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AST 763
I Andrews (Southampton) Ltd. motor engnrs. No 7 gate, Boundary rd. Docks & No. 10 gate, West Bay rd. Southampton New
Andrews Typewriter Service, 19 Commercial
Andrews Albt. newsagt. 15 Adelaide rd.
Andrews Alfd. W. hairdirssr. 204 Burgess rd.
Andrews Bertram Roy, coal mer. 92 Merry-
oak rd. Bitterne . _
Andrews E. M. (Mrs.), florist, 120 Burgess rd. Bassett
ANDREWS JOHN F.R.H.S. nursery.
man, seedsman & florist, 70 The Avenue (Phone 24144) & 15 Portsmouth rd. Wools-ton. Phone 88158. See advertisement
ANDREWS M. A. florist & nurseryman, 3 The Broadway, Portswood rd. Phone 54468 Andrews Sydney Jas. coal mer. 25 Parsonage rd. Northam Andrews Wilfred, fishmngr. 25 Manor Farm
rd. Bitterne Park Andrews Win. G. statnr. 53 Bedford pi Angel Harold Stanley, house deorfcr. 78 Kennedy rd. Maybush __
building contractors & plumbers, 29 West road, Woolston. Tel. 88085/6
ANGELL W. & SON, builders &
contractors, 125 Bitterne rd. Bitterne Manor. Tel. 54060 Anglesea Garages (A. J. Walsh), motor cycle engineers, 34a, Anglesea rd. Shirley. Telephone No. 74226
(F. G. Hurst), car dealer,
70 Anglesea rd. Shirley.
Telephone 71200. See advertisement Anglesea Road Nurseries (Leslie K. Jones), florist, 68 Anglesea rd. Shirley. See advt Anglo Overseas Transport Co. Ltd. shipping agts. 27 Portland ter Angus Cafe (A. S. Wilson, propr.), 294
Shirley rd _
Angus Wm. H. N., M.B., B.Ch. physcn. &
surgn. Ashby ho. Romsey rd. Maybush Ann (Annie Louise Yeale), hairdrssr. 117 Shirley rd
Annen E. J., L.D.S.R.C.S.Eng. dental surgn. 9 London rd
(A. G. Spicer),
theatrical agents & entertainers (dance band, concert & cabaret .artistes), Bargate offices,
8 East Bargate.
Telephone, Southampton 23530 Antonio Elias, cafe, 4 Northam rd
Aplin & Barrett Ltd. grocers (depot), 190
Spring rd. Sholing Aplin E. M. beer retlr. Threefield la Aplin W. G. furniture remover, 86 Bevois
Valley rd .
Apollinaris Co. Ltd. (The), mineral water mfrs. 38 & 40 Empress rd. Bevois Valley rd. See advertisement _
Appleby & Jenvey, fruitrs. 18 Bevois Valley rd
APSEY'Sj baby carriage dealers, cycle agents & dlrs. & toys, 339 & 341 Shirley road. Tel. 72289 AQUARIUMS (L. J. F. Mitchell), pet
stores, 54 St. Mary's rd. Tel. 26042 Aquila Airways Ltd. air transport, West
road, Docks ' . .
Arbuckle, Smith & Co. Ltd. shipping
agts. Havelock chmbrs. Queen's ter Archer Sidney A. teacher of music, 32 Dale rd. Shirley
Archers Court Hotel (Mrs. B. Leach), 2
Archer's rd Archiprint Services Ltd. plan reproduction specialists, 7 The Avenue & 214/214A, Shirley rd .
Armour & Co. Ltd. american meat imptrs.
61 Bernard st. & 78 & 80 French st Armstrong Paul Livingstone A.C.A. chartered accntnt. 21 Cumberland pi Army Cadet Club (Maj. Cyril L. Grinyer,
warden), 117 Highfleld la. Highfield Army Recruiting Office (Maj. W. E. Coles, recruiting officer), South Western hotel, Canute rd
Arnold N. G. coal mer. 71a, Clarence st. Northam
Arrandale Kenneth, grocer, 200 Northam rd Anrowsmith Sami. O. Commercial inn, Commercial st. Bitterne ART SHOP (THE) (formerly C. Brophy), picture frame mkr. & fine art dir. 21 Northam rd Ascot Gas Water Heaters Ltd. 171 St.
Mary's rd ,
Ash Claudius, Sons & Co. Ltd. dental
equipment mfrs. 8 College pi. London rd Ashbolt Harold, hairdrssr. 195 Foundry la. Millbrook
Ashby Motors (Olive S. Ashby), motor dlrs.
117/119 Millibrook rd. Freemantle Asher M. (Miss), hosiery repairs, 1 Strat-
ton' rd. Shirley Ashley's (J. F. Lansdown, proprietor), outfitters (men's & boys'), 4 The Triangle, Cobden av. Bitterne Park. Telephone 57029
. Ashley Regnld. Edwd. hairdrssor. 2 Park st. Shirley
Ashman & Packman, hairdrssrs. 2 Malvern
ter. Winchester rd. Shirley Ashton Chas. tailor, 86 New rd •
Asbton Harold, greengro. 32 Bedford pi Associated Engineering (Sales) Ltd. piston ring specialists, 24 High st
(Established over 100 years), 7 Portland street. Tel. Southampton 25021 (2 lines)

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