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Hirfces Chas. Hy. 14 Station rd Holgate Engineering & Radio Co. motor engnrs. 55 & 57 Commercial rd
Hollamby Minnie W. (Mrs.), The Travellers
Rest P.H. 20 Salisbury rd t
Holmes C. E. & Son, fishmngrs. 10 Junction rd
Hopkins Harry, grocer, 7 & 9_Rumbridge st Hopkins Wm. J. farmer, Poplar House farm,
Ca'lmore ird Hoskings S. R. Elephant & Castle P.H.: 40
'Commercial rd ^ .
Hughes ■& Co. confctnrs. 8 South par.
Salisbury rd Humby Wm. Thos. bldr. 11 Hymans way Hunt Jsph. A. poultry farmer, Silverdene,
Testwood la •
Hunt Sidney Alfd. butcher, 223 Salisbury rd
HURST D. (MRS.)j refrshmnt.irms.
12 & 14 High st Hurst Wm. Jas. shopkpr. 52 Ringwood rd Ingleton Thos. Geo. confctnr. 23 & 85
Junction rd Ings Ellen (Miss), nurse, 23 Treeside av International Tea Co.'s Stores Ltd. grocers,
19 & 21 High st ■' __
Irish Edwd. Regn-ld. L.D.S.RjC.S.Eng. dental surgn. 52 Junction rd Jarvis Geo. hairdrssr. 85a, Junction ird Johnston P. W. butcher, 8 Eling 'la Keleher Jack, Royal Oak P.H. 64 Commercial rd -Ke'llaway A. scale repr. 22 Station rd 'Kp-miah Bertie, smallholder, Diamond cott.
Calmore rd .
King Rt. Leslie, motor cycle engnir. Rum-bridge st
Knatchbull C. N. agricultural & general engineer, oxy-acetylene. welding, cutting, brazing «fcc. turning, milling &c. agricultural implements, cars, motor cycles &c. repaired & overhauled, The Engineering Repair Workshop, Calmore rd. Calmore ' _
Knight, Harry B. grocer, 17 Rumbridge st Lacoste Lucien, electrcl. engnr. 1 Hammonds way Lang, bldr. Meadow view, Ringwood rd
FISHMONGERS, FRUITERERS & GREENGROCERS, 62 Rum-bridge street (Tel. 3284) & 4 South par. Salisbury rd. T N 31OO
Lloyds Bank Ltd. ( N. B. Coston, manager), 2 High st
bakers, 1 Junction rd LOWMAN S. B. & SONS LTD.
bakers, 85 Ringwood rd LOWMAN S. B. & SONG LTD. bakers, , 44 Salisbury rd
Mullinson J. D., F;S.M.C. chemist, 3 South
par. Salisbury rd Mansbridge Victor, boot repr. 20 Sunset rd
Jennings road & 1 Testwood place. Tel. Totton 3164 MATHEWS (J. C. Truckell, propr.), ironmngrs. & general engineers, 43 Rum-bridge st. Phone 3308 Maynard Rd. Austin (B.Ch.Camb., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P.Lond. physcn. ■& surgn. 31 Junction rd
MEAGHER F. R. & SON, coal
merchants & haulage contractors, Moor Yale, Sunset road. Tel. 2167
MEECH LIONEL C. D. grocer,
" provision mer. confectioner & tobacconist,
19 Water la .
Midland Bank Ltd. (F. W. Grinstead,
manager), 45 Commercial rd Monk Ernest Chas. cycle dir. 9 Popes la
MOODY J> W. butcher, 81 Water 'la,
Phone, Totton 3252 Moody Wm. Ernest, printer, 69 High st -Moore Stanley Geo. farmer, Great Testwood
farm, Testwood la Morris Fredk. A. cycle dir. 14 Commercial rd - ' ■
Myers Jsph. grocer, & post office, .5 & 7
Water la • -
National Registration Food1 & Milk Offices,
1 South par. Salisbury rd Nevill G. cafe, 16 Station rd
New Forest Rural District Council (A. C. Baker, collector), rates sub-office (tutes.
2 to 4 p.m. except April & October), 40 Rumbridge st ',
Newton. Wltr. baker, 51 Rumbridge st Northover J. (R. E. Hobbs, propr.), butcher 47 Rumbridge st
OLD FARM P.H. cock), 3 Ringwood rd Oram Percvl. Jn. blacksmith, 77 Eling la Osman Albt. Thos. drainage contrctr. 80 Water la
Parkes Geo. Wm. jobbing gardener, 88
Water la .
Parsons P. V. & Son, fruitrs. 42 Rumbridge st
N.A.F.D. builder & undertaker, Glen-thorne, Junction road; works, Treeside avenue. Tel. No. 20.92
Pass Maj. C. clerk to Eling Parish Council,
40 Rumbridge st Patterson Thos. & Son Ltd. sand merchants. Railway goods station, Junction rd. Tel. .Totton 8184 Paul Leonard, shopkpr. Roselyn, Calmore rd Pearce R. E. G. decrtr. iSunnyside. Stanley rd
PEG L E R A. turf commission agent, 8 Springfield road. Tel. Totton 0145 & 2282 „
Penny & Edwards, house furnishers, Commercial rd
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