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310 SOU
See Canute road.
Off Western shore. Map D 7. British Railways (Southern Region) District Traffic Superintendent's Office (W H. Soutt, supt)
District Transport Commission (H. N. Laws, district representative)
Southampton (Central) Railway Station (Southern Reg-ion) (F. W. Canniford, stationmaster)
Civil Engineers' Dept Smith W. H. & Son Ltd. book stall
Hotels Executive (The),
restaurant Postal Telegraph Office The Station Hotel (E. H. D. Walker, propr)
From Salisbury street. Map E 6, E 7.
West side. 1 to 6 Mayner Motors Ltd. motor engnrs
7 Mills Regnld
8 Gill Fredk is Carlton pi.........
11' Bulford Geo. Wm
12 Benn Benj. Moss
13 Kibby Jas. W
14 Harrison Leslie
15 Holland SamI
16 Willes Mrs
17 Kearley Geo
18 Young Wm
19 Croucher Harold
20 Wheeler Mrs
21 Blake Mrs. R
22 Beuzeval Mrs. M. B
...... here is Handford pi ......
23 Hunter Michl
23a, Richardson Mrs. E. H Ross A. B. bldr. (yard)
East side.
23b, Young, Austen & Young Ltd. heating engnrs. (stores)
24 Stride Geo. H
25 Filmer Harry
26 Hiriart Frank
27 Fulford Wm. R
28 Brown Chas. E
29 Smith Mrs. M. A . .. . .. here is Carlton pi......
30 Purkiss Mrs. L $1 Webber Wm. Hy
32 Greenham Wlfcr. Thos
33 Cannings Wm
34 Yates Tom
35 Gibbons Wm. Chas
36 Barrow Frank
37 Duck Mrs
38 Lott Jn
39 Wheable Fredk
From Western Esplanade. Map B 7, C 7, D 7, C 8, D 8.
Herbert Walker A v.
Docks & Inland Waterways Executive (Gate No. 8) Berths 101-108 (Engineer's office) (J. H. Jellett O.B.E., M.I.C.E. docks engnr) H.M. Customs & Excise
(Waterguard office)
Hoffman O. W. tobccnst County Borough of Southampton Fire Dept Bennetts (Southampton) Ltd
refrshmnt. rms Rose J. & Co. Ltd. stevedores
Solent Road.
Hibbert C. G. & Co. Ltd
bottled beer exporters Cadbiiry Bros. Ltd. chocolate
mfrs. (distribution depot) Fry J. S. & Sons Ltd. chocolate
mfrs. (distribution depot) Heinz H. J. & Co. Ltd.
food products (branch office) Rank J. Ltd. flour mills .... here is Gate No. 10 .....
West Bay Road.
Andrews (Southampton) Ltd.
motor engnrs Firestone Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd. motor tyre mfrs. (district office)
Danish Bacon Co. (Wholesale)
Ltd. provsn. mers Meyer Montague L. Ltd. timber mers
A.C.-Delco Division of General Motors Ltd. electrcl. component mfrs Hoffman O. W. tobccnst South Coast Sand & Ballast Co. Ltd. (No. 110 berth)
From Sidford street. Map D 7.
North side.
... here is Nelson hill ......
Jenkins & Sons Limited, bldrs. (works)
South side.
Central Station Garage (F. Fry)
2 Clegg Percvl. Douglas 4 Noble Hy 6 Luke Arth. J 26 Penny Wm. E
From 1a, The Avenue to 2 Peterborough road. Map E 6.
North side. 1 Hayward Fredk 1 Hulme Gilbt
5 Martin Mrs
6 Komierowski Casimir 7a, Bryce Mrs -
...... here is Methuen st .....
7 Penfold Wm. Jas
8 Frost Geo
9 Jones Mrs. M. F
10 Hartnell Ernest
11 Dickson Alex
12 Gurman Ernest W
12 Gurman Frank, insur. agt ...... here is Liverpool st .....
L2a, Ingram Wm. tobccnst
13 Daniells Archbld
14 Phillips Leonard W
15 Hobbs Albt. Vincent
16 Anteney Regnld
17 Hayles Edgar Hubert
18 Brown Albt. E
19 Tuppen Thos
......... here is Dover st ........
20 Snook Wltr. Alfd
21 Comport Ronald R
22 Drake Wm
23 Topp Frank
24 Jones Fredk
25 Downton Misses
......... here is Bath st .......
26 Coward Thos. Hy
27 Underwood Mrs
28 O'Neill Mrs
29 Kimber Jn
30 Stevens Stanley H
31 West Stanley
......... here is Castle st .........
32 Dickson Rt
34 Hounsell Douglas A 36 Ward Mrs
......... here is Cedar rd .........
40 Small Thos. R 42 Holley Edwd. Chas 44 Burnett Archbld. Wm 46 Gregory Mrs 48 Windibank Jas. Hy 50 Hall Fras. G
South side. 53 Small Mrs. F. K 51 Sketcher Hy. Wm. T. P 49 Monk Mrs. G 47 Axton Albt. Geo 45 Robson Mrs 43 Cosens Mrs. K 41 Cattanach Jn 39 Haley Mrs 37 Collins Chas. F 35 Young Alfd. Leonard
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