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Primary Schools. '
Allbrook Church of England, Pitmoire road (mixed); Miss M. E. Taplin, head mistress Bishopstoke (mixed); C. P. Marshall, head master
Chamberla^ne road (hoys); B. L. Shotton
B.Sc. head master Chandler's Ford; H. R. Mann, head master Cr anbury road (gMs); Miss M. E. Michi.e, head-mistress ■■ •,
Derby Road (mixed); R. Cockrill, head master
Holy .Cross Roman Catholic, Leigh road
(mixed); Miss H. Doody, head mistress North Stoneham Church of England, Stone-ham lane; Mrs. E. H. Park, head mistress Shakespeare Road ' (nixed); Miss E. M.
Harris, head mistress . ,
The Crescent (mixed); R. E. King, head master
Societies, Institutions &c.
Albion Tennis Club, Twyford road; M.
Compton, sec ,
All Saints' Amateur Musical & Dramatic Society; Ronald Fryer, 5 Cherbourg road, hon. sec _ , „
Ancient Order of Foresters, Court Cham-■ berlayne," No. 4988, 29 Market street; H. C. .Fellows, sec .
. British 'Legion Club & Institute Ltd. 8 & 10 Station hill, Southampton road; George Hurley, sec.; Charles W. Anglestein, steward
Citizens' Advice Bureau, 12 High street; Miss G. P. Steavenson, sec .
■ Comrades Institute & Club Ltd. 55 Leigh road; Geoirge Davis, sec East Ward Labour Party; H. A. Harris, 167
Desborough road, hon. sec Eastleigh Boy Scouts (1st Group);, head--quarters, Chamberlayne road; E. Webster, 91 Cranbury road. hon. sec Eastleigh Boys' Club, Bishopstoke road; F. Lor ding-Hood, hon. sec.; N. Grainger, warden
Eastleigh Central Working Men's Club, 45
Leigh road; E. F. Hill, sec _ _
Eastleigh Conservative Association, 4a, Desborough road; B. S. Armes, hon. sec Eastleigh Constitutional Club, 4a, Des-borough road; G. H. Willis, sec.; Herbert Wellman, steward Eastleigh & District Chamber of Trade, 44b, Market street; Edward Beal F.S.A.A. sec
Eastleigh Unity Club Ltd. 130 Southampton road; G. P. Mason, sec.; E. C. Dollery, steward
Eastleigh Working Men's Club & Institute 18 Market street; George Head, sec.; Cj W. Pear'ce, steward Fleming Park, Passfield avenue Girds' Friendly Society; headquarters,
Market street Hants County Council Education Committee Domestic Science Centres; Factory road; William Coates M.A. county education officer
Independent Order of Rechabites, Juvenile Section (Star of Hope Tent) (No. 523); Mrs D. Newman, 63 Archer's road,.sec. Independent Oirder of Rechabites, Salford Unity Friendly Society (Star of Bethlehem. Tent) (No. 1723); G. Stratton, 29 Tennyson road, sec Locomotive Engineers' Club & Institute Ltd. (Reg. No. 6940 R. Hants), 18 Station hill, Southampton road; G. White, sec.; John C. White, steward National Savings Centre, 10 High street;
Mrs. McDbugall, sec . Pirelli-General Cable Works Ltd. Sports
Ground, Dew lane . .
Railway Institute & Club, Leigh road; E,; - Browning, sec .
Royal'Society for the Prevention of Cruelty: to Animals, 29 Newtown road;' Mm. Ereauxj local sec ' _
Southern Railway Bowling Club, Market:
street; A. W. Parkes, sec United Nations Association (Eastleigh Branch); H. A. Harris, 167 Desborough . road, hon. sec
Women's Voluntary Services, 12 High street; Mrs. ! E. B. M. Moore J.P.; organizer; & clothing depot, 40 High st Workers' Educational Association (East-, leigh branch); F. A. E'lkins, 38 Kipling, •road, branch sec
Royal Engineers (T.A.), Drill hall,;
Chamberlayne road . ' _ ...
10th Air Support Signal Unit (T.A.), Drill, hall, Leigh road
British. Railways.
Eastleigh Railway Station (80^% Region) Southampton . road; AiDai. William Beck, station master A
Southern Region Locomotive wato Southampton road; F. Munns, A?or supt,; Outdoor Machinery Section, bonm ampton road; F. Mundy, inspector
Southern Region Central DlvisW Engineer's Offices, Southampton roan, Reginald Restall, divisional engineer ;
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