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I 4 Beer Joseph Preston (Grahamlea)
6 Ferrari Louis 8 Moody Charles (South-bourne)
/ io Lucas Edmund Hoi worthy (Dene lodge)
12 Clark -Arthur Henry 14 Beach Mrs ; 16 Taylor Edmund (The Laurels)
18 Layer Charles R 20 Walker Guy 22 Allen Francis E 24 King Wm. (Robin Home) 26 Pyne Henry John 28 Warren Harry 30 Kiddle Edward John, relieving officer, No. 5 district, parish of Southampton 32 Lewis Bertram
street directory—1920
' SLeigh road, from West-bourne cres. to Oakmont av.
north-west side.
Mayes Walter (Kelvedon) Brider Thomas Walter (Nye-
Weekes Mrs. (Delgany)
Bailey Arthar|Hy. (Canobie)
south-hast side.
Watts Chas. Jas. (Hessary) Page William (Glenmore) Lamb Maj. Benj. (Aviemore) Smith Douglas (Graven bank) Mann Harry (Tideswell)
Cleife Mrs. Henry (Harding-ton Mandeville)
Leig-htcm avenue, Shirley
from Leighton road, x Burman George
2 Sinden Sidney William
3 Cage Bertram
4 Tarrant Miss
5 May Albert
6 Kimber Frederick Alfred Lambert George William
Leig-liton road, . Shirley, Foundry lane to Shirlev Park road.
3 Denness Richard William, collector of general district rate for Southampton Corporation is Oxford st.........
5 Redman Frederick 7 Chalk Owen Robert Chalk & Sons, builders ........... is Park st.
9 Chandler G. B.(Holmdene) ii Blake Misses 13 Norman Ernest 15 de Orfe George 25 Palmer A. C
here is Shirley Park rcl 27 Nicholls Mrs'
29 Pressley James, boot ma 31 Winter Charles William 33 Cranmer Albert 35 Cary John William 37 Hallett Mrs 39 Hucker Walter Thomas
XiEY 157
38 Lamerton Alfred 40 Bentley Richd. insur. agt Pillar Letter Box
Lemon road, Millbrook,from Imperial avenue to Water-house lane.
north side.
James Robert Charles
2 Cook Mrs
3 Hannam Frank
4 Pritchard John
5 Knott Henry Frank
6 Reynolds Patrick
7 Kelly Samuel James Walt
8 Herson Mrs
9 Pearn William Benjamin 10 Vaughan Henry
south side.
Lee Nicholas A. (Avonhurst luuiter warcer i nomas ^arry (Qu Appella here is Clarendon rd......L ®™ Jas. Hy. (Chambria)
Agra is Cacd ...... QiSn^^Nilwii^BahiLa)
south-west side. I Brewer Bert (Tugela)
north-east side. is Emsworih rd......
SoperGeo.Hy.(Clyde vale) Hughes Robt. H. (Belmont) Herridge Chap. (Eskdale) Whitford Walter (West-bourne)
Buxey Mrs. (Oakdene) Youn^ Frederick (Ferndale) Base Wm. Fredk. (Holly villa) Glover Thomas Craifjsrie
Clarke Charles (St. Hilda's) Maccrome Mrs. (Home wood) Smith Alfred Stephen (Rose dale)
Adams Chas.Reginld. (Braila) Rose Jn. Wm. (Haslemere) Wing William (Vine cottage)
......... here are TVaterhouse
la. Regent's Park rd. Oakley rd .........
Barter Charles William
(St. Louis)
Pillar Letter Box 6 Knoblock Maxwell 8 Simmons Albert Henry 10 Ransom Bertie Harold 12 Smith Philip George
14 White Albert
15 Spencer Frank 18 Thompson Able 20 Hodgkinson George 22 Westlake Alfred 24 Cox William Edward 26 Morsse William 28 Gulliver Charles 32 Paddock Frederick 34 Fleming Robert ... here is Shirley Park rd
Smith Sydney (Bromley) Alpha villas:
4 Tutton William 3 Charlton Philip 2 Welch George 1 Appleton William
Ijenney's passage, from 46 French street.
1 Harris Alfred
2 Carter Mrs
3 Lacey Mrs
Ley ton road, North am, Union road to Summers st.
west side. 1 Emm Frederick, dairyman
1 Lawrence E
2 Dicks William Frederick
3 Sanger Mrs
4 Bell George Alfred
5 Crabb Harry
6 Brewer Alfred
7 Vardy Robert Edward
8 Mathieson'Alexander
9 Snook Isaac George
10 Davis Tom
11 Haynes Arthur John
12 Den ham Edwin
r3 Sturmey William Henry j 4 ('owstick William 16 McDoqajd W;l|iam Henry
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