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southampton and neighbourhood
Wert Wm. % EllersliOf Park toad, Portswood Wostbrook Edward, Ashdown house, Fawley Weatbrook Mrs. Bay cottage, Fawley Westbrook Mrs. 6t Millbrook rd.FreemanUe Westcott Oliver George, x Stansted cottages,
Adelaide road, St. Deny's Westerman John, 10 Chapel road Western Benjamin Felix, 19 Trinity road Westlake Edward, Silvermere, Woolston Westlake Edward Thompson, 28 Portland st Westlake The Misses, 9 Brunswick place Westlake Mrs. 13 Portland terrace Westlake Rd. The Firs, Park rd. Portswood Westlake William C. 21 Cranbury place Westlake William Colson, 4 Grosvenor square Weston Frederick, Tuscan vil. Portswood rd Weston George, 40 East Park tcrrace Weston Mrs. Milton lo. Milton rd. Woolston Weston Mrs. 28 Oxford road, Bevois mount Weston Tom, Portsmouth road, Hound &
Netley abbey Weston Wm. The Cottage, Woodbine terrace,
Portswood road Whamond James W. 30 St. Mary's road Wharton C. B. Hounsdown, Eling Wharton John Henry Turner, Cher well,
Westwood road Wlmtley Fk. Jubilee tor. Northumberland rd Whatley Mrs, Netley St. Matthew Wheatley James B. 2 Queen's terrace Wheeler Charles, 33 St. Andrew's road Wheeler Edward, Hound & Netley abbey Wheeler George, Oaklands, Winchester road, Romsey
Wheeler Henry, St. Catherine's, Eastleigh Wheeler Henry Edmund, Eastleigh Wheeler James Henry, 5 Ordnance road Wheeler Joseph, 239 Shirley rd. Freemantle Wheeler Mrs. 53 Dover street, Bevois town Wheeler Mrs. 33 Fir Grove road, Frcemuntlc Wheeler Mrs. 9 Peterborough road Wheeler Walter, 16 Castle st, Bevois town Wheeler Walter, 90 Derby road Wheeler William, 52 Fir Grove rd.Freeman tic Wheeler William, 123 Mitlbank street Wheeler William George Charles, 78 Northumberland road Whettingsteal James, 18 Radcliffe road Whilshire Sergt. Richard, 178 Millbrook
road, Freemantle WhitakerW. J. j.p. Pylewell park, Boldre, Lymington
Whitaker William, Dorset villa, St. Deny's
road, Portswood Whitcher Henry George, 10 Nichols road Whitchurch Henry G. 44 The Avenue Whitchurch John, 34 Avenue Whitchurch Miss, 3 Waterloo pi. London rd White Col.Thos. Pilk ington n.E. 7 Carlton cres White Rev. George Cecil m.a. 3 Carlton cres White Alfred, 15 Pad well road
White Charles, 4 Birmingham street
White Charles Alfred, 135 Northam road
White E l ward, 1 Net le v ottages, Spear road
White Frederick, Exeter cottage, Osborne rd
White George, 4 Oxford avenue
White Hv. W in. Jsph. 51 Bath st.Bevois town
White James, Adelaide road, St. Deny's
White James, 2 Fern villas, Eastleigh
White James, 2 Maddison street
White John, 19 Above Bar street
White John, 17 Bevois Valley road
White John, Duro villa, Oak road, Woolston
White John, 37 Forster road
White Joseph Moss, The Stydd house, Lynd-
hurst S O White Milner Henry, 28 The Avenue White Miss, 16 Hanover buildings White Mrs. 23 Brighton road White Mrs. 8& Brinton's terrace, Newtown White Mrs. 8 Nelson place, Lymington White Mrs. Booth, 71 Above Bar street White Samuel, 61 Brinton's road White Thomas, 59 Bedford place White Thomas, 66 St. Andrew's road White William, 4 Milton road White William, Osborne cottage, Osborne rd White William Henry, Hythe Whitohorn John, Portswood road Whitehorn Miss, Jubilee terrace, Northumberland road Whithorne George, 27 Richmond street Whitehouse Mrs. 103 St. Andrew's road Whitewood James, 20 Alfred street Whitfield David, 74 Argyle road Whitfield George, 38 Clifford street Whitfield Ilcnry, 31 Northumberland road Whitfield Mi&s, 143 Millbrook rd. Freeman tie Whitfield Mrs. 25 Cliff road Whitfield Mrs. 145 Derby road Whitfield Mrs. Northumberland road Wliitford George, 6 Derby road Whitford John, 22 Bugle street Whitford John William, Home cottage,
Osborne road, Portswood Whitlock Rev. John Aston m.a. Lower Prospect placa, Above Bar Whitlock Charles, 14 Osborne rd. Freemantle Whitlock Draycott Kelly, 41 Above Bar street Whitlock Mrs. l'ark side,Bitterne pk.Bittorne Whitlock Mrs. W'anlcy road, St. Deny's Whitmarsh Mrs. II. 67 Anglesea rd. Shirley Whitmoro Crispin Charles, Jubilee terrace,
Northumberland road Whitson James, 29 Pad well road Whittle James, Kibburn villa, Garnock road, Woolston
Whittle Mrs. 139 Millbrook road, Freemantle Whittaker Edward, 3 Fitzgerald place,
The Polygon Whittaker Mrs. 33 East Park terrace Whittam John, West road, Woolston
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