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92 CAR-"-'
15 PowerAlfd.Wmx.R.e.p.i.,
L.r.c.s.i. physn. &surgn
west side.
16 Archer Miss
17 Skerry's Training College
(Frederick Bungay,prin)
17 Coningsby Mrs
18 Cox Mrs *
18 Cox Miss Nellie a.r.c.ji.
teacher of pianoforte & singing
19 Byrnes H. E
19 National Association Dis-
charged Sailors'& Sol diers' Club,
E. Newbery-Coles, sec
20 Bullar Misses
21 phillips mrs. lilian,
private tutor
23 Southampton Council
Grammar School for Girls (Miss Ison b.a. head mistress)
24 Faulkner Mrs
25 Reeves Philip
26 Robinson William M. S
f.r.p.s. Edin. physician & surgeon 38 Harris Herbert Georg m.d., b.s., m.k.c.s. l.r.c.p. physn. &surgn
29 Darenells Hostel for Edu
cated Women Workers, Miss Tasker, matron
29A,Overy Mrs
30 Southampton Temperance
W. Williams, hon. sec
30 Mayoress Hut's Committee
(Mrs. W. C. Green, pec)
31 Marshall Miss, apartments
32 Hingston Mrs. N. F.aparts
33 hill w. burrough . f.s.i., f.a.i. auction
rooms & stores
33 Marine Engineers' Asso-
ciation Limited,
O. G. Owen, sec • is Carlton pi.....
34 King Frederick Charles
35 Amalgamated Friendly
SnciptiA«' lVTorH«o1 A
\ i
4 Pratt Mrs
5 Blanchard Mrs
6 Yelf Mrs
7 Bailey Mrs
8 Moody Walter, beer retlr
9 Havvkms Albt. Hy. grocer 126 Pococli Miss
"ZKKhr"" I28 S"** Geo
24 Or. Baroardo's Homes J National Incorporated Association (Qctavius Manning, supt. ; Mrs. Manning, matron)
12 Selby Mrs
13 Smith Mrs
14 Dowson Mrs. Jane,news agfc
... here is Southampton st ...
15 Macey Mrs
16 Kitcher Frederick
17 Pearce Frank
18 Sheppard Ernest, boot ma
19 Mumford Jack, fried fish
20 Lott Henry, confectioner
21 Jones Albert E. cycle ma
22 Wood Richard
24 Gadsby William Henry is Lower Bannister st..
30 Walker Robert 32 Agnew Mrs is Cromwell rd
north side..
37 Radmore Raymond 36 udall j. j.& co. ltd.
builders. Tel. No. 137 35 Stokes George, boot repr ... here is Southampton st ... 34 Cricketers' Arms p.h. Henry Saunders

34 Bannon John
36 Green Mrs
38 Wilson Mrs
40 Piper Thomas Charles
42 Ram shaw Alfred
44 Lucas Mrs
46 Cox Walter
48 allen a. E. electrical engineer. Armature winding a speciality. Telephone No. 89 c 48 Allen Mrs. C 50 Spencer William Townley 52BulpittMisses(Sandford ho)
east side.
i Wride F. pharmacist & optician 3 Sharpe music 5 Bailey Thomas 7 Lawrence Ralph Deane
31 Ray Alfred 30 Butt Frederick 29 Pensioners' Arms p.h William Henry Wareham
.here is Upper Bannister st.. 28 Noyce Reginald, genl shop 27 Curtis William Arthur 26 Galloway James
Carlton road, Bedford place to Archer's road.
Societies' Medical Asso"'-ciation (C. C. J.BaJl,secj
Carlton place, Carlton crescent'to Bedford place.
south side.
here is Winchester st......
"west side.
Free Eye Hospital (out patients' entrance) 2 Vane Mrs '
4 Howitt Miss, apartments 6 Pegler Miss
8 Martin Archibald Reuben 10 Davis Harry
'•••••.. .here is 2$.%lton riL...m...., 14 Molony Godfrey Massv 16 Mesny Albert George" 18 Major Wilfred 20 Parker Mrs 22 Whitmarsh Freclk. Henry
9 hutchens miss,
teacher of dancing & physical culture (The Gordon Hall). Tel. 1424 11 Green Mrs 13 Comrie Alexander 15 Holland Edward 19 Hewett Miss ,
21 Kerton Mrs
23 jack john william
M.inst.N.A. Tel.No 809 25 Bull Jabez Barnabas Stephens Edwin J. (Highbury)
Cart-wright's villas.
See Burgess street.
Castle house. See Porters' lane.
Castle lane, High street to Castle sq. & Lansdowne hi. south side.
Lansdowne terrace : rRickett Mrs. Elizabeth
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