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426 CAS
Case Regnld. 65 English rd. Millbrook
Case Rt. C. 35 Woodcote rd. Hampton Park
Case Ronald, 7 Padwell rd
Case Wltr. H. 74 Peartree av. Bitterne
Casemore Jas. Hy. 36 Richville rd. Shirley
Casey Cornelius, 45 Victor st. Shirley
Casey Geo Jn. 40 Waterloo rd. Freeman tie
Casey Michl. 32 Northbrook rd
Casey Mrs. V. 77 Castle rd. Bitterne Park
Cash Alfd., Alvanley, Maxwell rd. Sholmg
Cash Arth. 88 Princes st. Northam
Cash Herbt. 39 Spring rd. Sholing
Cash Thos. Geo. 29 Summer st. Northam
Cashman Mrs. E. 12 Sycamore rd. Shirley
Cass Albt. 52 Peveril rd. Itchen
Cass Albt. E. 23 Broadlands rd. Portswood
Cass Fredk. 5 Robert Cecil av. Swaythling
Cass Geo. 70 Laundry rd. Shirley
Cass Geo. Albt. 107 North East rd. Sholing
Cass Miss, 16 Highcrown st. Higlifield
Cass Mrs. H. 278 Portswood rd
Cass Thos. C. J. 11 Laundry rd Shirley
Cass Wltr. A. 20 Sandown rd. Shirley
Cass Wm. Bernard, 413 Portsmouth rd.
Cassedy1 Andrew J. 6 Varna rd. Freemantle Cassedy Andrew Jn. 31 James st Cassedy Arth. Jn. 8 Duke st Cassell Jn. Hy. 32 Honeysuckle rd. Bassett Cassells Anthony Andrew, 19 Leas'ide way,
Swaythling Cassells Mrs. V. S. 57 Tennyson rd. Ports-wood
Cassey Miss, 8 John's rd. Woolston Cassidy Andrew, 32 Claremont rd. Millbrook Cassidy Arth. 6 Lilac rd. Bassett Cassidy Mrs. N. 7 Rampart rd. Bitterne
Casson°Randal, Little heath, Chihvorth rd.
Upper Bassett Casswell Leslie Vivian. 52 Avenue rd Casswill Miss, 12 Leicester rd. Shirley Casswill Mrs. 22 Brinton's rd Casswill Mrs., Harwood, Douglas ores. Bitterne
Casswil'l Mrs. H. M. 81 Melbourne st Castell Alfd. J. Fir Tree lodge, Court rd Castle Edmund, 47 Spring rd. Sholing Castle Kenneth Michl. 2 South Mill rd. Mill-brook
Castle Leonard, 49 Mansbridge rd. Swayth-
Castle Mrs. 302 Portswood rd
Castle Mrs. A. K. 24 Kingsfield rd •
Castle Mrs. E. 7 Arthur rd
Castle Rt. Norton, 18 Vanguard rd. Bitterne
Castle Saml. 1 Wessex la. Swaybhling
Castleman Jn., Castlenook, Mousehole la.
Bitterne Park Castles-Powell Mrs. 1 Greville rd Castley Fredk. 83 Sullivan rd. Sholing Catchlove Fredk. G. 80 Coxford rd. Coxford Catchlove Miss B. 74 Imperial av. Millbrook Catchpole Eric Ronald,1 John's rd.Woolston Cateley Mrs. 32 "Warren cres. Shirley Cater Rt. 126 Gordon av. Portswood Gather in Chas. W. 108 Priory rd. St. Denys Catherin. Chas. Wm. sen. 120 Priory rd. St. Denys
Catherin Stanley G., Cramberley, Upper
Deacon rd. Bitterne Cathery Rt. The Croft, Mousehole la Bitterne
Cathie Leslie R. 22 Bryanston rd. Bitterne
Catlin Alfd. 41 Chantry rd
Catlin Eric, 52 Montgomery rd. Bitterne
Catlin Mrs. 18 Manchester st
Catlin Mrs. 36 West rd. Woolston
Catlin Rt. Geo. 33 College rd. Woolston
Caton Fredk. 31 Honeysuckle rd. Bassett
Caton Fredk. 23 River View rd. Bitterne
Caton Geo. Lawson, 5 Holyrood av. Portswd Catt Ernest R. 25 Phillimore rd. Swaythling Cattanach Jn. 41 Southcliff rd Cattanach Wltr. A. High Pines, Heather-
lands rd. Upper Bassett , ,
Cattanach Wltr. P. 14 Bindon rd. Shirley Cattanach Wltr. Percy, IS Red Hill cres.
Bassett ■' '
Catterick Denis, 16 Brecon rd. Bitterne Catterick Mrs. 10 Magnolia rd. Bitterne Catterson Cecil, 35 Newcombe rd Catterson Cecil J. 46 Janson rd. Shirley Catterson Mrs. G. 15 King Edward av.
Cattle" Fredk. C. 43 Victor st. Shirley Cattle Jn. Bernard, 3 Auckland close, Mill-brook
Cattle Miss, 2 Harold rd. Freemantle Cattle Rt. N. 77 Osborne rd. Portswood Catto Jas. C. 49 Commercial st. Bitterne Cattrall Arth. Basil, 43 Clovelly rd.New town Cattrall Edgar J. 70 Oxford av Cattrall Mrs. E. M. 236 Bitterne rd. Bitterne
P&rk. *
Cattrall Ronald, 15 Richmond gdns. Ports-
wood .
Caudrey Mrs. 24 Medina rd. Shirley Caughie Jas. 37 Arnheim rd. Lordswood Cauldwell Jn. 91 Mount Pleasant rd Cauldwell Mrs. V. 90 Mount Pleasant rd
Causton^Irs! Darlington gdns.
Shirley .
Cauvin Albt. 47 Cecil av. Shirley Cavanagh Edwd. 214c, Shirley rd Cavanagh Jn. J. 105 Welbeck av. Portswood Cavanagh Michl. 18 Henry rd. Freemantle
Oavanalh If 23 Aid °r °rd.VaW»
gS Bittern!
Cave Chas. 205 Foundry la. Millbrook
Cave Ernest, 3 Amoy st
Cave Ernest, 28 Oakmount av
Cave Ernest Geo. 98 St. Denys rd. St. Denys
Cave Frank W. 2 Robert Cecil av. Swaym
Cave%eo. 87 Newton rd. Bitterne Park Cave Harry, 10 Blackthorn rd. Bitterne Cave Hy. Fredk. 49 Anglesea rd. Shirley Cave Jas. 27 Pansy rd. Bassett Cave Jn. 2 Redbridge hill, Shirley Cave Miss, 86 Waterloo rd. Freemantle Cave Miss D. 194 Bitterne rd. Bitterne ParK Cave Ronald Wm. 6 Cavendish gro ,
Cave Thos. Somerset villa, Tremona ra Shirley
Cave Wm. Jn. 76 Laburnum rd. Bassett Cave-Browne-Cave Wing-Comdr. 1% Regnld. C.B.E., R.A.F. (ret.), Bassett Mount, Beechmount rd. Bassett
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