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erected April, 1S85, in St. Thomas street, by the widow of the late W. W. Rooke esq. of Woodside. Tlie Solent sea-water baths are situate in Bath road. The Cottage Convalescent Home, pleasantly situated near the Solent., was erected in 1876, by the Misses Harding, of The Grove, in memory of the late General F. P. Harding c.b. : it receives nine women and girls, and occasionally boys under 14 years of age, from all parts of the kingdom, but those from a distance must be recommended by a subscriber; the payment is 7s.6d.per week (in advance), this includes medical attendance, medicine Jcc.; an extra sitting-room is provided for patients wishing to be alone, at a small additional cost; it is under the superintendence of the lady patronesses and supported by voluntary contributions and the patients' payments. Buckland Castle, or the Rings, consisting of two camps, supposed to have been made by the Romans, is situated about a mile from Lymington, on the Southampton road Coins of the reign of Claudius have been
found here. The principal residences in the neighbourhood are Fairfield, the seat of Richard Blanshard esq. j.p. ; The Giove, the residence of the Misses Harding; Woodside, the residence of Mrs. Rooke, and there are many other mansions and villas. The Waterworks at Ampress, are situate about a mile north of the town; manager, Mr. Alfred Hughes. The Gas-works are situate in Gos-port street; John Church, lessee and manager. The area is 1,493 acres of land and 752 of water and foreshore; rateable value, £16,337 ; the population of the borough in 1881 was 2,4x0; the population of the parish and Urban Sanitary district in 1881 was 4,439, including 42 officers and inmates of the workhouse.
Buckland, i mile north-west, and Croydon, half a mile north-east, are tithings of this parish.
Priestlands is half a mile south-west; Beck Hill, 2 miles north-west.
Parish Clerk, John Wavell Cole.
Official Establishments, Local Institutions &c.
Dent Villiers Francis esq. Buckland,Lymingtn
Post, Monet Order & Telegraph Office, Savings Bank & Insurance & Annuity Office.—Herbert Haskew Watterson, postmaster. Letters are despatched for London &c. 10 a.m. 1.20, 3.40 & 10 p.m.; delivered at 7 a.m. 12.15 & 5.15 p.m. (sundays 7 a m. only). Money orders are issued & paid (sundays excepted) between the hours of 9 a.m. & 6 p.m.; saturdays until 8 p.m Tost & Money Order Office & Savings Bank, High street.—George Young, receiver. Letter bos cleared at 1 & 9.15 p.m. & on sundays 8 a.m Wall Letter Box, St. Thomas street, cleared at 12 noon & 8 p.m. & on sundays 13 noon; Railway station letter box cleared at 11.45 a.m. & 7.55 p.m. week days only Pillar Letter Box, New lane, opposite Workhouse, cleared at 13.45 & 7-3° P-m- i & on sundays 8 a m.; & Wall Letter Box, Woodside, cleared at 7.30 p.m High Sheriff for the County, W. I. Whitaker
esq. Pylewell park, Lymington Under Sheriff, T.B.Woodham esq. Winchester County Magistrates for the Lymington Sub-Division of Lymington & New Forest Petty Sessional Division. Qatnmersley Hugh Montolieu esq. (chairman), Ridge way, Lymington Blanshard Richard esq. f.r.c.s., m.a. Fairfield, Lymington Buzzard Sir Harry Paul bart Clinton Lieut.-Col. Henry Renebald Ashley Clinton, Milton, Lymington
Cllis Captain Fredk. Priestlands, Lymington rullerton David esq.Penniugtonho.Lymwgtn jOvell Francis Frederic esq. Hincheslca,
Lymington Mackinnon William Alexander esq. 4 "J
Park place w .
Morant John esq.Brockenhurst pk.Lymington 'ember Edward Henry esq. Q.c. Vicar s
Hill house, Boldre, Lymington Weld Joseph esq. The Lodge, Walhamp.ou,
WesTcolfwniiam Cornwallis m.p. Newlands
manor, Lymington Whitaker William Ingham esq. Pylewel. ^ark,
Cterk'tothe Magistrates, Edward Horatio Moore, Stanwell house, High street Petty Sessions are held at the Town H every alternate Saturday at 12 noon. following places are included in Lymington sub-divisionBoldre, Brwkeuhuret, Hordle, Lymington, Milford,Milton, Rhine-field & Sway
Mayor, William Stewart Good.
Daniel Craft I HenryBadcock
Stevenson, William GrunseU
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