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Xtchen Urban District Council.
Meets at the Council Offices, Lei°-h ©-range Portsmouth road, Woolston every alternate Tuesday 7 p.m.; Reuben Taplin, chairman
The Council consists of 15 members & has the control of the parish. The councillors' names are as follows :—
R. J. Cook Reginald H. Cutler Arthur L. Hopper William Edwd. Jones H. Kneller William Merrett Ralf Morley William T. Paul
W. F. Penny Alexander Purvis John C. Robinson Charles Ryans Albert J. Thompson Charles D. Toby J. H. Wood j.p
Post, Telegraph, Money Order Office & Parcel Post, 47 Bridge road, Itchen.— Mrs. t. K. Foy, sub-postmistress
Wall Letter Boxes.— Peartree Green: Avenue road; Brook road; Druminond road ; Old Itchen; Pear Tree avenue & Ludlow road
Clerk, Wm.RusselI,35Portsmouth rd. Woolstn
Surveyor, T. Arthur Collingwood, Leigh grange, Portsmouth road, Woolston
Sanitary Inspector, Alfred W. Blizard, Leigh grange, Portsmouth road, Woolston
Medical Officer of Health, Arthur Anderson Rogers ar.R.c.s., l.r.c.p. East cliff, Portsmouth road, Woolston
Collector, James Francis Sparshott, Portsmouth road, Woolston
Treasurer, Spencer J. Jeffery, Lloyds Bank Limited, Woolston
Curator, Mark Bunday
ClerK s Office, 35 Portsmouth rd. Woolston
Surveyor's Office, Portsmouth road, Woolston
Itchen Urban District Council Fire Brigade Station, Portsmouth road, Woolston: Stephen Boxall, in charge
Clerk to Itchen Sub-Committee of the County of Southampton Local Pension Committee, Charles Cecil Dominy, 20 Portland street, Southampton
Council School, Ludlow road, Itchen (boys) : built for 420 children, erected in 1902 • J L. Cross a.c.p. head master Council School, Ludlow road, Itchen (girls), erected in 1900 for 360 & enlarged in 1905 for 480 children ; average attendance, 420; Miss Agnes West, mistress Council School, Ludlow rd. Itchen (infants), erected in .1900, for 435 children ; average attendance, 425
Council School, Peartree Green, built for 240 children (erected to the memory of the late incumbent, the Rev. William Lewis Davies
а.d. 1857); Miss Bracher, mistress Jesus Chapel, St. Mary Extra; Rev. William
Edward Ashdown b.a. Peartree vicarage, Vicarage road, Woolston, vicar ; sundays, 8 & 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m Congregational Church, Peartree Green; Rev. Reuben James Drew, The Towers, Cliff road, minister; sundays, 11 a.m. &
б.30 p.m. ; Sunday school, 10 a.m. & 2.45 p.m. : bible class 3 p.m
Ebenezer Hall, Oak Bank road ; services are held on sundays at 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ; Sunday school 2.30 p.m United Methodist Church, Manor road, Pear-
tree Green ; ir a.m. & 6.30 p.m St. Mary Extra Public Library, 24 Peartree
green, open mon. 4 to 5 p.m St. Mary Extra Nurses' Home, Peartree
green ; Miss Hosking Clausentum Masonic Hall, Manor road,
Itchen ; Charles Henley, caretaker Woolston Labour Club, Leighton rd. Itchen ; Charles Quixley, sec
Ails a, lane, from Bridge road to Peartree green.
south side.
1 Jones Harry
3 Scanlon Edward
5 Smith Thomas 7 Parks Peter 9 Jones Frederick
Smith Thomas
north side.
2 Gates William
4 Candy George
6 Sherman Edward
8 Harris William 10 Way Mrs. Louisa
12 Diaper Charles
Avenue road, from Bridge road to Can bury rd. Sholing.
north side.
1 Diaper John 3 Adcock Felix 5 George Alfred 7 Herr Martial Thomas 9 Willows Mrs r 1 Parker Frederick Thomas
13 Crossley Arthur Thomas
15 Moir Daniel McNeill } 17 Farrow Mrs . 19 Bull William '21 Hawkins Robert Francis 23 Holdaway' Stephen George 25 Rashleigli Sydney Arthur ; 27 Chalcraft George Edward 29 Cramer James John (Dur-I ham house)
29 Cramer & Sons, coal mer-| chants (Durham house) 31 Anderson Charles Wilson is Manor rd........
33 Flint Mrs. (Gravely)
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