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Treasurer, R. Sharp
Town Clerk fc Clerk to the School Attendance Committee, John Davis Rawlins
Borough School Attendance Committee. William Stewart Good, chairman Daniel Craft, vice-chairman
William Grunsell Henry Badcock William Stevenson
Silas Dore John Behr Albert Barley Jas. Edward Corbin Clerk, John Davis Rawlins Attendance Officer, Walter Norns Savage
Local Board & Urban Sanitary Authority.
Offices, 133 High street Board meet first thursday in the month at 10.30 a.m.
Members 18.
Richard Sharp, chairman Villiers Francis Dent j.p. Admiral Hamilton Earle, Thomas Wooldridge Young, George Thomas Gidden, John Mair, Daniel Craft, George Frederick Saul, George Grunsell, Alfred George Sharp, Edward Badcock, Thomas Rasliley, Leonard Lewis, Rev. Patrick O'Connell, George Pardy, William Curtis, Henry Pearse, J. O. Diamond Clerk, Brice Graham Burford, 133 High st Treasurer, Henry Daniell, Highfield Medical Officer of Health, John Rendall
l.-R.c.p. Lond. Forest side Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector, Thomas S.
Home, New lane Collector, Thomas James Wells, Gosport st
Local Government Board.
District of Lymington.
Richard Sharp, chairman.
To retire 25th March, 1888.
George Pardey George F. Saul G. T. Gidden
To retire 25th March, 1889.
Leonard Lewis Thomas Rashley
V. F. Dent esq Rev. P. O'Connell Edward Badcock
To retire 25th William Curtis J. Mair esq A. G. Sharp
John Neal George Grunsell Henry Pearse March, 1890. J. Diamond Admiral Earle Thomas W.Young
Lymington Union.
The union comprises the following places:— Boldre, Brockenhurst, Hordle, Lymington, Milford & Milton & the township of Rhine-field; the population of the union in 1881 ■was 12,651; rateable value, ^S4>456 Board day, monday, fortnightly, attheWork-house at 2 p.m
Chairman, E. Hayward.
Vice-chairman, J. C. N. King.
Lymington: Messrs. E. Badcock, J. C. If,
King, D. Craft & Silas Dore Boldre: Messrs. J. Biddlecombe, J. H. Tharle
& T. Westmore Milford: Messrs. James Oram & E. Neal Milton: Messrs. Edward Hayward & William
Moores Hordle : Mr. Henry Massy Brockenhurst: Mr. Moses Martin Sway: Mr. G. Crittal
Guardians ex-officio, the Justices of the Peace
of the Lymington Division Clerk to the Guardians, John Davis Rawlins,
Stanwell house, Lymington Treasurer, Thomas Joseph Davis Rawlins,
Wilts & Dorset Bank Lim. Lymington Relieving Officer for the Union, Richard Marshall, 1 Newington place, New lane, Lymington
Public Vaccinators, Boldre & Sway & Brockenhurst & Rhinefield districts, William Robinson Hill, 1 St. Thomas street. Other districts same as Medical Officers Medical Officers, Boldre & Sway district, William Robinson Hill m.d. St. Thomas st. Lymington; Brockenhurst & Rhinefield district, John Rendall L.R.c.p.Lond. Forest side, Lymington ; Lymington, Milford & Hordle district, G. E. A. Cheesman, 38 High street, Lymington; Milton, Milford & Hordle district, Henry William Hartford l.k.q.c.p. irel. Christchurch Superintendent Registrar, Edward Horatio Moore,Stanwell house; deputy, John Davis Rawlins, Stanwell house Registrars of Births & Deaths & Vaccination Officers—Lymington sub-district, Henry Hapgood, 19 High street; Milford sub-district, Edmund Brownen, Milton Registrar of Marriages, Brice G. Burford, High street; deputy, Malcolm Baskett, Queen street Workhouse, New lane, a building of brick, built about 1837, to hold 270 inmates; Rev. B. Maturin, chaplain; Edward F. Cbinery, medical officer ; John Dean, master ; Mrs. Blanche Eliza Dean, matron
Rural Sanitary Authority.
Clerk, John Davis Rawlins, Stanwell houso Treasurer, Thomas Joseph Davis Rawlins,
Wilts & Dorset Bank Lim. Lymington Medical Officer of Health, Henry William
Hartford l.k.q.c.p. irel. Christchurch Inspector of Nuisances, Thomas James Tnppi
2 Gosport street School Attendance Committee (for the Lymington Union, exclusive of the Borough/-Clerk, John Davis Rawlins Attendance Officers,Richard Marshall, 1 ington place, & George Gouldingj Nelson p
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