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a garden for open air study: it receives a grant from the Borough County Council and from the Board of Education at Whitehall. The classes comprise wood carving, cabinet making, art metal work, art needlework, anatomy, architecture, figure composition, modelling (including pottery design), drawing from life, portrait from life, still life painting, enamelling, jewellery &c. The fees are very moderate and about 30 free scholarships are granted every year to students, drawn mostly from the elementary schools of the town and to apprentices in various trades in the borough. There is a committee of management, of which the mayor is the president.
Ordnance Survey Office.—This is the head .quarters of the Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom, and at this establishment all the plans and maps of Great Britain are engraved, zincographed and printed. It is situated at the north entrance of the town, near the Avenue. The principal officials are : director-general. Col. Sir C. F. Close, C.b,, c.m.g., f.b.s. ; executive officer, Lieut. -Col. G. F. A. Whitlock c.b.e., r.e. ; publication branch, Lieut.-Col. W. J. Johnston o.b.e., r.e. ; control branch. Major A. C. Robinson o.b.e.-, r.e. ; engraving, trignome-trical & stores &c. branches, Major & Brevet Lieut.-Col. H.St. J.L. Winterbotham c.m.g., d.s.o., r.e. ; levelling branch, Major A. J. Wolff D.s.o., R.e. ; map branch, Capfc J. Gr. Withycombe; quartermaster, Capt.&Qnarter-master T. Johnson r.e. ; chief clerk and clerk in charge of accounts,Mr. F. C. Bagley ; military clerk, Mr. T. S. Baker ; superintendent of printing, Mr. P. Duffy; superintendent of photography, Mr. T. Lucas ji.b.e. The staff employed at the office consists of clerks j draughtsmen, engravers, photographers, calculators, printers and mechanics. The maps of the Ordnance Survey, as published under the authority of the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, are on the small scales of 16 miles, 10 miles, 4 miles, 2 miles and 1 mile to tlje inch, and on the large scales of 6 inches and 25 inches to the mile. A considerable amount of work is done for the Admiralty, War Office, Air Ministry and other public departments. The office is the central bureau "for the international map of the world ; most of the countries of the worl,d having joined this undertaking.
thence to a building in West Marlands, which was erected and opened in January, 18.61.; it-■ has now returned to 30 Portland street, and from 20th Majr, 1919, amalgamated with the London Savings Bank.
The Hippodrome,formerly Prince of Wales Royal Theatre, Ogle road, Above Bar, was opened in June, 1883, and is capable of holding about 1,400 persons, and the Grand Theatre, West Marlands, opened by Mrs. Kendal in 1898, will seat an audience of r,800 persons. The Royal Victoria Booms, centrally situated at the end of Portland terrace, off Above Bar street, enlarged in 1893, comprise two large halls (one seating , 800 persons), supper room, reception hall &c. elegantly fitted and lighted with gas and electricity. The Palace of Varieties, rebuilt in 1898, is in Above Bar street.
The Royal Southampton Yacht Club, on the west side of Above Bar street, at the junction of Ogle road and Manchester street, is a spacious three-storeyed building of dark red brick, with terra-cotta dressings, in the Domestic Gothic style, from the designs of the late Mr. W. H. Mitchell, architect, of Southampton: the interior comprises dining room, library, reading, chess, card and billiard rooms, and the usual offices, and is intended for the use of 1,000 members.
The Royal Southern Yacht Club, by- the Royal Pier, was established in 1837 (Admiralty warrant, July, 1840); the present club house was opened in August, 1846: there are many yachts belonging to the members of the club: the" regattas take place in June, July and August, when several prizes are sailed for.
The Southampton (Trustee) Savings Bank ■was established in 1816: the business was carried on for several years at the Guildhall; afterwards removed to Portland street;
The Southampton Public ^Baths are on the western shore, close to the town and within easy distance of the neighbouring district of Shirley and Freemantle, and were opened in March, 1892 : the building has a frontage of 2 24 feet, the principal entrances being flanked by two towers ; there are two covered swimming baths for ladies and gentlemen, 75 ft. 2 in. by.30 ft.; forty slipper baths supplied with salt and fresh water, both hot and cold; also a suite of Turkish baths, consisting of 3 hot rooms, shampooing, cooling and dressing rooms, and plunge bath, the whole fitted with the latest appliances,. and lighted throughout with electricity : at the rear is an open air bath, half an acre in extent, the water in the swimming baths being changed at every tide. Mixed bathing takes place in the open air bath on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during
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