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County Treasurer, f_ W. Fuller A.S.A.A. The Castle, Winchester
Deputy County Treasurer, F. Platts
A.S.A.A. The Castle, Winchester County Surveyor, - Brigadier A. C. Hughes C.B.E., B.Sc. (Eng.), A.M.I.C.E. The Castle, Winchester .
Deputy County Surveyor, F. H. N. Elton
A.M.I.Mun.E. The Castle, Winchester Chief Constable, R. D. Lemon, West hill, 1 Winchester; Senior Assistant, F. Osman -County Education Officer, W. Coates M.A. The Castle, Winchester
Deputy County Education Officer, E. H. Littlecott B-.A., D.P.E. The Castle, Winchester . '
County Architect, S. Low A.R.I.B.A. The
Castle, Winchester De,?u^ County Architect, R. Shaw M.B.E., A.K.I.B.A. The Castle, Winchester , County ^Valuer, G, R. Carter . P.A.S.I.,
A.R.I.B.A. 82 High street, Winchester Deputy ^County Valuer, D. F. Harding
A.R.I.C.S. 82-High street, Winchester County. Medical Officer, Herbert -Leslie
D JP?H., Tht CaS* wS'ester LEC;P-5 Deputy County Medical Officers. F. J G.
!taf. bS:
The CastS' vYiiSSto M'B:C'S- D P-H-
'Senior Assistant Medioail Officer far Maternity & Child Welfare, Audrey-M. Hughes M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H
Children's Officer, Miss A. V. Carroll, 2 Clifton terrace, Winchester
County Psychiatrist,-Anaple F. M. Christie
M B., B.S., M.R.C.iS., L.R.C.P County Oculist, Christina Smith Stoddart
M.B., Ch.B Senior Dental ^Officer. C. C. Chadwick L.D.S County Land Officer, C. F. Hughes,. 81 North walls, Winchester
Deputy County Land Officer, J. H. Q. Brown F.R.I.C.S., A.A.I. 81 North walls, Winchester
Co^niy^ Planning Officer, T. F. Thomson M:T.P.I., F.I.L.A. Litton lodge, Winchester
Deputy County Planning Officer, D. H. E. ¥^cmkvl?y A.R.I.C.S., A.M.I.Mun.E„ A.M.T.P.I. Litton lodge, Clifton road Winchester
Chief Fire Officer, A. W. A. Paramor O.B.E. .Litton lodge,* Clifton road, Winchester Assistant Chief Fire Officer, A: E. Bowles, Litton lodge, Clifton road, Winchester
Agricultural Organizers, T. W. Williamson,' Winchester & R. H. Smith B.Sc.(Agric.), . principal, Fairm: Institute, Spairshoilt
Co,u?.ty Analyst, A. P. Davson F.I.C., A.R.C.Sc.Lond., F.C:S. Public Health .Centre,' Grange road,. Bermondsey • s e' 1 jOfficial Agricultural' Analyst, G. Taylor ;.F.R.I.C. Peek house, 20 Eastcheap, London EC 3
Deputy Official Agricultural Analyst, J. H. Hamence F.R.I.C. Peek house, 20' East-cheap, London e c 3
Inspectors of Weights & Measures & ' Official Samplers under the Fertilizers
& Feeding Stuffs Acts. 1906.
Chief Inspector, C. O. Perry, The Weights & Measures office, New road, Basingstoke
"County Coroners.
Aldershot District, Sir Hugh M. Foster K.C. . Aldershot; deputy, J. T. Coggins, Alder- -shot V
Basingstoke District, Col. J. T. P. Clarke,
Whitchurch; deputyW. D. S. Chesters Fareham District, G. H. Warner, Fareham ;
deputy, J. M. F. Peters Fordingbridge Hundred, J. F. Hamber
M.D. Fordingbridge .
Southampton District, P. B. Ingoldby,' Southampton ; deputy, D. H. Ii Harfield, Southampton; assistant deputy, A. N. MacKean, Southampton .
Winchester District, A. L. Bowker, 'Winchester; deputy, R. S. L. Bowker, ' Winchester -
Justices of the Peace for the Borough, and County of the Town -of Southampton.
The Judge of the County Court ol Hampshire -
The Recorder - > v
The Mayor ' .
Ashby Robert Claude C.B.E. Woodlands,
West End road, West End Bath Frederick O-B.E. 114 Payne's road Bedford. Alfred, The Highlands, Hutwood ' road
Biddle Reginald Poulton, 83 Brookvale rd Blanchard Percival Walter M.B.E. 40 Rip-
stone gardens Brown F. R. 70 Northlands road Buck William Dalton, Little Oak, Hook
crescent, Ampfield 1
Bulpitt William, 68 Northland! road Cotterell Cliaries E., 'JVlonymusk cottage.
Barton Court avenue, Bartpn-on-Sea. Cutler Mrs. 50 Radstock road Donaldson Mrs. 42 Peartree avenue Goulden Alfred Edmund, 68 Beilemoor road Hussey Sir George A. E. 8 The Crescent, Surbiton
Kimber Sir Sidney, 2 Welbeck avenue Lewis Thomas M.P. 8 Brighton road McGovern James B., T.D. 61 Gordon avenue Moat T. S. E. Westwood, Heatherlands rd Morley Ralph M.P. 40 Athelstan road Mouland Walter, 138 Regent's Park rokd ... -Nightingale. H. J., O.B.E. Bramblewood,
Milford-on-Sea -
Parsons Harry, Brampton, Bassett avenue Powdrill Mrs. Meadow Oroft, Bassett avenue Rose Alfred M.B^E. 446 Winchester road, Bassett ■
Senior Mrs. Bromsen, Bassett Heath avenue Shepherd Ronald, Marley Wood, Gh'ilworth Smith Frederick Steward 86 Janson road -Stranger Mrs. G. V. Barrosa, Upper Bassett
- I
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