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CHU 75
from 3 Chetwynd road, j Outer circle.
11 Wbittingbam Edwd
I s Charles Wm. Fredk . I s-MathiasJn 1 • Lamb Mrs _
19 Daniel Arth. Jas in LeBretoD Arth. Fras fe Keeling Serbt §15 Lewis Hy. Chas 1.7 Jay Alan Vyvvan 11) Bryant Philip Hy L Pearce Wm. Cyril IS Tanner Thos '
IS May Thos. A Sir W right Rt. Wm Is Young Mark 131 Bound Arth. Thos I33 Collins Wltr §35 Lewis Oscar H .
Inner circle.
|s; Bntwistle Clarence H . 839 Duce Airs. A. E
111 Biches Claude Chas ii-3 Matthews Geo
p Brown Philip Wm |l7 Pitts Norman J §19 Fletcher Philip Nigel pEobertsJas
South side. 12 Howarth Wilfred 4 Elson Mrs. E. G ! 6 Rasmussen Jack j 8 Palmer Geo. A IlO Davey Frank Wm
112 Pugh Ronald Fairfax 1U S'nepard 'Miss C
116 Cbisholm Archbld 118 Blizzard Percvl
{From Bassett avenue to Glen Eyre road.
South side.
1 Cook Mrs. G , 1 Wilson Mrs. iM. E 3 Xallinson Jack Douglas
here is Chetwynd drive ..
15 Bennett Hugh G-Duncan Jn. (Garth) Cox Christpnr. N. (Rixdale)
North side.
iParker Claude P. C. (Mount mtt)
J.®Mrs. G. M. (Clarendon) ito ?i m H^rry (Weston)
|Wa let■ Arth. (The Laurels)
I k Dudley L. J. (Green-Lshutters)
j outer Herbt, N. (Heronsdale)
From Cumbrian way to Oakley road.
East side.
..... here is Tosson. close ......
.. here is Craigdon close ...
From 87 Dean road to 64 West End road.
South side. 12 Williams Chas. Jas is Pound st .........
10 Fry W 8 Webb Wm. Hy Morgan Miss K. E. dressmaker (Knaplocks) is Panwell rd.........
6 Coombs Mrs. L. D. grocer
6 Figg King Geo 4 Line Aug; insur. agt
; 2 Churcher Mrs. E. U
North side.
......... here are Pound st. &
Brook rd.......
9 Gibbons Wm. Bertram
7 Walker Aifd. Rt 15 Olding Chas. Hy 3 Lee Rt 1 Bellamy Fredk. Harold
From S Cotswold road.
Bitterne Park.
From Athelstan road.
1 Cahill Chas. R. G
2 Roberts Geo. Wm
3 Meddick Fredk. Leonard
4 Brown Jn
5 Clark Stanley
Clark Ronald A. (Tree Tops)
From 83 Highfield lane to University road.
West side;
Highfield (C. of E.) Primary School (junior mixed & infants)
9 Delanie Raymond 11 Thornton Cyril Fredk 13 Gaskell Edwd. C. insur. agt 15 Honeybourne Bruce 17 Underwood Wltr 19 Harding Albt 21 Stubbingtori Mrs. E. J -23 Howlett Mrs. M 29 Bennett Bernard Edgar
81 Bishop Harry Chas
31 Bishop Mrs. S. I. corsetifere
33 Knight Alec J. E
35 Seaman Thos. Hemsley
39 Sparks Ronald Eric
41 Kimber Arth. Frank 43 Lawrence Mrs
45 Folger Hy. Chas 47 Dean Albt. Cyril 49 Everett Don 51 Thome Hy. E 53 Groll Jouquim Francisco
35 Bond Fredk. Frank 57 'Perkes Mrs. A
...... here is Hilldown rd ......
East side.
2 Childs Chas. Edwd 4 Rudin Miss M. L . 6. Smith Mrs. A 10 Tofield Mrs 12 Rood Albt. Edwd
...... here is footpath to High-
field ores......
14 Beech Edwd 16 Toomer Miss . 30 MacGillivray Mrs. M
32 Reid Jas. Wm
34 Dorrington Rd. Norman W
36 Nash Wltr
38 Jeffery Ernest Archbld
40 Mason Wm. Alfd
42 Soanes Victor Jas. Rd
From 66 Middle road to St. Monica road.
From 31 Swift road to 14 Obelisk road.
East side.
2 Pitches Alfd"
4 Farr Wm. Chas 6 Silsbury Donald Vernon 8 Barnes Hy 10 Cook Wm. Rt 12 Richfield Mrs 14 Webber Miss 16 Rowe Geo. Wm 18 Mclnnes Donald 20 Cawte Fred 22 Bailey Wm 24 Flinter Mervin Clifford 26 Clarke Geo. H 28 Cull Chas 30 Skittlethorpe Mrs , 32 Cove Wm 34 McCarthy Regnld 36 Bundy Arth. Albt 38 Cozens Mrs 40 Clowes Wm
42 Harper Mrs.Emily, shopkpr 44 Le Borgne Jn 46 Rashlelgh Jas. Wm • 48 Jarvis Rd
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