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southampton and nughbotj rhood
Chaplin Edward William, universal supply
•tores, see Chaplin William & Sons Chaplin Frank (Mrs.), ladies' outfitter & milliner, 19 Bridge street Chaplin Frank, universal supply stores, see
Chaplin William & Sons Chaplin Thomas, ordnance survey, 44 York st Chapman (T. H.) f.c.a., Johnston & Co.
accountants (public), 23 Portland street Chapman & Co. confectioners, 2 Onslow road Chapman & Co.who.confctnrs.41 St. Mary's st Chapman Caleb, poulterer & greengrocer, 78
Millbrook road, Freemantle Chapman Frederick, tobacco cutter, 19
Upper Portland terrace Chapman G. J. D. agent for the London Guarantee & Accident Co. Limited, 13 St. Andrew's road Chapman George, mariner, 42 Valley road Chapman William Hebbard, builder, Oak
road, Woolston Chapman SI. umbrella manfr.73 St. Mary's st Chapman Wm.umbrellama.17l Above Barst ChappelJsph. Wm. beerretlr. Northam quay Charles Joseph, mariner, 67 Milton road Charrison John,The GeorgeTap p.H.agKing st Chassin Madame, berlin wool repository, 22
Laura place, London road Chatiield George, baker, 65 Anderson's terrace, Albert street, Chapel Chatiield Geo, confect. fcpastr ycook ,4 Marsh la Cheater Cornelius, Hants constabulary, 13
Nichols road Cheater Richard, boot maker, 5 Sussex ter Cheeseman Elizabeth (Mrs.), stay & corset
maker, 2 Bevois Valley road Cheeaman George l.bvc.f. Ed in., m. u.c.s, xng.,i>.s.a. loud, surgeon & medical officer fc public vaccinator, 69 Above Bar street Cheesman Geo. Edwd. Alex, l.r.c.p. Edin., l.s.a, Lond, physician & medical officer, Milford & Hordle districts, 38 High street, Lymington Cheetham Richard Henry, saw, file & tool
maker, 1*5 St. Mary's street Cherrett Edwin & Walter, shopkprs. Beaulieu Cherrett Ann (Mrs.), laundress, Second st. Highfield
Chesseau Joseph, beer retailer, 63 Orchard la Chester Benjamin, mariner, 38 Derby road Cheterton Mary (Miss), dress maker, 33 St.
Mary's road Chew William, trade protection offices, see
Hepworth & Chew ChewingsWm.Crown inn,TheHundred,Rmsy Gheyney Mary Ann(Mrs.),farmer,Stanswood, Fawley
Chidtell Henry, beer retailer, 70 St. Mary's st Chignell Benj. Jas. auctnr, Church st,Romsey Chignell Mary (Mrs.), printer & stationer, Market place, Romaey
Child John & Henry, wheelwrights, Swath-
ling, South Stoneham Children's Hospit al & Dispensary for Women (W. C. Maclean c.b,, m.d, consulting physician ; T. Longmore c.b., f.r.c.s. consulting surgeon; C. G. Beaumont m.d. & E. T. Chamberlain l.r.c.p.l. medical officers; J. McLachlan, surgeon dentist; George Forbes Bassett, sec.; Miss Jane Davidson, supt.), Church street, Shirley Childs Christopher, Railway'tavern, 1 Albert st Chilton Geo. C.solicitor,! Albert vls.Eastleigli Chincher William, stonemason, Hawthorne
villas, North road, St. Deny's Cliinery Edward FluderiL. it. e.v.Edin. surgeon & medical officer (No. 3 district), Now Forest union, see Hill & Chinery Chinnock Joseph, Apollo f.h. 13 Chapel road Chisman Harry, beer retailer, 12 Princess st Chisman James, carman, io| Standford st Chisman James Charles, shopkeeper, Quay
hill, Lymington Chi vers Wm, general shop, 122 Brinton's rd Chivers W. M. tax collector, 183 Shirley
road, Freemantle Chollocombe Edwin, shoe maker, The Hundred, Romsey Chubbs George, farmer, Newbridge Christian Knowledge Society Depfit (Rev. J. A. Whitlock m,a. treasurer; Rev. T. L.O. Davios m a, sec.), 6 Portland street Church John, lessee & manager of gas works,
Gosport street, Lymington Church Henry, vocalist, 5 West front Churcher Alfred John, railway official, Priory
road, St. Deny's Churcher George, cab & fly proprietor,
Bridge road, Woolston Churcier Henry, engineer, 43 Cedar road,
Bevois town Churcher Robert, watch maker, Victoria
terrace, Woolston Churcher William, bricklayer, 3 Orchard
terrace, Portswood road Churly Wm. ship chandler, 1 Bridge terrace,
Itchen Bridge road Cima Alexander Giovanni, cafe & restaurant,
141 High street City of Cork Steam Packet Co. Limited
(Robert Paul, agent), 91A, High street Clanchy Thomas, Dolphin hotel, Osborne
road, Portswood Clapcott Wm. John, beer ret. 18 Canal walk Clapp Mary (Mrs.), monthly nurse, 30
Northam road Clapham George, baker & confectioner, 51
St. Mary's street Clark Eliza & Maria (Misses), fancy repository, 61 High street Clark William & [James, millers (steam & water) & maltsters, Botley
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