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Lackford avenue—con.
McGee Jn. (Bramshaw) Elliott Regnld. R. (Reba) Scullard Leonard J. (Dun
White Regnld. J. (Clovelly) Pearce Tom C. H. (Char-leen)
Macleod Jn. (Landy) Frampton Mrs. (Rendezvous)
Evans Chas. I". (Bathurst) is Lackford way......
Limburn Harold (Wabana) Bishop Thos. (Marilyn) Clarke Alan S. (Nirvana)
East side. Scott-Miller Jas. (Forest , way)
Sweetman Ernest G.
Barnes Alfd. J. (Newlands) Peck Alan (Shang-Ri-La) Rimer Wallaee.( Woodstead) Cox Leslie C. (Luctons) Woodling Leslie J. (Sax-holme)
Keleher Ernest (Dunsford) Reynolds Jsph. (Burnham) Bullen Jn. A. (Chesley Dene)
Pearce Rt. J. (Wilmor) Judd Frank (Lynwood)
Hull Jn. (Firgrove)
Jewer Owen (Abbotsbury) Burgess Lionel W. G. (St.
Pierce Frank (Pendle) Savage Maurice (Glendale) Snook Harold C. (Lyne Toll)
Paine Jn. D. (Marston lodge)
Mullins Maurice R. (May-field)
New Forest Press, printers
Longman Gilbt. (Holly-dene)
From Lackford avenue to Culford avenue.
See Main road, Hounsdown.
From Springfield road to Toll gate, Eling lane.
East side.
Viney Hy. (Laundry ho) Hensford Harry E. (Lexby ho)
1 Williams Cecil
3 Rusbridge Albt. H 5 Knowlton Mrs
5 Knowlton Leslie A
7 Grimwood Chas 9 Cole Mrs
9 O'Donnell Jas. A 11 Goodall Albt. E. G
11 Walker Mrs. K. E
West side.
2 Marshall Mrs. J. E
4 Ryan Jsph
6 Whitelock Wm. C 6 Allen Harry H
8 Whitlock Regnld 10 Snider Geo
12 Neal Leslie W 14 Drew Mrs
14 Wiltshire Stanley 16 Goldsmith Regnld. W 18 White Regnld 20 Smith Regnld. R. R 22 Harris Wltr. F
From Lyndhurst road, Colbury to Boundary.
East side.
Colbury Cottages.
1 Godden Albt
2 Young Wm. C
3 Webb Thos %
Beeston Rev. Percvl. C., L.Th. (vicar of Colbury) (Colbury vicarage)
Christ Church Henvest Miss (Colbury cott) Pearce Baden, farmer (Langley farm)
From 7 Bagber road.
South side.
1 Mackrell Stanley
3 Phillips Sydney
5 Mayo R
7 Callen Frank H
9 Robertson Mrs. A 13 Seward Mrs 15 Dart Regnld. V 17 Ranger Fredk 19 Birch Bert 21 Bessant Hy. D 23 Baker David 25 Snellgrove Wm. T 27 Brassington Dennis 29 Green Victor 31 Banwell Chas. H 33 Harper Herbt 35 Foster Wm. R 39 Toner Edwd. H
North side.
2 Lord Hy
4 Knowlton Thos. H
6 Blake Fredk. W 8 Rose Alfd. P 10 Duckworth Philip A 12 Fulford Stanley
Lydlynch Primary School (infants)
Ashurst. Continuation of Lyndhurst road, Hounsdown to boundary. North side.
Grant Bros, motor engnrs Grant, Galloway & Gear
Ltd. genl. engnrs Gear Harold (Bellevue) .......... here is New rd ..........
Kinge Arth. F. (Edgerton) Lincoln Wm. (Woodspeen) Welsteed Hedley J. (Little-croft)
Lewis Chas. J. (Olympic) White Arth. F. (Rosendale) Bowyer Norman, shopkpr ...... here is Wood rd .........
Enright Mrs. J. A. (St.
John's lodge)
Axtens Philip Jn. (Del-
mond lodge Shuter Miss (Brimpton mead)
...... here is Beech rd .........
Humby Lester D. (The Den)
Brookes Eric A. (Woodside) Lancaster Claude B. (Wood-side)
Bennett Mrs. 0. L. (Belmont)
Langdon Chas. O. (Stur-
Halstead Wm. W. (The Barn)
...... here is Holly rd .........
Rive Mrs. D. G. (St. Anthony)
...... here is Ash rd .........
Ashurst Garage (E. A. & A. P. Osgood, proprs.), motor engnrs Morris Geo. F. (Keswick) Francis Clement J. (Haifa) Scotts Stanley (Penrith) Wright - Holmes Frank
Leonard R. G. private hotel (Angry Cheese)
South side.
.... here is Farm lane .......
Newnham Mrs. (Pinehurst) Parker Cecil A. (Westfield) Clark Kenneth W. (Cherry
Tree cott)
Smith Wm. (Forest cott) Cross Mrs. F. M. (Cholder-
ton ho)
Wallis Geo. R. E. (Granby)
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