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southampton official directory—1920.
University College of Southampton.
Founded 1850. Incorporated 1902.
President, Claude G. Montefiore esq. m.a
Vice-Presidents, The Rt. Hon. Viscount St. Cyres D.Litt. & Sir Beethorn Whitehead k.c.m.g., m.a
Treasurer, Sir Henry Milner-White ll.d
Principal, Alex Hill m.a., m.d., f.r.o.s
Court of Governors.
The Court of Governors consists of the Council of the College, Life Governors, ex-officio Governors and Representative Governors appointed by important public bodies in the counties of Hants, Isle of Wight, Wilts and Dorset (including 15 by the Council of the County Borough of Southampton), and by the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London, the Board of Education &c
The Council.
The Council consists of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, the Principal and a certain number of representatives from the above-mentioned bodies,including ten appointed by the Council of the County Borough of Southampton
Officers of the College.
Principal, Alex Hill m.a., m.d., f.r.c.s. (sometime master of Downing College, Cambridge)
English Language & Literature
Professor, W. F. Masom M.A.camb. & Lond. fellow of University College, London, late scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge, examiner to the London University ; lecturers, Miss E. R. Aubrey m. A.Lond. and W. S. Mackie m.A.Aberdeen
Lecturer, G. F. Forrey m.A.Lond
Modern Languages.
Lecturer, Miss G. H. Hamilton and E. W.
Patchett m.a. late scholar College, Cambridge ,
of Emmanuel
Professor E. S. Lyttel M.A.oxon. Stanhope
University Prizeman Lecturer, H. W. Horrocks D.Lit.Lond
Professor, E. L. Wat kin m.a. late scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge; lecturers, H. J. Davis-®, a. late scholar of St John's College, Cambridge and Miss E. M. Turner Hons. Math. Tripos. Girton College, Cambridge
Physics and Electrical Engineering.
Professor,H.Stansfield,a.m.i.e.b. ; lecturer, H. J. Tomlinson late 1851 Exhibition Research Scholar
P. G. Spary,"a.m.i.e.e
Professor, D. R. Boyd, Ph.D. examiner in chemistry for Glasgow University ; lecturer, A. E. Clarence Smith b.a. camb
Biology & Geology.
Professor, G. K. Sutherland m.a.,
Lecturer, T. Eastwood
Civil & Mechanical Engineering.
Professor, J. Eustice, a.r.s.m., assoc. m.inst.c.e. ; lecturer, C. E. Mann Eng., a.m.I.C.E
Lecturer, C. B. Fawcett B.Litt.oxon., Lond., F.K.G.S
Education & Philosophy.
Professor, James Shelley m.a.cantab.; lecturers, G. Dudley b.a., ll.b. (r.u.i. ), Miss A. G. Fox b. a.Lond & Miss M. J. Steel m.a.Edin
Lecturer in Hygiene, Mrs. Andrew McKaig
Accounting & Commercial Law.
Lecturer, A. Scholfield, a.c.i.s
Supervisor of Women Students, Miss E. Aubrey m. a. Load
Instructress in Art, Miss E. I. Conway a.r.C; a
Instructor in Music, G. Leake Mus.Bac., F.R.C.O
Librarian, Miss Homeyer
Registrar, David Kiddle
King Edward VI. School, 15 Havelock road, West Marlands & Taunton's School,New rd
Place of meeting, The School.
Governors, Rev. Canon Lovett m.a. chairman; H. J. Blakeway, A. J. Cheverton, Rev. G.B. Cromshaw m.a. W.J. Dacombe, George Etheridge, E. Gulliford, Alex. Hill m.a., m.d., f.r.c.s. A. C. Howard, W. C.
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