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kelly's directory of Southampton. 9
population and area of the municipal and parliamentary borough, the limits of
which are co-extensive, in 1881 was :—
Population. Land. Water & Foreshore. Rateable value, 1887.
All Saints parish ... Holy Rood ,, St. John ,, St. Lawrence ,, St. Mary ,, St. Michael ,, Portswood Tything ... 11 i,507 613 313 *37,558 i,943 7,062 262 18 5 6 985 15 246 21 12 480 88 5S,7°2 12,570 1,872 4,827 142,898 4,671 29,348
60,051 1,285 847 251,888
* Including <13 officers and inmates of the Workhouse ; 83 in the Royal South Hants Infirmary; and 13 in H.M.S. Drill-ship, " Trincomalee.
f Including 57 in the Ordnance Survey Office.
Ports wood is a tithing in South Stone-ham parish and union, but within the town and county of the town of Southampton, 2 miles north from the centre of the town, situated on the west bank of the Itchen. The Cobden Free bridge, opened to the public 27th June, 1883, was erected entirely at the cost of the National Liberal Land Company, who are the owners of the adjacent Bitterne Manor estate. It crosses the Itchen in five spans of 72 feet 6 inches each, supported on cylindrical iron piers, 7 feet in diameter below the low water mark and 4 feet 6 inches above, sunk from a depth of from 15 to 24 feet below low water, through the peat, gravel and clay forming the bed of the river : the abutments are chiefly of concrete, and the upper portions of the piers and their connections of ironwork : the bridge has a carriage-road 16 feet wide, and a path 6 feet wide on each side of it, and was constructed from the designs of Mr. Corbet Woodall, engineer, of Palace chambers, Westminster, at a cost, exclusive of the abutments, of £8,400; the abutments themselves needing an additional expenditure of £3,100. The larger portion of Portswood is divided into two ecclesiastical parishes, Christ Church, formed in 1848, and St. Denys, formed in 1867 from the parish of South Stoneham. Christ Church was built in 1844, at a cost of £4,000, and enlarged in 1856 by the addition of a north aisle of equal dimensions with the nave, at a further cost of £1,000 : it has a spire containing x bell: in 1878 the chancel was pulled down and the east end of the nave and north aisle were spanned with four equal arches, the two centre arches opening into the new
chancel, the north arch into its north aisle, and the south arch into its south aisle ; the chancel thus standing astride of the nave and the old north aisle; or, as they have now become, the two naves; the original lean-to aisle to south of the old nave has been left untouched: the church contains several stained windows. There are 700 sittings, of which one-half are free. The register dates from the year 1847. The living is a perpetual curacy, tithe rent-charge £2x2, gross yearly value, £380, including 1 h acres of glebe,with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Winchester, and held since 1880 by the Rev. Edgar Silver m.a. of Oriel College, Oxford. The area is 370 acres; the population in 1881 was 1,311.
St. Deny's church, erected in 1868, is a building of red brick in the Gothic style, from designs by the late Sir G. G. Scott r.a. consisting of chancel, nave and north aisle; it has an alabaster reredos ; and there are several stained windows : the church contains 627 sittings, of which 367 are free. The register dates from the year 1868. The living is a vicarage, tithe rent-charge £200, net yearly value £350, in the gift of the Bishop of Winchester and held since 1871 by the Rev. Thomas Plunket Mooney b.a. of Trinity College, Dublin. The population of St. Deny's in 1881 was 3,322 : the entire population of the tithing in 1881 was 7,062 ; and its area is 680 acres.
Parish Clerks:—
All Saints, W. H. Rogers, 5 Forest view,
Albion place.
Holy Trinity,Geo.Boyce (sexton), 11 Cross st
Holy Rood, A. Hallum(sexton),23 SouthFront
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