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sf St. Nicholas ; the style is Early English, (vith nave, chancel, aisles, tower of Swan-a<*e stone, and a spire 153 feet high, containing 4 bells. The south charpel was furnished as a memorial to the men of the parisih who fell in the Great War, 1914-18 ; and in 1927 a baldaechino was erected over tlhe high altar to commemorate the Jubilee of the church. In 1948-49 the roof was stripped and reset and the windows re-leaded. A vestibule screen was erected as a thank-offering for the preservation of the church through the second World War and to commemorate the work' of restoration ; there are 700 sittings. Tihe register dates from W333. The living is a .rectory, in the gift of the Bishop of Winchester, and has been held since 1947 by the Rev. Ralph Westgate Stephenson. There is a Methodist church at wimpson. The soil is good loam ; subsoil, clay.
Parish Council: F. G. Elmes (chairman); J. S. Page J.P. (vice-chairman); E. T. Bagg, Mrs. A. H. M. Bellinger, E. A. Efemev, Miss M. K. Elmes, R. Lewin. E. E. Lewis, T. M. Murray, E. C. Rolfe, Mrs. E. W. Rolfe, R. Weallars; Cecil J. Godden, 257 Mill'brook rd. clerk Post & M. O. Office, 1 Helvellyn road; T. A. Hepburn, sub-postmaster. Letters through Southampton Post & Savings Bank Office, Wimpson lane — Frank Willingale, sub-postmaster. Letters through Southampton Hampshire County Constabulary, Wimpson lane; Frank J. Heal, constable in charge
Southampton Public Libraries (Maybush
branch), Wimpson lane Tanners Brook County Primary School (junior mixed & infants), Elmes drive; Miss L. F. Marsh, headmistress Wimpson County Primary School, Helvellyn
road; Herbert E. Cook, headmaster British Railways (Southern Region) Mill-brook Station, Millbrook road; C. Dominey, stationmaster
Carriers' vans pass through to Southampton daily
private residents.
Abraham Wm. H. 38 Windermere av Adams Edwd., Nyumba, Crabwood rd Adams Harold J. 10 Cumbrian way Adams Hy. A. 12 Isis close Adams Leslie, 44 Cheviot rd Adams Rt. T. 20 Quantock rd .
Adamson Thos. H. 17 Copeland rd Adamson Thos. Hy. 34 Pennine rd Adderley Bernard F. 18 Honister close Addis Jn. T. 2 Welland grn Ahier Fredk. G. 70 Sedbergh rd Aikman Jack, 12 Chiltern grn Ainsworth T. 126 Sedbergh rd Alderman Raymond. 28 Chiltern grn Alexander Ronald H. 64 Mansel rd Allan Leslie A. 64 Chiltern grn Allen Edwd. 7 Binsey close Allen Fredk. J. 7 Mansel rd Allen Jas. 73 Brookwood rd.
Allen Laurence A. Holmewood, Brookwood rd
Allen Louis T. 25 Waveney grn
Allen Regnld. S. 49 Pennine rd
Allen Ronald F. 93 Pennine rd
Allen Wm. F. 7 Ullswater rd
Allin Anthony C., M.B., Ch.B. St. Tudno,
Wimpson la Alpin Mrs. M. 77 Mansel rd Alpin Ronald, 9 Atherfield rd Amey Arth. 6 Pevensey close Anders Kenneth, 25 Fernside close Anderson Alex. G. 27 Elmes drive Anderson Arth. R. 7 Pevensey close Anderson Chas. 96 Chiltern grn Anderson Chas. W. 26 Elmes drive Anderson Fredk. W. 49 Sed'bergh rd Anderson Jn. 3 Whernside close Andrew Stanley A. 1 Redbridge rd Andrews Douglas, 59 Borrowdale rd Andrews Thos. W. 54 Munro cres Andrews Wm. 45 Pennine rd Andrews Wm. G. 51 Sedbergh xd Angel Cyril, 69 Thirlmere rd Anteney Norman S. 46 Cheviot rd Aplin Thos. J. 42 Windermere av Appleby Hector M. 8 Whitestone close Apsey Stanley W. F. 29 Quantock rd Arfman Ernest C. 5 Mardale rd Arfman J,n. E. 5 Evenlode rd Arkley Alfd. 54 Teme cres Armour Cyril E. 86 Pennine rd Arnold Albt. J. 42 Maybush rd Asher R. E. 12 Cotswold rd Ashest Edwin J. 26 Cxabwood rd Ashley Wm. A. 5 Thirlmere rd Ashman Cyril A. 143 Service rd Ashman Edwd. A. J. 126 Service rd Attfield Harry E. 61 Sedbergh rd Attfield Rd. A. 35a, Brendon grn Aubrey Glynwr A. 6 Totland close Axter Geo. 46 Pennine rd Ayling Ronald, 15 Evenlode rd Babidge Harold, 42 Pennine rd Backhoff Alan, 107a, Brookwood rd '
Bagley Geo. S. 94 Brookwood rd Bagley Hy. E. 7 Bleaklow close Bailes Jn. G. 23 Fernside close Bailey Harry, 50 Kendal av Bailey Wm. 6 Cheviot cres Baker Alfd. 16 Borrowdale rd Baker Dennis A. 80 Kendal av Baker Frank A. W. 42 Crabwood rd Baker Geo. 1 W'hitestone close Baker Mrs. E. E. 28 Crabwood rd Baker Rt. H. 84 Sedbergh rd Baker Stanley C. 48 Windermere av Baker T. W. 63 Mansel rd Baker Wm. H. 11 Evenlode rd Balcombe Eric, 15 Bideford close Ball Jn. S. 10 Welland grn Bambrough Albt. A. 3 Welland grn Bampton Edwd. C. 128 Sedbergh rd Banbrough Mrs. 9 Maybush rd. Wimpson Banfield Anthony J. 63 Thirlmere. rd Bank Arth. G. 55 Kendal av Banks Jn. W. 70 Windermere av Barbier Donald J. 24 Tindale rd Barfleld Miss C. 87a, Brookwood rd Barfoot Geo. A. 42 Cumbrian way Barfoot Wm. F. N. 16 Elmes drive Barker Fredk. 59 Maybush rd
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