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Southwell Mrs. K. M. 23 Peartree av. Bit-Southwell Norman, 10 Butts cres. Sliding
::S s »rU Mu,
Southwell- Rowland Beaumont, 40 Rosewall Souttweffsaml. E. 27 Jessamine rd. Shirley K&S %% Magleen rd. Southwefl Stanley S. 86 King George's av. Southwell0 Thos. Percvl. 31' Wodehouse rd.
tS E- s
Southwick Thos. 43 Maldon rd. Bitterne
SSK MEreSrnEar|1BH°?rdofd; WUck
walk, Itchen Spacagna Jsph. 34 Olive rd. Maybush
Ipacagna Victor,4 m^roadlands rd. Ports-
Spagnoletti Mrs. E. M. 10/12 Westwood rd Spain Herbt. Wm. 83 Shirley rd '
Spake Harry, Domus, Roselands gdns.
Chaplin st. Highfield _
Spake Harry, sen. 53 White srd. Bitterne Spake Rd. 1 South East rd. Shxjlmg Spake Sidney, 84 Bridge rd Itchen Spake Sidney C. 77 Merryoak rd. Bitterne Spake Thos. Saml. 23 Wodehouse rd. Itchen Spake Wm. Jn. 2 Merryoak rd. Bitterne Spalding Jn. E. 83 Sirdar rd Spalding Mrs. 51 Vine rd. Maybush Spanier Mrs. 50 Blackthorn rd. Bitterne Spanner Albt. Edwd. 43a, Spring rd. Sholing Spanner Arth. J. 59 Merridale rd. Bitterne Spanner Chas. 8 Augustine rd. Northam Spanner Edwd. 3 Bangor rd. Miillbrook Spanner Ernest Alfd. 146 Carnation rd.
Ey. 174 Oaktree rd. Bitterne
Spanner Harry Archbld. 92 Newtown rd.
Woolston „ ,
Spanner Jn. Wm. 15 Sycamore rd. Shirley Spanner Leslie R- 27 Newcoinbe rd Spanner Mrs. E. 19 Janson rd. Shirley Spanner Mrs. F. C., Alberta villa, Mor-
Spanner Percvl. R- 11 Wavell rd. Bitterne Spanner Sidney J. 105 Sullivan rd. Sholing Spanner Stanley, 99 Clifford st
Spargo Mrs. 56 Sydney rd. Shirley Sparkes Mrs. 14 Union rd. Northam
Sparkes Wm. Geo. 11 Amoy st
Sparkman Miss, 188 spring rd. Sholing Sparkman Mrs. 13 Poplar rd. Bitterne Sparkman Ronald, 62 Sydney rd. Shirley ^ Sparkman Wm. Ivy cott.Weston la^Woolston Sparks Albt. F. 14 Stanton rd. MiUbrook Sparks Cornelius G. 15 Pansy rd. Bassett Sparks Edwd. 13 Floating Bridge rd Sparks Edwd. 14 Percy rd
Sparks Mr?. 35 llerridalXd. Bitterne
IPSMrNSir1LSneriA,Chester rd.
Shirley .
Sparks Percy, 3 Latimer st
Sparks Wltr. 63 Millbrook rd. Freemantle Sparks Wm. Geo. 319 Burgess rd. Bassett
Sparrow felU'Md rd. Portswood Sparrow Sydney Alfd. 199 Bitterne rd. Bit,
iSfes BSWSS3S£ -
Sparshott Ernest, 51 Melbourne st
Spearpoint Percvl. Geo. 14 South front,
Speed Jas. V. 282 Romsey rd. Shirley
p-k rd.
Speller6 Arth. W. G. 49 Leighton rd. Itchen
Sp?nlefiCliis. Hy. 107 Princes of Wales' av. Spence^ Jas. Stuart, 18 South East cres.
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