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Circuit Ministers.
Latcher Rev. Owen, 128 Hi]l Jane (sunt)
Standfast Rev. Donald, 128 Hill lane Parkinson Rev. Percy, 22 Landguard road Cope Rev. A. D. Pyrmont, Regent's park,
Laverack Rev. John, Bitterne way, Southampton Garden suburb
East street; Sundays, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m Bevois Valley road ; sundays, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
Church street, Shirley; sundays, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
Howard road, Freemantle ; sundays, 11 a.m. L Eevois & 6.30 p.m I St. Faith
Bitterne park ; sundays, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m Portswood; sundays, 11 a.m. & 6.30p.m
Mission Room, 34 London road Mission Room, Vincent street Mission Room, Warren avenue, Shirley
Ar-SKnpa^ 1I*I5 a.m. & 6.30 p.m JSichols Town Mission Hall, Northumberland road
Primitive MetS^fg^day a3iooi%m!
05 Priory road '
S"oaA,fSSmPariSh R00m' ParS®^
St Barnabas' Mission Rooms, Lodge road, Bevois mount
St. Denys' Parish Room, Dundee road St. Faith's Mission Church, Ancaster road, Bevois town ' ,
'■ Faith's Mission Room, 129 Newton road St. George's Mission Chapel, Chapel street-sundays, 7 p.m
St. James' Mission Room, Queen street ^t. James Parish Room, High street, Shirley
St" l5°1hn's Iron Church, Southview road, Shrley, erected 1912, seating 450 (served
Dy bt. James, Shirley parish church) St. John's Mission Room, French street
.XT' I T) -_• _T_ T* T __
Society of Friends.
Meeting House, Ordnance road ; Sundays, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
Mission Rooks, Hat.t.s &c.
Belgrave Mission Room, Belgrave road ®fc- Mark's Parish Room, 129 Milton road
Berrywood Mission Hall, Testwood road, Mary's Parish Room, Chapel road .....— •
St. Monica s Mission Church, Grove road, 'Freemantle ; Rev. Charles Collis k.a. The
Brethren Meeting House, St. Denys house,
St. Denys road Brunswick Rooms (Evangelistic Mission), Osborne road, Portswood ; Joseph T. Hollo way, 1 Montague cottages, Portswood rd. minister ; sundays, 11a.m. & 6.30 p.m Church Mission Room, Burgess street (in
Rectory, 151 Payne's road; Freemantle, ; sun. xi a.m. & 6.30 p.m. & children s service on 2nd & 4th sundays at 2.30 p.m
uluuu lYiibMon xioom5 ±>uvgess street (m 2.go p.m
connection withChristChurch,Portswood) ; Salvation Army divisional Head Quarters 10 Sundays, 6.30 p.m HiSundays, 6.30 p.m Church Mission Room, Romsey road Gospel Life Boat Hall,Payne's rd. Freemantle Gospel Mission Hall, Portswood road Holy Cross MissionChurch,Bond st.Northam; services, holy eucharist 4th sunday in month at 8 a.m. ; evensong 6.30 p.m.; children's service 3 p.m. sundays Holy Trinity Mission,. Winton street, Kings-
land ; Frederic J. Bickers, lay missioner Mission Church, Priory road Mission Church of the Deaf & Dumb, Oak road, Hortham ; Rev. Richard A. Pearce, chaplain; services every alternate Sunday & class at the Fairbairn club adjoining .the church every wed. & sat Mission Hall, Kentish road, Freemantle Mission Hall,110 Millbrook road, Freemantle; sundays, 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ; sunday school 2.30 p.m Mission Room (St. Mary's), Dock street; snndays, 6.30 p.m
High street; Lieut.-Col. Henry Bennett^ Divisional Commander; Major Rees, Chancellor ; Adjutant George F. Pennick, xoung People's secretary. . Corps services: Southampton, Nichols road, sun, 7 & ir a.m. ; 3 & 6.30 p.m. ; Freemantle, Fir Grove road, sun. 7.30 & n a.m. ; 3 & 6.30 p.m.; Portswood, Brunswick rooms, Osborne road, sun. 7.30 & n
а.m.; 3 & 6.30 p.m
Salvation Army Hall, 81 York street Southampton Holiness Mission, St. Mary st Southampton Spiritualist Church, Cavendish grove, The Avenue; sundays, 11 a.m. &
б.30 p.m
Missions to Seamen's Church & Institute, Royal crescent; Rev. A. J: Sinclair Burton, chaplain ; Rev. B. Phelps, organizing sec. ; sun. ix a.m. & 6.30 p.m Wilton Road Mission, Wilton Road school
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