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Wall Letter Box, Goose Green, cleared at 9p.m
Wall Letter Box, Bank, cleared at 7.15 p.m. week days only
Vebderers of the New Forest (New Forest
Act, 1877):—
The Verderers hold a regular court of Swainmote once every three months & special courts are held when required Court House, Queen's house, Lyndhurst Official Verderer, The Right Hon. Lord Basing, The Priory, Odiham Verderers.
Esdaile W. C. D. esq. (deputy-chairman);
Burley manor, Ringwood Eyre G. E. Briscoe esq. Warens, Bramshaw,
Lyndhurst Lovell F. F. Hincheslea Roy W. G. esq. Byams, Marchwood, Southampton
Scott Lord Henry H. J. m.a. Beaulieu, Southampton Clerk, George Ferris Whidborne Mortimer esq. Romsey
Crier of the Court, Charles Newbolt Cnowa Officers of the New Forest :— Surveyors, Commissioners of Woods & Forests
Deputy Surveyor, Hon. Gerald William Lascelles
Assistant Surveyors, J. H. Roberts, Ashurst lodge, Lyndhurst; J. H. Dixon, Seamans, Minstead; H. E. Holloway, Holmesley house, Ringwood
Clerk to Deputy Surveyor, Arthur George Grace
County Magistrates for Lyndhurst Sob-Division of Lymington & New Forest Petty Sessional Division. Bircli-Reynardson Col. Edward c.u. Rushing-
ton manor, Southampton Corapton Francis esq. m.p., h.a., d.c.l.
Manor house, Minstead, Lyndhurst 8.0 Byre Geirge Edward esq. f.g.s., f.r.g.s., f.s.a. The Warens, Bramshaw, Lyndhurst S.0
Lushington Frederick Astell esq. Rosiere,
LyndhuTst S.0 Macleay Lieut.-Col. Alexander Caldcleugh,
Glasshayes, Lyndhurst S.0 Stevenson William George esq. Foxlease, Lyndhnrst S.0
private residents.
Adams Frederick Charlstrom, Fern cottage Aitchison Capt. Hy. Compton r.n. Shrubs hi Barnes Mrs. Pike's hill Batt Arthur, Holly cottage, Pike's hill Maker Walter Campbell, Forest bank
Woodroffe Charles Henry Witts esq. b.a.The Stydd house, Lyndhurst S O Clerk to the Magistrates, William Coxwell, 6 Gloucester square, Southampton Petty Sessions are held at " Queen's House " the second Wednesday in each month at 11 a.m. The following places are included in Lyndhurst sub-division:—Hartley,Cad nam, Eling, Fritham, Bramshaw, Minstead, Totton, Lyndhurst Public Establishments :—
Cemetery, George Stebbing Coxwell, clerk to the burial board
County Police Station, William White, superintendent, 1 sergeant & 2 constables Hampshire Regiment, 4th Volunteer Battalion, Capt. J. H. Roberts, commandant Public Officers:—
Assistant Overseer, Charles Thomas Broom-field
Medical Officer & Public Vaccinator, Lyndhurst district, New Forest Union, George Richard Nunn l.r.c.f. Edin. m.r.c.s. Lond. Queen's cottages
Relieving & Vaccination & School Attendance Officer, and district. New Forest Union, William Holloway Sheriff's Officer, John Pratt Moore, Andover Places of Worship :—
St. Michael's Church, Rev. Canon John Compton m.a. incumbent; Rev. William Edwin Coghlan b.a. curate Christ Church, Emery Down, Rev. Herbert Thomas Hughes m.a. vicar Baptist, Rev. William Henry Payne,minister Plymouth Brethren Plymouth Brethren
National School, built in 1849, for xoo boys, 100 girls & 70 infants; average attendance, 70 boys, 50 girls & 50 infants; Edward Hammick, master; Mrs. Hammick, mistress
Conveyance.—Omnibus to Lyndhurst Road station daily (sunday excepted), from the Crown hotel to meet all trains. Parcels booked & forwarded to all parts Carriers to :—
Lymingion—William King, thurs. calling at the * Fox & Hounds' Salisbury—William King, tues. calling at the 'Fox & Hounds'
Southampton—William Roberts, fri. Broomfield Miss, Queen's road Burrard Misses
Cnghlan Rev, William Edwin b.a. [curate] Coxwell George Stebbing, Crown buildings Croucher George, Queen's road Dickson Lady, Wilrerley park Downman Major John Thomas, Beecher cot
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