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of the Peace, P. P. Goodall, 9 & 10 Portland street Borough Coroner, Douglas Harry Bernard
Harfield, 6 MacKean, 22 King's Park road Borough Engineer & Surveyor, F. L. Wool-dridge .M.I.C.E., M.LMun.E. Municipal offices, Civic Centre Deputy Borough Engineer, S. D. Parsons B.iSc., A.M.I.C.E., A.M.I.Mun.E. Municipal offices, Civic Centre Waterworks Engineer, Joseph Hawksley
Sttw'-i? M.I.M.E.,
M.I.W.E. Municipal offices, Civic Centre Deputy Waterworks Engineer, C. A
„»pa. S&. 0&&2& M-LW-E:
Medical Officer of Health & Medical Officer x &eiFort Authority, Education
Deputy Medical Officer of Health, Walter P.
M.B.,.Oh.B M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., m • offices, Civic Centre
Chief .Sanitary Inspector, ,E. B. Rose,
Municipal offices, Civic Centre Iransport General Manager & Engineer, P. J. Baker M.Inst.T. 226 Portsvrood road
TM?f n 4nal?rs.t' n Watridge B.Sc., * •f'-t-C. Municipal offices, Civic Centre n6T> Educ^tir Officer, P. L. Freeman Centre' Municipal offices, Civic
Registrar of Cemeteries, L. R. Green,
Southampton Cemetery, The Common Surgeon of the Borough Police Force, A. J. M Grimston M.B., Ch.B. 13 College place, London road
Constable, Charles G. Box O.B.E wvic Centre
Chief Inspector of Weights & Measures & Inspector under Petroleum & Explosives
Civfc Centre stone' Municipal offices,
Librarian & Secretary of Public Libraries.
. S^A- TndOT • st-
^F.&%t Gkltr^%c C^trf ^^ ^" superintendent of the Civic Centre, P W iianham
°|»r %
Brigade Headquarters, St. Mary's road
Chief Officer of Welfare Services, F. D. Glover, Municipal offices, Civic Centre
Children's Officer, L. Wiltshire, 316 Wit,.
Chester road, Shirley Civil Defence Officer, Capt. S. E. Rowe, 15 Hulse road '
A. D. Hughes
District Auditor.
Port Health Authority. The Corporation is the Authority.
Municipal offiSsTchdc Centre^ LL'M'
Southampton Registration District.
S lCivicf Centre^ ~Registrar> Bruce C. Ellery,
Registrars of Births, Deaths & Marriages, E. Burton (East sub-district), H. W Saunders (West sub-district) & N". J Scorey (Shirley sub-district), Civic Centre
County Borough of Southampton Children's Department.
316 Winchester road, Shirley.
Children's Officer, L. Wiltshire Hollybrook Children's Homes, 316 Winches-
suM's. K^ow^sSf^-8-
County Borough of Southampton
Welfare Services Department.
Civic Centre.
Chief Officer' of Welfare Services, F. D. Glover
road Portswood & C. W. Knight, 2 Chats-worth, road, Bitterne
Residential Accommodation.
^Enf ;En & sfie^'seorSa^7 West
r°ad: B"
ds«r Bas:set\ avenue; Miss E. M. 1 tip ley, officer in charge
Home Teachers for the Blind. MHar?fsVie' MISS ■Fuge' Miss Glover & Miss
f :
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