., Cleveland, Whit-
m.nlrr. lb??*. .
Tbv T'us KHK (Mr. U.S. l'caree) real a letter (r. m Mr. \V. II Davis, stntini: that;through having to i. iu' Knuhnd. owing to ill-health, ho should I* unable ! .■ |.resellt at amy of tho Council or committee meet-f, r a of aix namths.
I . r, .M ""K rem-l the f.dkwin^ letter:
v- M»y r I'l l I. "II mm - A, ifit- .|-i,.|i.»u of n,y official

oily hit views
llh a awl, .r, rate uf I. W
l.-jr Institution when a«kel i. it n cmt which I alone
l-image tlie Interests of the
Mr M.t i J,"l *'cntlin,<-u. Yuur olxdUnt S. reaut,.
.... , , ,, .
Mr. Mi: il k sii-l he wt^ild that the letter bo
! cul\\.rl.«« ..,,ii,ii:.-.-. II, Nlic.^l
I ., knn vf Mr l^nwrn a s/recmeut with the I'mrpmr* t.. u exi-irol ••>■ the of ApriJ. an I ho ho;**!.that aMan:,n..Lt,llAhlerman A^UTT seconded tho motmn.
Mr. I.r M.rvr.i: thought the letter was one of such gravity that it should Ik-put on the noticc-pa|>er for d^ussiwnatUwoeat meetiup. I( t,#,k him by sur pri.«i\ for though he saw it intimated In one of the local HlfMthalr oh min; that such lesignation wonkl 1%. |\^l:nlhr h.m.b of the I .unci. lie ,oul,l nut In-v. rtain that it was about to ho placed liefora them. It KM *oeh a weighty matter that it ought to be placed upon the agenda piper for consideration.
Mr. I'akmk.nth! said he would second such an udment, it King a matter of >uch great importance
Borough of Portsmouth. - Town CWk s Offlce.
—1 I am, dear sir, jours faithfully.
viwirc cowsiilrration.
in-I fall through.

oi&c. who I mtpad of the ,
Alderman I'.is-T.Mjr-: hopmi the ...
alfnwe,! tmgn to tlie >|»cial Worka (
»l:«uld consider it and i.-port upon it,
n.iuicil dealing with it in a crude form.
Mr* I.K ri.i vi:i: said it was not a ouestion of finance. I ne M.woii: I>o you object to its being referred ? Mr. I.i l-i;rvni: replied that he did.
Mr.; said the committee would bring up a ..
"iniiin in reference to tho accept-
Sonlhamptcn. |f^ bdieved tho Lonmcy C,
tamed at a cost of 10a. each.
Alderman Emanckl said i consideration, as it was not u..............
Tho proposiUon o! Mr Dnnlop *ms then unonimonmly agreed to.

that durftif the thre*
The Council then separated.
Merman l?.\ss cm set::. The committee would c r * hat ornuigeninit; nrouhl have to he maik in I 11 yf tl&# afcrptance or non acre|'tance of the
Mr. II. DfM.or : We b**e tire
am?* tows! with it?
Alilirmaii I'AssrNciy: t.iid the c mmittec would deal *:thtlie subject the same as tliev dealt with other n. tiera which came before ih^ t .winelL
Ald. rman b'\is ui-cd that they should not deal with si. * matkr witkwt its I ting fully ennsidrrcL It a ^r„,u* Ihiw t" h *hc wrvicra of Air. Lemon. I be Mavoi: said he w-is ad\i.-e«l that if there was any • :!i>n they could not i11' 'ubject then dio]i]>cd, ...................
|tAr the agtmla |*|*r for the next meeting.
A nmiunMtl.* fr. n, Mr.' Krr-lrrie Md*
: y ■ ■ r at th- lheatre K-.yal, Frciuli *treet, stated that b H xry l*aven|aft. the h,^e. Iia,| omrentf-l to idac* !!. _!: tre and e.-mpany at the di«|..*al ,.f the Mayor : ' ;;•-ration up n any dale of which they idiould • n M .ct,i:n'' p ' f"r the niiirercra by the !•
t Mr. Miller's proposition, nd it will accordingly

• luemlierit of the Council a
The Tows'i'lkiik rc| > hrintopher lloMeman
deputy the fn..... ,
and the latter l y Mr. .1. lames, ipl'rointed Mr. \V. II. Ms vis
'»«" by Mr. Michael Kmanuel, d that the Mayor had
cast upon
A letter from the 11, ik to the Sehnol llnaM (Mr. D. (luii Lthank). "tatnl that a pmvpt ha«l been issued by the lioard for^tyi'iisi, t-> meet the expenses for the cn-
A communifatinn fnm, the S^retanrof State's olhce irtuied to the elliciency of tho police forcc for the year en ling thrZ*h September last, ami the T,i*a CLIRK i of the police force
' A letter from Mr. I .Smith, secretary to tho Gas " ewkmcl* crpv«f theaemontS'^ the com-
p;ry f r theyyar cmlmx the 3N December last, which was referred to the I inance (.'ommitteo. t
The Tw\ CiMK rea.| a letter from Mr. W. C. M owitammK a cmi.y of a resolution icwa*,l at the am.ual nx*tmgn( the bank cnnimittee. eonveyinf their -t thanks b. the (.fiMMtiiw, f«* the use nf th* Gnihl-
lei^itunnumltred I.Tw
Mr. Millki; said am certain n-llcction* wcr the eflkiency of the llceough Hire Hnwle ^
-lllllpi w thMire waagf/unllerxkey %%t'^%it33! i m^lvwMi^elwvmgn If^nleuf much ellicieneyaa
AH. rman t^E!,cr» a^rce"! that the l rig#,|e ^ra. U st thanks ..f the « oritoratifin. s~-> r II. pi'slo*" they must ncit:*r fowt the «er. nmkieU by ihe men iKhmging to the Sonth. ... n,, ,#w,#ny thai, whnm none work*! I-oiler. . MIILEL : I slwaild have mentioned assistance
: r'^ak m»k%^ th^ br'iLl%%!'
\ ""an Aslatt bore out the remarks of
• > to the cthei' n -y displayed by the l-riga . • teMe, ana «aid they were most anxious to sub."
i' «s i i.chk read the letter from Mr. II. . : U^liwrg to awvc u|wm the Imhmtic Aaylum
Mr. Driver seconded the motion.
ri« «W." C'A«'™hich
lis motion if they air
Lhl to obtain, and it ..... .........
and the next business proceeded with.
j thk hartley inhtitctiom.
el,m^2jr. 3

The usual fortnighUy mretlog of this Board
. - communicawtb AND turin wipe.

other schools, ;
i regulations, have
The pnMnenad* concert, and kctnrw w^om.
ass ofth's *s??t ;?,„t
enlk.1 before the committee omkrwemt a peat deal of
l)eforo the ratejiayer* upon thin moat unhappy aubject. AUctm.n Lomer ,.W ii th« joinU ol Iho „iw,
vrrttlzation had been made of this matter- and proper
m tw ssfc
himnclf to l>e considered am the surveyor of that Corpo-ration (hear, hear).
AUerman PaMM«N did not question the right of
th^ht t% «y in^kA
®t«d the b

—1 ######

eOort mhonld be made to h#.thon^it

fact that there had keen several i
a xL-;V^ %
house for hospital purnoaea in a similar manner to appointment
..........'"'eli. Now, I,. .«
and without any word
Mtt iiiiiiiiiiiiiii
rate for the ensuing half-year :—
J.unntic niaiiiten^nce «UUai .. loaUlmcnUou Workhon»c loans
Non-rcalilcnt relief Lunatic maintenance Hrm«tration fee*..
of Mr„ Leiuop, who was one of tho n
i,l thnithsml h.a N.„ well «lc»d?d. "V„co YhTffi
— rovements
attended the oyenlng classes. Several Imp,
— during the half-y,
coin, and sixty-seven silver coins, deposited at the forty.hvo auineas and twenty-six balf gulooaa, two-
Mr. \\ IIITCHURCH seconded tho motion.
.fi'sars ""
Mr-FLRRMMweetedthat tho aaleoftho old coin*
t ,'rlrd „mA7.
■ v.®

* when they elcctcd a deputy
U tKKKN reganlcd the committee an m a pajK-r one, and said though Mr. " I -sine months ago i„ bring up a rc-■en brought up.
i-au^^l ihat the lunatic Aaykm I Ih abandoned altogether, and that the the lunatic asylum '|uc«tion . Ho prop,ted ■t filled up. >, apolo^ise.1
t to il.c-Kiiijuco <
the committee lie f Mir in seconding the . ,
- M/ Duido| aaa niemlter of the committee .ill under tho
l.o'-iglit it undcsirablo to Id) up tho vacancy. I Lu h u^l* Liter f,om the Town Clerk of "huh he thoiiifht would l>e satisfactory nuhi(y generally. In November last the ill the iiia.istrates who had tho subject of I i.ali. a*jIiiin under their consideration ""V e-u.inunic.ition to the Portsmouth and &»k for an interview respecting the I a"lH ' luuati- s U lng ne< ouimo-latcd in bur. at I orUm .utli. which was not nuito ^.b. m^Mllya letter wa. received from ''•rk , f Portsmouth, who did not then ilytol-^the letter swking for an inter
the present Mayor, by his canting Dting tin- lir-t step l^'inz taken for build lyluin hi .Southampton l»v advertisiog for ii u-vliirn. and also for tho carrying of a vixl by |.on (Mr. fxi Keuvre) In favour of o make an arrangement with the liorough t'»r arcommiMlatuig our |>au|>er lunatics. .• an asylum for Southampton an outlay of ■ f would lie saved, and lie thought feeling of the town would
might lie advertised, ___ ____
wonW gladly give 25*. or Sae. f(* one of tho old guineas!
---- - -;....... t.... VV.—- ------' • - -
without his Mi-ing tliein put .„. ..
l».rtiona of the acwera, but the ui.j*
lia.l (win,I nuMsllmcnL The lil«h level aewrri wire clean ami
~ «l one time In bnalnraa In Canal-
\eatea tUteil
— - — ..." ■-■■■' ■ ••

,I,tabling any information fr'uiii'tlio preaent eiTrk"of the*ofks
i nggcl. be rcfu*eIvy r ad lie h»l Ii
"* ^mg t,wt .M^ay thro^h mlkimTw
' had tin pi|««
did not know If 'thrr wera |iua*ed. Ilo bad put In some seventeen orelghlotnconiiKWoo,.
'ri'-ffiws-s.1' :r. szr,.%saa »T.h;
•tatdl tint ho worked for Mr. NIclwU, and had done aom« of tha " ""---"—'------------' lis had made acme forty
Sa SS",7S
this instance. The people of Porta wood, it must be
lose a moat vaJnable officer, but be (Mr. Lungley) should recommend hun mther to give np private prmeWoe or the surveyorship.
Tho Mayor : That is not the question.
Mr. Johnh mentioned that Mr. C. Itogers, a gentle-
committee' ^*RK,irs: Certainly not by order of tho
cases for the convenience of the trsffic.
h*d b"n
WMe^*%^ent#L^m!krS%g* Mr. FutBER said it waa the surveyor who made the •ovision for the cementing of the pipes, and of course
^k%%?n%3h? oS(ht*n2t S"^y krll
cemented, the fault would rest with the contractor for not having attended to this particular work.
•ho urged that Mr. Le Feuvre had
t it would Le well to at once carry to put the whole affair ii
•ndthis was
done the town real matter fwjkrard, th<
Mr. Kurbcr'a*
Mr. Ls Feuv_________________ . wu>l llMll
cany Mr. Furber'a motion, aaid he ahould vote for the next beat thing.
i afraid they could not then
Lemon regarded it aa unprofeaalonal, and bad refused
soother month or so.
oi"'; ™SS,r.?Ur-Lo"" b*"°« ,n Un"
Mr. Ko»b«« aU th. n.lun ol th. noUoo which
epidemic might hereafter occur amongst the ,UIUi»i,
dined to consider from Mr. Smith's letter that the Guardiana oonaidered there waa a staff of officials at
all the circumstsnces, still inclined to nrge the qoestii
waa raging in the town, a letter was written by the
Health Act waa paaaed five years afterwards.-Mr. Rookrs said the letter showed the adviaa-hility of the Incorporation having a place aet apart for infectioua cases. The situation of the hospital at Wc«t Quay had proved convenient for the taking there of *"ooeht here in ahipa suffering from infectious -- There vu, however, merely a nurse employed at the hospital, thia peraon taking charge of the premises ; but sJl the caaea, from tho time of the eatab-
doeply indebted for the kindly performance of these duties. The Act provided that a local authority could erect a hoapital for the uae of .the Inhabitant ; but
Esuper patients came under the care of the Board of uardiana. a note to that effect occurring in connection with the Act which had been quoted. The Officer of Health had no doubt ao far the care of the whole town, and in the event of an epidemic breaking out in the house would bsve a right to come in there and have the caaea isolated
lutely necessary to receive any infectioua caaea which might occur elaewhere ; and he thought nothing would be better than for the Guardians to have a house for the purpose independent of the Workhouse, and in a convenient and aalubrioos part of the town. Then the warda now appropriated to infectioua caaea—only two or three of which they had had during tho past three years—could be used for the accommodation of imbeciles, and thna effect a considerable saving to the ratepayers, because many imbecilea could then be maintained at a much cheaper rate than waa the case at present It would lie impossible to keep up this hospital at West Quay for the purposes for which It waa intended if they Kitted the pauper class there, becauao it waa with the greatest difficulty that they could get people to go there as it was. and those who went there were W»ng patients—The Depctt-Prejiidint said dd move a proposition to the effect that the
principal ami Intc-
To establishment chargca
and repayments from all
other sources lly amounts estimated t lettable from the Octobcr aa undermentioned s—
Hel^ Keed ..
" ::
poration would be as careful of the ratepayers' money aa
" Sd. or Cd. in the pound less than they were
----orVJght years ago —The Diputt-Pbesidext s I
knew yen are Lying to do year duty.yA^e proposition for making a 201. rate was then agreed to. and a few minor matters having been disposed of, the Board adjourned. _
and so they had I
the world there, ami people remarked when they
Ira srV".hft ssrr ^rr'iS
!##:### ! ^ plp—mmt gathering waa hroo^it to
murder of Lord Leitrim. which caused a profound sen-#00
HEAVY DAMAGES FOR ACCIDENT AGAINST A SOUTHAMPTON FIRM. The case of Fellows p. Jeffrey and another waa heard
ho would move a proposition to the effect that the Guardians regretted thst the Sanitary Committee ad bered to their former resolution not to assist the Guar diana in providing accommodation, for the few pani>er casoa which might eccur, In the hospital at West Qusv. Why should not panner patients be admitted into the hospital as well aa other patienta afflicted with infec-tious diseases ! The Town Council were held respon-si bis for tho whole of Southampton, and not for the rich only, or for any particular claaa. If an epidemic were
to breakout in tV wh#t would be tho use of the
West Quay Hospital with its twenty beds T The Town Council not having made proper provision, in such a caas. aa waa the caae at the time of the small-pox epidemic. Infectious pationta would again swarm into the House, and their infectioua warda would be filled, not by the pauper olsss, but by those outside that claas.
of the children having to rive up hia work in the Docks. Thev had only averaged 1% Infectious cases per annum
able to utilise a large block of their building for imbeciles—and there were now aome twenty or twenty-five of them who ought to be removed from the ff*wonld aave in regard to each of them the diBerenoe between 4a. and 14s. or 14s. Cd. per week. —MsiorGeneral Trtok had much pleasure In second-
officials at ths hospital, hs knsw that nurses were always kept there. lie thought the hospital ahould be
M'Intvre, Q.C.i defendants.
The plaintiff, who was 33 years of age, waa formerly
and seed merchanta at Southampton. On the 23rd of February tho plaintiff waa walking with a young man who had formerly been a acholar of hia, and their way led them paat the warehouse of the defendants. This "" between three and four in the afternoon, and at time a aack of oats waa being hoisted by a pulley chain from a cart to the top lloor of the warehouse. Th# shoulder of the aack broke away, and the remainder of it fell and struck the plaintiff upon the head and shoulder. He did not fall, out waa bent down, and only saved himself from falling by putting such pressure """"5 hia umbrella that it was broken. Hia companion struck though not seriously. The consequences to the plaintiff were moat serious, as they included paralysis on tho left side of the face and in the right arm and leg. Ho tried for a time to continue his school, but waa ordered to abstain from work: and his school so fell off that at length ho sokf the good will of it for £75; and since then he had not been able to do work of any kind. Tho plaintiff and hia companion, Mr. Gain, corroborated this statement, and thoy poaitively denied that any warning waa given to them before the accident. The medical evidence waa that the plaintiff's condition aroao from concussion of the brain ; and that there waa aome lesion or other Injury at the base of the brain. There
worso instead of better; and It waa probable that
to write to the defendanta about tho boiat; but tho letter was not sllowed to be read becauae it could not be proved that it had been posted.—For the defendants also it was aald that the letter had not been received.— Mr. M Intyre submitted that there was no evidence of
??d&«noem the P%*«**be defendanta.-Mr. Justfeo Lindley said he should not withdraw the caae from the jury. It might not be illegal to hoist a sack of corn over a iiublio footway, but when such a thin? was done there should be special precautions to provsnt accident. There waa no eyidenoo of any such precautions here — Mr. M Intyro then addreasesucking" becomes
~ _ " Jdae, Is readsred agretablf.
....................."h-ic-"' "• '000j
oommitted. they crosssd In m bosL Tho deaUi of all the victim* renders it improbable that the traces of Uw murderers will be at once dlscovsred.norarewo
buying up the tenant^rikht, and evicting those tenants only too ce^ah that he found himself In enoaict with the
|Si'tutuS"o! ,b° ■'"™ to
The inquest on Lord I^eitrim and |his two servants,
dMieaaetl tfobleman, who said be heard shouts while riding about a quarter of a mile behind Lord Leitrim's cmr. and afterwardssaw hw Lordship s&rngglimg with
The Mexican llaj£ Itinower^

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