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4 Line John Victor, registrar
of marriages for Southampton
3 Jackman Alfred Joseph,
tailor,&deputy registrar of marriages for Southampton
2 Lipscombe Mrs
1 Tickle William College place :
Bathe Anthony John m.r.c. s. jL.k.c.p. physician & surgeon (Purton) Norris Harry (Dunsandle) jo PARSOftlS&CQ.coal mers io PARSONS W. brake & carriage proprietor Pillar Letter Box 9 Dalziel Thomas M. draper (Winterbourne)
Dawson W. J. Oliver L.D.s.R.c.s.Eng. dental surgeon (Portarlington) * Stancomb Ernest Hy. Mnrly m.b., c.m. physn. & surgeon (Westbourne) Avenue place : 6 Marrington David
5 Bailey George
4 Hardy Levi
3 McCallin William m.d.,
d.p.h. barrister-afc-la w
2 Pqtschi Mrs
i McFee George Perry
...... here is Belle l^ue ter. $■
Cranbury pi.........
street directory—1920.
25 & 27 HUSV1BER LIMITED, cycle & motor manufacturers. Tel.N0.x070; Telegraphic Address, ' 'Humber, Southampton" 27 Rodgers Samuel J 29 Boots Cash Chemists
' (Southern) Limited 31 Heyl F. ladies' tailor 31 Heyl Madame, dress makr 33 Alicia Madame, milliner 35 Tostevin William Robert 37 Maypole Dairy Co. Lira.
tea & provision mers 39 Wicks Edward G. fruiterer 41 Brazier & Son Ltd. decrtrs 43 Haines Harry 43 Eastmans Lim. butchers 45 Carlton Picture Palace 49 Ashton H. M. Limited,gas & hot water engineers Jeanne Madame, ladies' outfitter 51 Light Hy. Geo. confectnr 53 Brown A, H. hair dresser 55 H15KT &. GO.wino & spirit merchants Hunt Arthur Thomas 57 & 59 CHAPLIN & SON LIMITED, SUPPLY STORES 61 Newis Frederick 61 MOWATS LIMITED, ice
& fish merchants 65 Dibben William & Sons,
" - _ to 16
24 Cummins William
25 Webb Ernest
Longcroft cottages :
1 Murrey Miss
2 Batchelor lieorge Alfred
26 Becheley Abraham
27 Gordon Mrs. Minna
28 Radcliff William Charles
29 Radcliff Mrs
30 Pearce Mrs. Emma
31 Hickman Mrs
32 Willis Mrs
Loosemore cottages. See Coxfokd road.
Lordswood, Shirley.
Dawes Samuel (Eureka) Taylor Mrs. (Oakdene) Hancock George (West View) Elwyn Captain H. B. n.N.
(Springfield house)
Pons ford-Jones Win. George
east stde.
... here is Cumberland ter ...
Public Library (Albert H. Davis, chief librarian & sec)
3 PbillipsHarry,dental surgn 5 Browning Miss J. teacher
of languages 7 Haydon Miss 17 MARGOT'S REGISTRY OFFICE & APART MENT BUREAU 9 Cooper Wilfred F. l.d s. fic.s,Eng., d.d.s.penn. dental surgeon lit Franklin Mrs. (Kelvinside) 13 Lisby Wm. (Netherleigh) l"5 Hollidge Miss Alice, mllnr 17 Rooke Miss j9 Stevens Percy 19 Barker Edgar, dairy
here is Waterloo ter
13 Tizard Richard C. hatter" south.
67 Roberts Nalder, grocer ! 69 Pugh Richard Charles, ladies'fe gents' hair drssr 71 Heaver Humphry G. dairy 73 & 75 Crabb F.&Sons,tailrs are Carlton pi. tf
Carlton cres...........
77 National Provincial & Union Bank of England Lim. (T. P. Price,mngr) Ordnance Survey Offices (Col. C. F. Close c.b., c.ji.g. director-general)
Longer oft cottages.
See Longcroft street.
Longrcroft street, Belvidere road to Bevois street.
south side.
11 Ship & Anchor p. H. Frank S'.andbridgfe
north side. 14 Reeves Samuel
Carpenter Mrs. farmer (The Nest)
Hardy Alfred (Fairfield lo) Barnes Miss Elizabeth, market gardener Harris Major George ( Abbots -field) is road to Aldermoor... BlakerRichardS. (Fir cottage) Moore George(TheRidgeway) Soffe James
Thome Frederick William, gardener
Lome villas.
See Lower Bridge road.
Lower Alfred street.
See Alfred street(Lower).
Lower Bannister street, Carlton pi. to Waterloo ter.
east side.
1 Ayloff Mrs
2 Arthur Walter Aldridge E. & Co. mineral
water manufacturers
3 Simpson Mrs. B. I
4 Morgan Mrs
5 Wiggins Frederick
6 Baker William
7-Newbury Walter James 8 Huntley Alfred
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