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Evangelical'Mission-Hall, seating about 280 persons: also a Methodist Mission Hall, seating about 120 people. In the parish is a reading room. (Hatch Grange Estate of SO acres was acquired by the parish council for a public open space. The principal landowners are Queen's College, Oxford. The area is 3,734 acres ; the population in 1946 approx. 5,000.
Moorgreen Hospital at 1 Botley road was erected in 1848 and enlarged in 1887, 1895, 1898. and 1939: it is a structure of red brick in the Elizabethan style, and will hold 530 patients; attached are 100 acres of land for cultivation by the patients.
Church of England Primary School (junior mixed & infants); (Harry Victor William Harris, master, High st Post & M. O. & T. Office, High street.— Henry Cyril Hassell, sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from Southampton .
Post Office, 21 Thotrnhill Park road, Bitterne.—Cornelius A. Rogers, sub-postmaster -Ministry of Works '(Engineering division), The Wilderness, West End rd. Bitterne Hampshire Fire Service, Orchard way Conveyance : —
Hants &1 Dorset Motor Services run u ' frequent service of omnibuses daily from the village to Southampton and also to Petersfield arid Bishop's Waltham Postal address, West End, Southampton. (Marked thus * posta/1 address Bitterne, ' Southampton.)
private residents.
*Absll' Jn. J. D., Ellesmere, Thornhill Park ; rd .... ; ■
Acton Misses, The Jungle, West End .rd Adams Ailfd. J as., May dene, New rd *Adams David, Blue Peter, West End rd ♦Adams Geo. A.. Polzeath, Tennyson rd .
* Addison Wm., Katohtine, Drowning av Alfard Frank, Hillside, Telegraph rd Allden Lt.iCol. S. G., Ardu-'llie 'lodge, Moor
Allen Chas., Buena Vista, Swaythling rd
* Alien Ernest, Gwenern, Chaucer ird
* Allien Wm. Jas. Haven, Browning av
* Anderson Chas. W., Purbrook, Wynter rd
* Anderson Jn., Bene Vobis, Burnham chase Anderson Jn. A., Litblewood, West End .rd Andrews Arth. Lester, Springfield, Chapel trd ^Andrews Geo. Hy., Ronaldene, Taunton
* Andrews Leonard, Ashdown. Burns rd Andrews Wilfrid A. Ashdene, Telegraph rd
* Archer Firedk., EskdaJlemuir, Kane's hitt'1
* Archer Morley W., Longhope, Kane's hill Armstrong Edwin W., Duncaple, West End
rd ,
*Arnaux Paul Jules, Provence, Wynter rd *Arnold (M; J. 7 Kootenay' rise, Thornhill
Park rd .
Ashby Herbt. Rosdlands lodge, Moor hilfl Ashby Rt. Claude C.B.E., J.P. Woodlands
ho. West End rd Ashton Arth. Fir cott. Moor hill:
*Attrill Percy Geo. Mon Abi, Somerset av
AxteM Wltr. Oakdene, Moby Green rd Ayles Albt. Chas., Altona, Allington la Bacon Stanley W. The Brackens, Western
rd. Telegraph wood *Bad,ley Frank E. The Bungalow, Pine drivm Bailey Harry, Winton, Botley rd Bailey Llewellyn Jas., Cartref, Telegraph rd
*.Baiiley Miss K. E. 14 The Close, Thornhill Park
Baker Mrs.. St. B., The Firs, Beacon rd *Baker Sidney Wm., Chakrata, Burns rd *Ball Geo. H., Knightswood, Taunton drive *iBall Wm. Chas. South lodge, Browning av Bamber Herbt. Edwd. M.A., MB., B.Ch Hope lodge, High st '
*Barbour Ernest, Rossmoyne, Taunton drive Barfoot Albt. Garage cott. Botley rd, -Barfoot Chas. Yew Tree cott. Botley rd Barfoot Cuthbert E. 1 Rose cott. Swaythling rd .
*Barfoot Harry M. 16 Thornhill Park rd Barfoot Hy. Geo. North view, Botley rd Barfoot Norman V.,T\irkella, Moor Green rd *Barham Percy Fredk. The Cottage, Deacon
■rd. Thornhill Park *Barnes Harold Bertie, Evergeen, Chaucer rd *Barnes Jn. Perung, Chaucer rd -
*Barnett Fras. 4 Pine drive, Thornhill Park *Barnett Leslie, Shang Ri La, Milton rd 1 Barnett Mrs. F. Hillside, New rd *Barsr Harold, Glenmore, Chaucer rd . Barr Jas. 14 Orchards way *Barrett Geo. 2 The Close, Thornhill Park *Barrett Geo. Fredk. Woodlands, Pine drive Barter Chas. Kinsman, Gumecester, Moor
Green rd , . ,
*Barton Jn. Valley view, Taunton drive *Bason Edwin, Ellington, Taunton drive. *Batchelor Edmnd. C., Dinas Mawddwy,
Taunton drive • -
Dealing Mrs. M. M. 29 Orchards way Beasley Wilfrid Cecil, The Folly's, Burnetts
la. Moor Green *Beasley-Reeve Percvil. St. Ives, Spencer rd *Beckman Fredk., Catania, Somerset av *Bear Jn. Warren, Woodbury, Somerset av *Beetlestone Mrs., Minton. Burns rd,
Bell E'li, Penarth, Moor Green rd *BeflPark _
Benham Harold Victor, Journey s Md,
Telegraph rd Bennett Chas., Whyteleaf, High st ■' ,
Bennett Cyril, Cranfield, MoorxGreen rd Berriman Philip IH. The Croft, Swaythling rd
*Berry Geo. Chas. Yenton, Kootenay av *Bessant Edwd. Geo., Bangor, Spencer ra *Bibby Chas Edwd.. Tenby, Tennyson.rd ?Bidmead Jn. Fredk. 7 Shales rd *Biggs Stanley, Myrstan, Milton rd , Bignell Jas. Albt. 2 Blenheim villas,
Swaythling rd '
*Bignell Jsph., Hermitage, 'Hatley rd *Bignelil Win., Newlyn, Hatley rd *Biles Frank Wm., Bochin, Thornhill av *BiIlett Albt. Edwd., Nycere, Taunton drive *Bird Fred, 4 HinkHer rd
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