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Ukttguay—Vice-Cousul, W. J Bakor, 32
Queen's terrace Republic of Colombia—Consul, Roza San-tiaga, 32 Queen's terrace
i he annual board in eating is held on the fourth, thursday in April, & the monthly meeting on the fourth thursday in each month
Porfc of Southampton.
Haeeour Boabd.
Offices, Town quay ; Depot, The Platform, Southampton.
Chairman, F. Beresford Turner j.p Deputy-Chairman, CoI.Frank WillanD.r,.,j.p
Appointed by:— The Admiralty,Capt.Fawcet Wray d.s.o.,b.h The WarOffice,Brig.-Co 1.H;. McMicking d.s.o Trinity House, Capt. T. Golding Board of Trade (Labour), W. Paul j.p. The Southampton BoroughCouncil,Aldermen W. Bagshaw j.p. W. Heavis, F. A. Duns-ford j.p. S. G-. Kimber (sheriff) &r C. J.
.......Sharp j.p.; Councillors W. Bonner & A.J.
Cheverton j.f.
The Southampton County Council, Col. Frank
Willan b.l., j.p Itchen Urban District Council, A. Purvis London & South Western Railway, T- M. Williams c.b., j.p. Commander E. W.Harvey & S. W. Milford
Elected by:—
Southampton Incorporated Chamber of Commerce, Peter Milne Stewart j.p. & F. Beresford Turner j.p Owners of Foreign-going Vessels, A. J. #ash P. E. Carry, V. Harper & R. F. Gibb
Owners of Coasting Vessels, F. J. Burnett &
J. Park Traders, Sir George Hussey Waterside Frontagers, W. Summers
Clerk to the Board, John Evans Pailthorpe Harbour Master, Capt. Charles Cottrell Solicitor, Arthur H. Emanuel Bankers, The National Provincial & Union
Bank of England Limited Treasurer, A. C. Thomson Engineer, E. Cooper Poole a.m.i.c.e Accountant, W. G-. Gubbins Wharfinger, A. E. Crook
By an order of the Board of Trade the Harbour Board are appointed as the Local Fisheries Committee for the Southampton district, under the provisions of the " Sea Fisheries Regulation Act, 1888-91"
The annual meeting for licensing watermen & barrowmen is held on the fourth thursdav in May ■
The management of the Port & Harbour of Southampton is vested in the Southampton Harbour Board,under the provisions of the 4 Southampton Harbour Acts, 1863-1910 " -which define the Port to mean, "all within or to the northwards of an imaginary straight line, drawn from Stansore Point on the .western side of the entrance . to Southampton Water to Hill-head on the eastern side & including the whole of the Southampton Water & the ri ver Hamble up to Bursledon bridge, the river Itchen up to Woodmill, the river Test up to the causeway at Redbridge, & the Elingriver up to Eling causeway & also such' docks, basins, quays & other works as have by any
Act of Parliament been declared to be'
within or to form part of the port of Southampton" ^
The geographical position of Southampton, with its commodious & land locked harbour, affording accommodation & shelter from heavy winds, from whichever direction they may blow, makes it one of the most advantageous ports for the use of shipping" generally : 0
The Port is within two hours of London by the L. & 8. W. Railway & connected by main lines with all parts-of the kingdom, from or to which rapid communication is regularly maintained by express passenger & goods trains
The channel from Thorn Knoll to off docks is 600 feet in width, & the minimum depth at L.W.O.S.T. from sea to the entrances of the rivers Itchen & Test is 35 feet— the former leads to the tidal basins & eastward of the town, with 5 fathoms up to the Empress dock; the latter leads to the new dock with a depth of 35 feet L.W.O.S.T. & to the Town quay &. Royal pier, with a channel having a depth at low tide of 3 fathoms right up to the Town Quay; above the pier the channel gradually decreases in width & depth, but is navigable up to Eling & Redbridge. The Itchen is navigable up to Northam bridge .
There is ample depth of water in the bar-bour & safe anchorage for the largest ships afloat, which can enter or leave at any time of the tide
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