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Howcr W.& builders,34Fourposta hill Hewer Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 58 Lower Canal walk
Hewitt George, toy dealer & hair dresser, 13
Onslow road Hoyil John, bilker, 93 High street Hcywood Henry,beer retailr.New rd. Sholing Hihbord L. (Miss), dress & mantle maker, 9
Portland street Hibberd William, dairyman, 5 Union road Ilickic, Borman & Co. shipping & custom house agents, 9 Oriental place, Canute road Hickley Jas. surgeon dentist, 43 Bellevno rd Hiekley Saml. insurance agent, 40 Argyle rd Hickley Wm. cattle dealer,School rd. Sliding Hickman & Son, solicitors, 7 Albion place Hickman Emily (Mrs.), beer ret. 8 Carlton pi Hickman Humphrey John, solicitor (firm,
Hickman & Son), 7 Albion place Hickman William John, solicitor & notary public, commissioner for taking oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature & commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, solicitor to Southampton School board & clerk to Hishop's charity, 7 Albion place Hicks Henry, baker, 23 Church st. Shirley Iliilo Charlotte (Miss), Castle p.h, 85 High st Higgins William, brewer, m Milton road Higgins William, engineer, 19 Frederick st Higgs Brothers, bakers & grocers, Rumbridge
street, Totton Higgs Charlotte (Mrs.), fruiterer, 19 High street, Shirley

Higgs James, baker, Rumbridge st, Totton Higgs Jas.Hy, coach builder, 75 St. Mary's st Biggs William Willis, watch maker, 19 High
street, Shirley Highfldd Reading Room (Wm. Mansbridge,
'™inftgor), Second street, Highfleld Hi ditch John Edwd, station master, Rornsey |h 0 James, carpenter, 35 Amoy street Jim & Chinery, surgeons, 1 St. Thomas' st. Lymington
Hill Ernest & Co. coal merchants, Itclicn,
St. Mary Extra Hill Frederick William & Co. corn & flour ir 'n trcJlants' 3 Victoria terrace, Woolston 'iill & Moore, commission merchants, Bridge road, Woolston fa
i! ^ Go. coal merchants & ship owners, n il n road, Woolston
u Charles, travelling draper, 2 Park view H n J,w?Td»0,«ineer,Lauravil. Clovelley rd {!!!!W>vin James, carter, 8 Sussex terrace in ,, ^,m (Mrs.),watch ma. 118 East st { "nrry H. clerk, 19 Graham road i. J°hn William, vaccination officer. 124 St Mary's road
Joseph, jeweller & bacon factor, The Hundred, Somsey
Utll Samuel, commercial traveller, 35 Shirlev road, Freeinantlo 4
Hill Thomas, shoe maker, East end, Bold re.
Lymington Hill William, jobbing gardener, 1 Myrtle
cottages, Portswood road HILL WILLIAM BURROUGH, architect, surveyor, valuer & appraiser, land, estate & insurance agent & lire assessor, 2 Albion Tr-V. «?.\,?oe aclvert' ^cing insideFrontCover Hill William Robinson, surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator,seeHill&Chinery Hillirtr S. G. (Mrs.), Good ridge's hotel, 31 tc
32 Queen's terrace HiTlier Frederick, beer retailer, Warren aven.
Shirley warren, Shirlev Hillier Jas. carpntr.47 Queen's rd.Freemantle Hillier Thomas, dyer, 65 St. Mary's road Hilhnan William, drill instructor, 5 Varna
road, Freemantle Hills Arthur, hair dresser & perfumer, 175 . High street
Hills George, farmer, Hope farm, West end Hilly or Elizabeth & Ellen (Misses), fancy
repository, Lyndhurst S.O Hilton Samuel James, watch maker &
jeweller, 5 Pound Tree lane, Above Bar Hindoostan Tea Co. (Edgar Faulkner, mana«
ger), i22 High street Hinds Lucas, land steward to Hans Sloane
Stanley esq. Ower, Romsey HINE BROTHERS, brewers, beer retailers, wine & spirit merchants & insurance agents, 68 Above Bar street & Birmingham street HINE & TRES TRAIL, mineral water manufacturers, 44 Mill brook road, Freemantle Hinton Charles, mariner, 61 Graham road Hinton John,boot ma.& letter carrier,Sholing Hinton Jn. builder, Weston Grove rd. Woolstn Hinton John, carpenter, 13 Valley road Hinton Thomas, carpenter, 3 Middle street,
Bevois town Hinves David, shoe maker, Lyndhurst S.O Hinves Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 2 Upper
Portland terrace Hinves William, mariner, 18 Cossack street Hiron Charles, frcnch polisher, 14 Sussex ter Hirst George, grocer, Hythe Hirst Wm. Thos. coal mer. 35 Hartington rd Hirtes Ludwick August, beer retlr. Eastleigh Hiscock Wm. Bellevue inn, Southampton st Hiscox Mary Agnes (Miss), dress maker,
Obelisk road, Woolston Hiscox Thos. butcher, 16 Victoria ter. Woolstn Hoad Theophilus, drapers' assist.63 Milton rd Hoare Elizabeth (Mrs.), St. Winifred's high
school for girls, 7 Laura pi. London road Hoare Mary Ann (Mrs.), laundress, 4 Hart' ington road
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