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StaiiEx directory—1920.

6 Suriefinger Mrs so Parker George 12 Judd Arthur 14 Looker George 16 Frost Albert 18 Moody Albert 20 Smith William 22 Durkin Percival S. D 24 Yates James 26 Ayles John 28 Knowles Mrs 30 Sibley Emuel 32 Compton Wilfred Charles 34 Catchpole Walter Fredk 36 French James 38 Streeter Frank 40 Rice Mrs
42 Winter Alfred Andrew
The Avenue.
See page 68.
The Broadway.
See Portswood road.
The Chantry.
See Chapel road.
See Steuart road.
The Common.
See page 105.
See page 109.
The Docks.
Seepages 114 & 113.
The Drove. See Coxford.
The Guildhall.
See High street.
The Platform. See page 200.
The Polygon. See page 200.
The West Park.
See Commercial road.
Thorntoury avenue, from Darwin road to Howard road. south-west side.
i Facer William Richard . 3 Gough Sidney
7 Williams William 9 Lewis William 13 Taylor George Miller 15 Harper James 17 Fordyce John Gordon 19 Thompson Walter 21 Hammond George 23 Deal Frederick 25 Pledge Miss 27 Torpin Mrs 29 Dodson Alfred Jas. 31 Cleveland Thomas 33 Goossens Jules 35 Holmes Archie Coote 37 Smithies Capt. Walter
...... here is Darwin rd ..
41 Moseley Frederick 43 Grafton Arthur 45 Bridport Bernard 47 Carter Harold George 49 Masters David 51 Veal James
Soper J. (La Casa)
north-east side.
52 Worthington Ernest R 50 Moth Mrs 48 Apsey Albert Henry 46 Jackson George 44 Waller George Albert 42 Hamblyn Haslett 40 Medina Chas. (Carterton) 38 Gow Harry Lincoln (York house)
...... here is Darwin rd ......
36 Drover William Ilenry
(Inglenook) 34 Newnham Mrs 32 Barker Stanley Smith 30 Hiscock Charles 28 Douglas Jn. F. (Hopetoun) 26 Bagshaw Alfred John
(Stoneleigh) .
24 Wilkins Reuben (Pine lo) 22 Robinson Mrs 20 Kent Miss (Encombe) 14 Paul Frederick Lyon 12 Rickwood Harold A 10 Buchan Alexander 8 Watty Mrs
6 Todd Ernest H. m.a., 4 Hybart Arthur Henry 2 Brewin Fredk. (Gulistan)
Thorold road,Bitterne park, from Cobden avenue to Midanbury lane.
south side.
Cole Henry, florist Clark John William Henry (Thorold lodge)
Walden Alfred John (The
Church of the Ascension Stevens Harry (Arnberwood) Wolff Major A. (Sandihayes)
Emanuel Arthur Henry, solicitor & commissioner for oaths (Holyrood) Shepard Joseph Percy
Rowe Mrs. (The Briar)
Elliott Robert (Woodleigh) Ashby Chas. B. (Kingswood) Blew E. W. (West view) Burrell Cecil (Maxwellton) Key William (Montrose) Nichol John (Aberfoyle) Burnett Arthur Hill m.r.c.s., t.R.c.p.Lond. physician & surgeon (Hurstleigh)
Dible James (Holmwood)
...... here is Dimond rd ......
... here is Midanibury lane ... Asprey Neville (Shrapnels)
Three Field lane, Marsh lane to Bridge road.
' 1 Driver & Co. Limited, steam joinery works & timber merchants 13 Kemp's hotel,ThomasPrice is Richmond st......
15 Grant Peter T. fishmonger 17 Sims Harry 17A, Murray Thos. boot ma 19 SCOTT Sc. CO. cartage contractrs. Tel. No.756 21 Churchill Thomas James,
boot maker 123 Churchill Thomas : 25 Pinckney Edward 127 Smith John Thomas is College st.........
I31 Pinckney Mrs. Amy, gro ; 33 Dawkins Frederick I35 Norman Albert 37 Beavis Mrs 39 Hiron Charles Henry
2 Grant William 4 Burton Thomas 6 Hull George 8 Norris Mrs. Martha, beer retailer is Sawmill cut.....
10 Marsh David 12 Martin Thomas
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