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Captain&Quartermaster T. Johnson e^b. ; chief clerk & clerk in charge of accounts, F. C. Bagley ; military clerk,T. S.JJaker ; superintendent of-printing, J; S. A. Thornhill m.b e. ; superintendent of photography,- T. Lucas m.b.e . Postal 1 elegraphs Engineering Department, Head Telegraph Office; J. S. Brown, executive engineer .
Queensland & New Zealand Government Emigration Offices, South Western chamber j, Canute road, Docks ; Peter Stewart & Co. agents Royal Navy Marine Recruiting Office, 21 .Romsey road, Shirley ; William Handford, recruiting officer St. John's Burial Ground (closed), French st
Southampton Chamber of Commerce ; offices, 6 Portland street; reading room, 75 Above <-■ Bar st; established 1851; incorporated 187c: President, Frederick W. Smith Vice-President, Harry Parsons Directors, F. F. Smith, W. Summers, F; W. Mayes, F. W. Smith, F. Wool! ey, E. trulhford, F. J. Burnett, R. Mowat, W. R. Sims, F. P. Wharton, E. T. Forrest, H. Parsons, J. R. H. Jacobs, W. Munn, F. Beresford Turner j.p. G. W. Sandell, R. Shepherd, H. W. Hutchinson, A. J. L. Hill, H. J. Blake way, H.Winstanleyj W.G-. , Lawther, F. C. Carter & R. M. Stewart Secretary, p. Woolley f.s.a.a. 6 Portland st The subscription to the chamber, is as per the following scale ; class A 4, /,10 x0s.;
A! r* /tri I 9 ' —. • /* ____1 ^
Rrown, Isaac Baker, George Whale, James • Broomfield, Alfred Matori, Daniel Lucev . William Parker & Richard Lucey & iqo constables - ^
Detective Department, Inspector John McCormac, 1 sergeant & 5 constables
Southampton County Court.
Office, Court house, Castle lane.
Office hours, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.-; on
Saturdays from 10 a.m. fco i p.m Judge. His Honor Barnard La,iley k.c Registrar, Alfred Dashwood; chief clerk,
V. H. Gibson Court Towns in this circuit (No. 51) are Alton, Basingstoke, Bishop's Waltham, Newport & Ryde (Isle of Wight \ Petersfield, Portsmouth, Romsey, Southampton, Winchester & Andoven.
Southampton Bankruptcy Court includes Lymington & all within that district; Bishop Waltham & all within that district; Romsey & all within that district
Southampton Gaslight & Coke Co. ; offices, Ogle road ; show rooms, 81 Above Bar
C-r- _______3 TS . _
class B 3, ^5 5s.; class C 2,£2 2s. ; class ^ J» £x is ; payable in advance, in March of each year & entitles members to use the rooms of the chamber, the telegrams, directories, periodicals, newspapers, ; writing materials &c. placed therein Creneral meetings of members are held in February, March, May, August, October & December. The annual meeting is held in the month of March
Southampton Borough Police.
Bargate street.
Chief Constable, William E. Jones Chief Inspector, George Henry Allison Chief Clerk, Inspector C. C. Kennett Inspectors, Portswood Police station, Edgar Tribe; > Shirley Police station, James -Arthur Pollock ; Margate Police station, •William Sheppard & James Toms; Northam Police station, 131 - Northam rd. John McCormac Sergeants, W. Loveless, John Mist-Charles Reeves, Augustus Simpkiris, George Jackson, Michael Morrish, Frederick
incorporated. 1848 Chairman, Capt. A. J. Corse-Scott j.p Directors, J. C. Moberly m.a. A. W.Oke b.a., ll.m. R. 0. S.'1 Pearce, 'Joseph Cash m. inst.c.E. & H. W, R. Bencraft m.e.c.s. Eng., j.p
General Manager" & Secretary, J. R. h.
Jacobs, Ogle road Resident Engineer & Manager, Frank Durkin.
Marine parade ,
Superintendent, Arth.. Grafton, Marine par
Southampton Corporation Sewage Works Kent road, Portswood; Sydney Mason,supt
South Hants Water Works Co. ; incorporated
Registered Office, Guildhall chambers,
Southampton Manager's Office, 21 Shirley rd. Southampton Chairman, Capt. A. j. Corse-Scott j.p Directors, William Matthews m.i.c.e. J. H. T. Wharton, Sir L. W. Dane g.c.i.e., c.s.r. & Harold F. L. Day secretary, Ernest George Burnett f.c.a.,
F.e.r.s.; offices, 2 High street f Engineer & Manager, Dawson Kitchingman m.inst.c.E
Consulting Engineer, Wm. Matthews m.i.c.e
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