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Hitchin D. M. (Miss) L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. teacher of music, 49 Whitworth rd. Bitterne Park H.M. Customs & Excise (J. G. Davies, surveyor; A. Cope, H. A. M. Robinson, L. C. Kemp & R. Oliver, officers), 59 The Avenue. The officers attend daily (except Sundays & bank holidays) from 10 to 11 to answer inquiries & to receive traders' entries
H.M. Customs & Excise, No. 1 district. F. O'Callaghan, surveyor, Royal Mail house; No. 2 district, T. Buchanan, surveyor, Empress road, Docks; No. 4 district, L. N. Coppendale, surveyor, Royal Mail ho. Terminus ter.; No. 5 district. H. T. Dyer M.B.E. surveyor, B. A. T. Factory, Millbrook No. 11 station, Test chmbrs. Test rd. Docks; Water Guard offices, Graving rd. Docks & Herbert Walker av. Southampton New Dock H.M. Customs. & Excise (Export branch),
South Western hotel, Canute rd H.M. Customs & Excise Oils Station, Royal
Mail ho. Terminus ter H.M. Immigration Office (H. V. Bowles, H.tM. inspector of immigration; W. H. Daw & J. R. Garstang, chief immigration officers), 4th floor, Havelock chmbrs. Queen's ter H.M. Inspector of Factories (A. E. Quinn,
district inspector), 13 Hill la Ho G. laundry, 280 Shirley rd Hoar Jn. H. T., F.C.P.A.
certified accntnt. 28 The Avenue (Tel. 24021) & 114 Gordon av. Portswood. Phone 54839 Hoare Percy & Sons, bakers, 38 ■ St.
Catherine's trd. Bitterne Park Hobbies Ltd. 25 Bernard st Hobbs The Printers Ltd. printers, 14/22 Shirley rd
Hobbs Wm. brushmkr. Forest cott. Castle la Hobday Carl Neville, nurseryman, 53 Spring
rd. Sholing Hobson A., F.A.C.C.A. certified accountant, 18 Darwin rd.
Tel. Southampton 73795 Hodges & Leathers, accountants, 31 Hanover •
bldgs. Tel. 22275 Hodges Leslie, , grocer, 71 Archery gro. Woolston
Hodgson Allan, horse flesh dir. 83 St. Mary st
Hoffman Chas. R. tobccnst. Central rd. &
Boundary ird. Docks Hoffman O. W. tobccnst. Herbert Walker •av. <& West Bay rd. Southampton New Dock
Ho'lden W. R. & Co- Ltd. corn mers. 104 Portswood rd.; 10 Crown st. 'Shirley j& 377 Bitterne rd. Bitterne; coal mers. 38 r Chapel rd. & tobccnsts. 102 Portswood rd HOLDEN THOS. firewood & secondhand timber dealer, 108 Macnaghten rd. (Tel. 55726) & (yard) Quayside rd. Bitterne Holdens Motors (P. Holden, propr.), motor
car dlrs. Millbrook rd. Millbrook Hole E. L. M. (Miss), newsagt. 214 Warren av. Shirley
Holland Africa Line (Keller, Bryant & Co. port agts.), Havelock chmbrs. Queen's ter
Holland America Line (Escombe, McGrath & Co. Ltd. agents), Canute chambers Canute rd. Docks. Tel. No. 22554/5/6
Tabulating Machine Co. Ltd
contractor, 50 Belmont rd. Portswood (Tel. 54288); office & works, 12a, Woodside rd. Tel. 54927
HOLLICK G. P. & SONS, french polishers, cellulose & plastic sprayers & flooring contractors, 15 Raymond rd T N 71980
Holiick Rt. P. boot repr. 50 Imperial av. Millbrook
Hollins D. (Mrs.), grocer, 85 Foundry la. Millbrook
MOLLIS JOSIAH (exors. of), pawnbrokers, watch makers & jeweHers, 27 Strand & (outfitting clothiers) 105 St. Mary street. Tel. 22731 Holloway G. W. & H. grocers, 189 South
East rd. Sholing Holloway Alan, seedsman, 63 Church st. Shirley
Holloway Cecil Edwin, wireless engnr. 106
Burgess rd. Bassett Holly J. C. & Son, bldrs. 119 Adelaide rd. St. Denys
Hollybrook Cemetery (Geo. Edwd. Stans-bridge. foreman & lodge keeper), Tremona • ird. Shirley
Hollybrook Children's Homes (E. Lowe A.C.C.S. supt. & Mrs. M. A. Lowe S.R.N, matron), 316 Winchester rd. Shirley Holman J. & Co. Ltd. ship painters, Bank
rd. Docks _
Holman Comdr. (S) E. R., R.N.R. senior supt. mercantile marine office & transfer officer of Lascars & registrar R.N.R. Ministry of Transport, (Mercantile Marine office, Canute rd. Docks Holman Leonard Geo. greengro. 28 victor st. Shirley
Holman Rd. fruifcr. 28 Highfield la. Highfield
electrical contractors, 23a, Church street & (works) Vincent's grove, Shirley. Telephone No. 72907 HOLMES & CO. confctnrs. ice creams, & tobacconists, 249 Portswood rd. Phone 54400 ^ , ,,
Holmes E. M. (Mrs.), fis'kmngr. 52 Orchard la
HOLT H. J. LTD. ironmongers &
builders' merchants, 90 to 96 Bevois Valley road (Tel. 55666/7/8 & 57101) & stores, Empress road
sports outfitters & printers, 387 Shirley rd. Phone 71839 ,
Holt Chas. grocer, Waterhouse la. MillbrooK Holt Cyril, newsagt. 361 Winchester rd.
Bassett ' „
Holt R. butcher, 124a, South East rd.Sholing Hotly Trinity Church Institute, Winton st. Kingsland
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