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692 wools ton. neighbourhood ojt southampton-
Portsmouth road—con.
Gould Philip Gordon, poor rate collector(Poor Kate office)
68 Gould John Wooldridge
70 White Thomas (Denbigh) 72 Bryant Arthur William
(Yokohama) 74 Burtenshaw William Geo 76 Stephenson Owen Taunton
b.a., m.r.c.s., l.r.c.p.,
l.s.a. physician & surgeon, & medical officer & public vaccinator No. 1 district,South Stoneham union (Saxonhurst) HaighErnst. (Auckland ho) 82 Margrie William Henry
(By wood)
88 Pettit Mrs go Kneller Harry Ernest 92 Oxford John 94 Clark Mrs. girls' school
...... here is Milton rd ......
Bowden Frank (Tiverton) Herbert John, insurance
agent (Strathcona)
Gibbs Mrs. (Strathcona) McKenna Joseph (Fern villa) Brooks William Charles
(Prospect villa)
Rolfe William, builder BloomArth.Geo. (Fir Tree vil) Long Robert Henry, boot ma Taylor & Butler, cycle &
motor repairers Hayward Fredk. (Flora cot) Macey Hy.decrtr.(Laurel cot) Kinchington Jas. (Basset cot) GarnetJohnGeorge( Yew Tree
Moss Alfred (Bay Tree cot) Cutter Jack (Bournemouth
Saunders Mrs
Cole Mrs. Gertrude, shopkpr
north side.
Woolston, Coffee & Refresh ment Tavern (Wm. James Cockett, proprietor)
...... here is Oak bank.........
5 Palmer Albert, motor accessories dealer 7 Jopling Brothers Limited,
coal merchants 9 Harris E. post office 11 Heathorn Mrs. A. confctnr 13 Puliinger Arthur Henry, fried fish shop
15 Titmas Samuel Hubert,
dentai surgery 17 & 19 Woolston Picture
Theatre 23 Eltringham James Thos.
photographer 25 Maton J. C. tailor 27 Cohen Benjamin, pawnbro 29 Jacobs Mrs. fancy draper 31 BAGSHAW &, SON,builders, plumbers, decorators &c 33 Biggs J. William G 33GROSVSNOR LAUNDRY (THE) (James William Biggs, proprietor) 35 Russell William, solicitor, clerk to the Itch en Urban District Council, supt registrar of births, deaths & marriages, South Stoneham district 35 Itchen Food Control Committee (local food office) 37 Payne William Archibald,
boot maker 37 Freemantle & Russell,
printers 39 Chandler Alfred E. registrar of births, deaths & marriages & vaccination officer for the sub-(district of St. Mary 'Extra, South Stoneham union (Bridge chambrs) 39 Goodridge William Henry
(Bridge chambers) 39A, Itehen War Pensions
Local Committee is Bridge rd......... is Vicarage rd ...
Rech abite* Hal l 41 Laney Ernest A. "dairy ■...... here is Manor rd ....
43 Golden Frank Caffin 45 Tremble Rev. Chas. [Oath] St. Patrick's Church
St. Patrick's School (Cath) 47 County Police Station (Charles Sidney Little-wood, supt) is For Chester rd.r.. 49 Edwards Mrs 51 Meopham Frederick 53 Coxon Christopher 55 Fisher E. C. (Yaletta) 57 Good all Alfred 59 Gates Victor L 61 Ship C. H
63 Colling wood T. Arthur
65 Bell Wm. Hy. (Holmfels) 67 Kneller Harry (Claueh.
ton lodge)
69 Newman Capt. C. H.
71 Angell William Herbert.
(Hillsborough) 73 Milligan Mrs. (Inglehurst) 75 Campbell Mrs 77 Steele John Graham 79 Cox Mrs. (St. Olaves)
8 r Doran Misses
83 Penny W. T. (Danetre) 85 Davis Thomas William 87 Jones Arthur 89 Slade Henry 91 Stevens Mrs 93 Cameron Norman R 95 Thompson Capt. George
Hobson r.a.m.c 97 Arnold Robert G 99 Axe Mrs. (Cliftonville) 101 Hilton John (Belleville) 105 Kaveny Walter 107 Dodridge William James
here is rd. to Sholing station LANKESTER & CROOK LJftfiBTED, grocers, & post office
.inehan Charles Howard (Vine cottage)
Mitchener Mrs. C. (Bankside villa)
Belmont cliff :
12 Holroyd Charles Edward 11 Pannett Percy Henry 10 Gibson Ernest
9 Lashmar Richard George 8 Cook James
7 Hutchings Samuel 6 Smith Mrs 5 James Mrs 4 Tilbury Leo Harry 3 Collins Mrs 2 Hutchison Allan 1 Parnell Albert Thomas
The Swan p.h. Fredk. Bath St. Mary Extra Cemetery (Mark Bunday, curator)
road, from Grove road.
south-east 19 Nanson John 17 Glanville Reginald Henry 15 Nelthorpe Edwin Henry 13 Cross William John
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