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Browning J. 4 Child's cottages, High road Budden D. 3 Child's cottages, High road Candy C. 5 Child's cottages, High road Candy John, Beaulieu, High road Chandler Thomas B. Geden lodge, High road Clement Miss, Provident house, High road demons Stephen, 3 Florence ter. High road Complin H. W. Fern villa, Park road Crabbe A. L.Rosebank, High road Cunningham George, Comrie, High road Dacre George, Belmore cottages, High rd Daniells William, 1 Burgess street Dennis Arthur, 1 Mansbridge cottages Dumper A. 68 Station cottages Edwards Leonard, Tbe Pines, High road Etheridge Harry, High road Floyd Edwin, 2 Florence terrace, High road Formhals William, 5 Beulah terrace, High rd Fox Edward A. Lucerne, High road Freestone John, 69 Station road Funnell Alfred, Park road Gater Mrs. Black house (letters via Westend) Gater J. jun. Mill house( letters via Westend) Gilbert Robert J. J. Leckford, Park road Godwin Sidney, 7 Fleming road Gould Jay, Hollyville, Fleming road Green L. Child's cottages Green T. Swaythling farm Harding A. Station cottages Hayes Charles, Stoneham cottage, Park road Henwood Charles, Woodmill cottage Hickman Humphrey J. 2 Richmond villas, High road
- Holloway Francis D. 6 Florence ter. High rd
Holloway Mrs. Stoneville, High road
Horner George, 4 Burgess street
Horsey George, 6 Burgess street
Joyner Harold B. 3 Fleming road
Liilington Reginald, Park road
Lucas F. 70 Station road
Luke Albert, 2 Belmore cottages, High road
Maggs Mrs. 10 Child's cottages, High road
Mansbridge Edward, 3 Swaythling villas
Marshall Frederick, Ravenscroft, High road
Martin George, Park road
Matthews Frederick G. 6 Beulah terrace
May Edwin, Waverley, High road
Miles George, Ellabus, High road
Mills John J. Woodmead
Moses Joseph, Ashton, High road
Murray J. M. Kia Lama, High road .
Newbury Mrs. 8 Child's cottages
Newman Fred, Woodleigh, High road
North Hubert, Hazledene, High road
Northeast Thomas, 2 Burgess street
Oldham Mrs. Havana, Highroad
Othen Fred, 2 May cottages, Park road
Paice Miss E. 1 Mansbridge cottages
Parkes Ernest, Abbotsfurd, High road
Parsons Thomas, Iona, tligh road
PatonRev. John DuguidB.a. [vicar of South Stoneham], South Stoneham vicarage, Swaythling Perrett George, 1 Clutha villas, High road Kay Fred, Woodmill
Rayner John F. 4 Denstone terrace, High rd
Rayner Miss, The Shrubberies, High road
Read H. 11 Child's cottages
Read Mrs. J. 12 Child's cottages
Rice H. D. Lima, High road
Rickards Capt. Cecil, The Cottage,High road
Rogers A. T. Station cottages
Rose Mrs. Grange cottage
Rose Fred, The Gardens, SouthStoneham ho
Rusoell Harry, 3 Mansbridge cottages
Sawbridge Cyril G. a.a.i. The Briers, High rd
Shears Albert E. Wei-Hai-Wei, High road
Shelley Frank E. 2 Fleming road
Shelley John, 1 Fleming road
Sheppard Frank, Richwood, High road
Stewart Chatteris, "5 Florence terrace
Stewart Misses, 7 Florence terrace
Swan ton William, Beulah villa, High road
Swinstead Mrs. 2 Denstone terrace
Tapper J. St. Nicholas, Park road
Taylor Robert W. 1 Beulah ter. High road
Thomas Ernest, 1 Denstone terrace
Toogood Alfred, Fleming road
Toll Francis, Park road
Webber Arthur H. 2 Clutha villa, High road
Welch John R. Netley, High road
Wells W. 6 Park road
White William, 5 Burgess street
Williams Thomas, Beulah villa, High road
Wiltshire J. 7 Child's cottages, High road
Windebank Richard, 2 Swaythling villas
Wylde John W. Norwyn villa, Park rd
Baker Henry J. grocer, High road Blow Jeannie (Miss),gro. &post office,High rd Budd Bridger, confectioner, High road Chapman George F. oil & coal mer. High rd Child Henry, wheelwright, High road Christian Edwd.Milns, farmer, Allington farm Hatcher Ernest, shopkeeper, High road Miller Mrs. refreshment rooms, High road MilsomE.(Mrs.), WhiteSwan hotel, Westend RAY A. &. F. millers, Woodmill Rayner Esther (Miss), florist, Horticulture
school, High road Richardson R. B. county police, Burgess st Russell William, farmer, Grange farm Russell William, solicitor, superintendent registrar of births, deaths & marriages, South Stoneham district (attends daily), The G ables Smith J. H. butcher, High road
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