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private residents. directory—1920.
PAY 407
I Parsons William Charles, 68 Derby road I Parsons William El (I en. 22 Spear road Parsons Willie, 48 Harborough road Partridge Henry, 13 Princess street Parvin Edwin William, 167 Hill lane Pascoe Harold, 31 Ludlow road, Itchen Pascoe Herbert, 47 Richville road, Shirley. Pascoe William Henry, 22 Salisbury road Paskins Albt. Edward,7 College rd." Woolston Paskins Edward, Heath field house, Middle
road, Sholing Paskins Ernest, The Nest, Weston la. Weston Paskins Miss, 8 Vicarage road, Itchen Paskins William Richard, Fairbank, South
View road, Bitterne park Pasmore Obadiah, Garryowen, Northlands rd Passant William, 26 Bourne avenue, Shirley Passells Alfred, 17 Radcliffe road Passerini Romeo, 15 Marina, Western esplanade
Passtield Fredk. E. 50 Imperial av.Millbrook Passfield Jap. 39 Macnaghten -rd. Bitterne pk Passingham George W. 40 Oak Tree road,
Bitterne park Passingham William, 6 Victoria st. Northam Passmore George, 38 Portland terrace . Passmore William, 76 Romsey road, Shirley Patch Mrs. 132 Bevois street Pateman Robert, 17 Bellemoor road, Shirley Paterson Geo.Thomson,44 West rd. Woolston Patersoii Mrs. 28 Albany road, Freemantle Paterson Mrs. x Kennington villas, Lodge rd Paterson Mrs. 56 Porchester road, Woolston Patience George William, Glendale, Norham
avenue, Shirley Patience Wm. George, 93 Church st. Shirley Paton Rev. John Duguid b.a. [vicar of
South Stoneham], Vicarage, Swaythling Patt George Henry, 78 Milton road Patten Thos.Edwd.r8Inkerman rd.Woolston Patterson Augustus, i2lmperial av. Mill brook Patterson John, 67 Tennyson road Patterson Mrs. 103 Bevois Valley road Pa ttersonMrs .S unnyside, Lau ndry rd.Shirl ey Patterson Samuel John, 6 Albion place Patterson Thomas, 30 Newtown rd. Eastleigh Pattie Mrs. 45 Church street, Shirley Pattinson Mrs. 8 Grove road, Woolston ' Pattison Charles Septimus, 64 College street Pattison Edward, 121 Obelisk road, Woolston Pattison John Edward, 32 Manchester st Pattie George, 198 Millbrook rd. Freemantle Patton John, 221 Ludlow road, Itchen Paul Albert, 8 Wilton street -Paul Albt.Edwd. isgFir Grove rd.Freemantle Paul Arthur Lewis, 182 Priory rd. St. Denys Paul Bertram, 152 Priory road Paul Clever!ey Ernest, 29 Forster road Paul Edwin, 81 Bevois street Paul Ernest, 10 Glebe street-Paul F. W. 171 Priory road
Paul Frederick Lvon, 14 Thornbury avenue
Paul Henry, 71 Priory road
Paul James, 20 May (lower road, Shirley
Paul Leonard, 26 Tennyson road
Paul Miss, 74 Ports wood road
Paul Mrs. Aid wick, 70 Hill lane
Paul Mrs. 1 Avenue road
Paul William, 11 Sir George's rd.Freemantle
Paul William James, Fernside, 1 Handel
road, The Polygon Paul William Thos. j.p. 74 Avenue rd. Itchen Paul Wm. Wealthy, 5 Roberts rd. Freemantle Pauley John, 137 Derby road Pavard George, 15 Millais road, Itchen Paver Bertie, 8 Jessie terrace Pavey Barnabas, 11 Maple rd.Bitterno grove Pavey Edward, 114 Adelaide road Pavier John Pryce Stuart, 7A, Southcliff rd Pavier Mrs. 6 Cliff terrace, Southcliff road Pawley Frederick Hamilton, 74 Stafford rd Pax to n Hugh Campbl. Si 1 verdale, 5 8 Clo velly rd Payne Rev. Richard Ernest, St. Barnabas
vicarage, 42 The Avenue •
Payne Alfred John, 4 Oxford avenue Payne Arthur John, ix North road Payne ArthurWilliam, 34 Gordon a v. Ports wd Payne Charles, 15 Foundry lane, Freeman tie Payne Charles, 159 High street, Itchen Payne Charles Jn.124 Ampthill rd. Millbrook Payne Edwin James, 36 St. Mary's place Payne Frank, Holly home, Winchester road, Shirley
Payne Frank Norman, 46 Rockstone lane Payne Frederick, 141 High street, Eastleigh Payne George, 19 Pear tree green, Itchen Payne George, 144 Radcliffe road, Northam Payne George Maitland, 13 Archer's road Payne George Robert, 6 Milton cottages,
Milton road, Woolston Payne Harry Herbert, 5 Millais rd. Itcheu Payne Henry, 2 Oxford road, Bevois mount Payne Henry Thoma^, 62 York st. Northam Payne Herbt. TheFirs,47Boncl rd.Bitterne pk Payne Herbert George, 13 St. George's place Payne James, 21a, Bath street Payne John, Durban, 3 Bedford av, Woolston Payne John, 91 Ludlow road, Itchen Payne John, 155 St. Mary's road Payne John Peter Henry, Belvidere house,
14 Oak road, Woolston Payne Miss Daisy, 35 Bevois Valley road Payne Miss Ivy, 74 London road Payne Mrs. 158 Above Bar street Payne Mrs. 88 Bedford place Payne Mrs. 35 Bevois Valley road Payne Mrs. 89 Cr an bury avenue, Newtown Payne Mrs. 57 Endle street Payne Mrs. 135 Fir Grove road, Freemantle Payne Mrs. 67 Hartington road Payne Mrs. 4 Lisbon road, Freemantle Payne Mrs. L. A. 1x5 Northam road

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