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Allen Sidney, 17 Compton rd. T
Allen Wm. R. 8 New cotts. Main rd.
Hounsdown Allison Miss, 15 Commercial rd. T Allner Arth. T. 11 Brokenford av. T Allner Edwd. Meadow view, Calmore rd. T Allner Fredk. 38 Ewell way, T Allwood Miss A. H., Chadwood, Hawthorne rd. T
Ambrose Victor S. 16 Eling la. T Amey Arth. W. 220 Salisbury rd. T Amey Chas. Wm., Lynmore, Calmore rd. T Amey Fredk., Saxton, Hounsdown av.
Hounsdown Amey Fredk. C. 18 Bagber rd. T Amey Mrs. E. 1 May cotts. Calmore rd. T Amos Sidney, 2 Culford av. T Andel Hy. Roelof O.B.E. 89 Stannington cres. T
Anderson Thos. Rosa bungalow, Hawthorne rd. T Andoire Jn. W. 10 Spicers way, T Andow Aug 249 Salisbury rd. T Andrews Alfd. 98 Rumbridge st. T Andrews Geoffrey, 8 Powell cres. Hounsdown
Andrews Harry, Greenfields, Stanley rd. T Andrews Hy. 12c, Calmore rd. T Andrews Jn. 37 Sylvia cres. T Andrews Ronald, 44 Tedder way, T Andrews Stanley Wm. 1 Ashby rd. Calmore, T
Andrews Wm. 24 Causeway cres. T Annett Mrs. N. 7 Haselbury rd. T Ansell Arth. 42 Hounsdown av. Hounsdown Ansell Ernest S., Kynance, The Retreat,
Hounsdown Ansell Hy. 39 Downs Park rd. T Anstey Albt. L. 3 Montgomery av. T Appleton Rd. 5 Ashby rd. Calmore, T Apsey Harry, i3S Testwood la. T Arabian Jas. 36 Downs Park rd. T Archer Geo. H. 12 Bagber rd. T Archer Ronald, 2 Green bungalow, Calmore rd. T
Archer Stanley, 11 Bagber rd. T Armitage Theodore J. Stranierita, Framp-
-fcon way, T Armstrong Geo. T. 145 Testwoo'd la. T Arney Frank, 9 Compton rd. T Amey Jas. Pinks cott. Cooks la. Calmore, T
Arnold Arth. S. 84 Sunset rd. T Arnold Mrs. 23 Bishops close,' T Arthur Jn. S. 14 Andrew close, Calmore, T Arthur Sidney, 1 Sunset av. T Ash Hy. H. Charmus Haven, Charmus rd. Calmore, T
Ashbolt Jas. CO Salisbury rd. T Ashbplt Leonard G. 54 Ewell way, T Ashby Kenneth R. Downs Park off-licence,
Downs Park av. T Ashford Geo. 1 Ford bank, Ringwood rd. T Ashford Mrs. 42 Salisbury rd. T Ashford Rt. E. 65 Water la, T Ashley David J. 7 Hay ward close, Calmore, T
Ashley Fredk. 51 Ringwood rd. T Ashley Jn. J. 3 Popes la. T Ashley Wm. 50 Downs Park cres. T
Askew Frank, 100 Ringwood rd. T Askew Fredk. 48 Tedder way, T Askew Harold J. 7 Mayfield av. T Askew Jn. E. 263 Salisbury rd. T Astin Philip, Firdene, Fir rd. Ashurst Atkins Wm. G. 68 Stannington cres. T Atkinson Alan M., Radford, Beech rd. Ashurst
Atkinson Thos. St. Joseph's lodge, Lynd-
hurst rd. Colbury Atton Mrs. B. 47 Hammonds la. T Attwood Ernest, The Bungalow, Foxhills, Colbury
Attwood Mrs. 5 Brokenford av. T Attwood Wltr. J. 51 Water la. T Auton Chas. 150 Cheam way, T Avery Albt. E. 9 Portal rd. T Avery Jsph. 31 Powell cres. Hounsdown Avery Jsph. E., St. Austell, Rushington la. T
Avery Jsph. W. A. 14 Brokenford av. T Avery Leonard J. 56 Testwood la. T Avery Mrs., Brierley, Knellers la. Colbury Axon Leslie R. 16 Springfield rd. T Axtens Philip Jn., Delmond lodge, Lynd-
hurst rd. Ashurst Ayloff Wm. 6 Compton rd. T Ayres Derek, 17 Powell cres. Hounsdown Babey Arth. 8 Stanley rd. T Babey Arth. W. 6 Stanley rd. T Babey Edwd. 35 High st. T Babey Frank, Franklin, Frampton way, T Babey Geo., Maurbay, Frampton way, T Babey Jn., Riverside, Spicers hill, T Babey Leonard, St. Munro, Calmore rd. T Babey Miss, Glendale, Spicers hill, T Backhouse Frank, 38 Water la. T Backshell Jas. 47 Bartram rd. T Bacon Wm. 11 Hayward close, Calmore, T Badcock Wm. Isaac, 4 Testwood la. T Bagley Wm. 33 Compton rd. T Bagnall Denis H. 69 Ringwood rd. T Bailey Edwd. T. 11 Calmore gdns. Calmore, T
' Bailey Jn. S. White lodge, Holly rd. Ashurst
Bailey Kenneth W. 79a, Frampton way, T Bailey Mrs. H. K. 14 Water la. T Bailey Percy, 3 Harwood close, T Bailey Percy G. 7 Causeway cres. T Bailey Percy R. 47 Stannington cres. T Bailey Wm. Copse bungalow, Calmore rd. T
Bailey Wm. H. 71 Salisbury rd. T Bainbridge Mrs. 8 Andrew close, Calmore, T
Baird Alec, West Hoe, Westfield rd. T Baker Alfd. C. 82 Junction rd. T Baker Arth. 254 Salisbury rd. T Baker David, 23 Lydlynch rd. T Baker Edwd. 24 Mill rd. T Baker Geo. 19 Treeside av. T Baker Harry, 26 Bishops close, T Baker Herbt. 52 Downs Park cres. T Baker •Ivor J.r TJplyme, Ringwood rd. T Baker Jn. L. 48 Ringwood rd. T Baker Jn. R. The Ferns, Knellers la. Colbury
Baker Jsph. II. 5 Hammonds la. T Baker Leonard W. 11 Eling hill, Eling
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