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classified trades driectory—1920.
MET 77 3
Langley Alfred Fardon m.d., c.m., l.r.c.p., l.r.c.s.Edin., L.p.p.s.jGlas. 61 & 63 Leigh road, Eastleigh LeQuesne Claudel.r.c.p.Lond., m.r.c.s.Eng.
St. Ann's, 1 Lawn road, Ports-wood Livingston J. Lockart m.d. Winchester road,
Chandler's Ford McDougall John Tiley Montgomery m.b., B.s.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C. P.Lond. c East Park terrace & 152 St. Mary street McKaig Andrew m.b., ch.B.Edin. Lawnside Clifton road, Millbrook & surgery, 4 The Polygon
McKaig Mrs. m.b., ch.b.Edin. Lawnside,
Clifton road, Millbrook MacKeith Alexander Arthur m.b., c.m.Glas.
66 Howard road McQuade Henry m.d. Eling lodge, Eling lane, Totton ; surgery, Woodcote,Cadnam Marrack George Comyns m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.
16 Oak road, Weolston Mawson Owen David Baker m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.
Lond. 12 Carlton crescent May Henry J. m.b., b.c.cantab., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. (ophthalmic), The Rest, 21 The Avenue
Mudie Arthur l.r.c.p., l.r.c.s.Edin. Den-
holm, Chandler's Ford Nelson Harry Grattan Guinness m.d. 20
London road Nightingale Henry John m.b., m.s., f.r.c.s.
Cranmere, Highfield lane, Highlield O'Meara William Patrick l.r.c.s.Edin.,
l.r.c.p. 4 Oxford street Parry George Hearn m.b., c.m.Edin. Ventnor,
34 Howard road Powell Blacker Castles, 1 Greville road Power Alfred William l.r.c.p.i., l.r.c.s.i.
15 Carlton crescent Pridham Gerald H. m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.Lond.
Woolston lodge, 66 Portswood rd. Woolstn Purvis W.Prior m.d.,m.s.,,f.r.c.s.
Eng. (consulting), 14 Carlton crescent Roberts Philip Meredith m.b., b.s.Lond., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p. Somerset lodge, Oak road, Woolston Robinson William M. S. F.R.c.s.Edin.26 Carlton crescent Robson Francis White Hope m.d., c.m. Valetta, ia, Howard road & surgery, 109 High street Rogers Arthur Anderson m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.
East cliff, Portsmouth road, Woolston Roots William Henry m.r.c.s. Abbey hill,
Netley abbey Saunders Charles Howard m.b.,
Cabra, 1 Shirley avenue, Shirley Sheppard Henry Anderson m.r.c.s., l.s.a.
Totton & surgery, Aden cottage, Bartley SimmonsEdmund Wre fcham m.r.c.s.,l.r.c.p. Hazelmere, Bishopstoke SOUTH.
Simpson William Andrew m.b.,, ^ 3 Waterloo road, Freemantle Stan comb Ernest Henry Murly m.b., c.m.
Westbourne, College place, London road Stephenson Owen Taunton b.a., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p., l.s.a. Saxonhurst, 76 Portsmouth • road, Woolston
Stewart William m.b., ch.b. 26 Archer's road Tebbs Basil Nelson m.a., m.d.40 The Avenue Treston Maurice m.d., l.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.irel. Stag house, 135 Lodge road ; surgery, 19 Northam road Vernon Rupert John m.a., m.b., b.c.camb., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.Lond. Wordsworth lodge, 73 Anglesea road, Shirley Ward, Tebbs & Jeffreys, Acton, Brookvale
road, Portswood Ward Howard Percy M.B.Lond.,m.r.c.s.Eng.,
l.s.a. 8 Banisters road Weekes Charles Peterson F.R.c.s.Edin., m.r.c.s.Eng., l.r.c.p.Lond. Merivale,. 29 Howard road Welch Robert WilliamFoster l.r.c.p.,l.r.c.s.
Edin., l.f.p.s.olas. 61 Oxford street Wood William John Haram l.r.c.p.,
L.r.c.s.Edin., m.r.c.s.Kng. 160 Hill lane Yeo Henry Gerald b.a., m.b.,, b.a.o., l.m. Rot.Dub. Glencar, 126 Shirley avenue, Shirley & 378 Shirley road, Freemantle Zorab Arthur Batoum m.b., b.s.Lond., m.r.c.s.Eng., L.r.c.p.Lond. Winchester house, Hulse road
See Trade Protection Offices.
Beverley Philip W. Union Bank chambers,
40 & 41 High street.
Bos ley Henry James, 95 St. Mary street GRZMF.ELL IMBER & CO. 143 Millbrook
road, Freemantle Hallett Robert C. West Quay esplanade SR7IITH, WINDSOR &, CO. 32 Queen's terrace. Telephone 827 • TelegraphicAddress, "General, Southampton '
See also Iron & Metal Merchants.
HALLETT ROBERT C, (scrap), West Quay esplanade
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