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BingroM-VoMe William Ringrose j.p. Chil
worth Tower, Rorasey Ritchie Alexander, 125 Northam road RiUon John, College road, Wixilston Rivura Rev. Emmanuel, The Avenue Rivers Charles, 26 Alfred street Rix Septimus, 5 Carlton crescent Robarls Mrs. 20 Forster road Robb James T. Obelisk road, Woolston Robb George, 111 Avenue road, Bevois mount Robbing George, 47 Alexandra road, Hill Roberton George, 13 Radcliffe road Roberton William G\ 80 St. Andrew's road Roberts Edward, 6 Compton walk Roberts George, Socond street, Ilighfield Roberts James Harold, Ashurst lodge, Eling Roberts Miss, 1 Brunswick square Roberts Miss, 17 Cumberland place Roberts Moses D.aa Waverlcy rd.Freemantle Roberts Mrs. 10 Mount place Roberts Thomas P. Stanley lodge, Eastleigh Roberts William Geo. 71 Northumberland rd Robertson James, 69 High street Robertson James S. 1 Wordsworth rd.Shirley Robertson John, 25 Alma road, The Avenue Robertson Matthew, 10 Anderson's road Robertson William, 7 Harcourt terrace, Madeline road
Robertson William Henry, 7 Anglssea terrace, Portswood Robins Gilderoy, 63 Northumberland road Robins Henry Edward, 13 Cumberland place Robins Joseph, 19 & 20 Portland street Robins Mrs. 29 Shirley road, Freamantle Robins Samuel, 2 Rose cottages, Obelisk
rood, Woolston Robinsrn George, 42 Waterloo rd.Freemantle Robinson Geo. Fredk. 4 Alexandra rd. llill la Robinson John George, 129 High street Robinson John Haddock, 25 Cranbury aven Robinson Joseph, 9 Captain's row,Lyniingtn Robinson Thomas,6 Russell tor. l'ortswood pk Robinson William, 2 Hcdera place, Ivy road, St. Deny's
Robinson William Braham n,v. Rosenheim,
Winn road, Wcstwixxl park Robinson Wm. Hy. 10 Alma rd. The Avenue Robson Major-Gen. Hugh George, Stoke
Knoll, Bishopstoke Robson Charles John,Highbury,New Alma rd Robson Mrs.Mayberry,Regent's pk.Millbrook Rochfort Major Henry, Woodlands, Ilytho Rodger Robert, Alfeld villa, Spring road,
Portswood road Roe Edward, The Orchard, Lyndhurst S.O Roe James, Portswood road Roe Joeiah,Mount Beulah,Rom«ey rd.Shirley Roger Rev. Wesley A. Benurth, Alma road,
Woolston Rogers Capt. John, Lyndhurst road Risers Rev. E. Jordan, 1 Highfield.Lymngtn
Rogers Alfred, Rockbourne cottage, Adelaide
road, St. Deny's Rogers Artliur, Hawthorne cottage, Swath-
ling, North Stoneham Rogers Charles Shorto, 15 Chantry road Rogers Edward, no Huchan ter.Brinton's rd Rogers George, 03 Laundry road, Shirley
warren, Shirley Rogers Henry, 20 Hill lane Rogers James Stephen, 8 Bridge road Rogers John, 13 Marsh lane Rogers John Walter, 33 Bugle street Rogers Miss, Abbotsbury ho. St. Deny's road Rogers Mrs. 83 Clifford street Rogers Mrs. 31 Kingsfield road Rogers Mrs. 20 Sir George's rd. Freeman tie Rogers Mrs. 37 South front Rogers Thomas, Junction road, Totton Rogers William, West field road, Waterford,
Lyniington Rogers William H. Red lodge, Nth. Stoneham Rogers Wtn.Hy.14 Wellington rd.Freemantle Roland Alexander a.b.c.m. 44 Bellevue road Roles Alfred, 15 Didcot ter. Lower Buller st Roles Mrs. 52 Lodge road, Bevois mount Roley Mrs. 29 Cambridge rd.Bevois mount Wolfe IIenry, Bridgo road, Woolston Rolfe Walter f.b.i.s. 14 Wilton road, Shirley Hollo Mrs. 7 Alexandra roud, Hill Rolls Thomas, 33 Lodge road, Bevois mount Rolph John, EarnsclilTe cottages, Burgess
street, Highlield Rolph Walter. Maybush, Ilighfield Ronisey William, 207 Shirley rd. Freemantle Ronald-Taylor Col. N. Highlield house,
Church road, Highfield Rook Geo. 14 Southampton bldgs.Lymington Rook Harry, 12 Dover street, lievois town Rose Edward, 1 Purbcck pi. Spear road Rose Edward John, 24 Radcli lie road Rookc Mrs. Woodside, Lymington Hookc Mrs. L. Formosa, Walhampton,
Lymington Rose Elislia, 53 Avenue road, Bevois mount Rose Ernest George, Ecclesbournc, Winn
road, \Vcstwood park Rose Miss, Sarnm house, Totton Rose Geo. Superb cottage, Ivy rd. St, Deny's Rose Jas. Oak cottage, Priory rd. St. Deny's Rose Mrs. ltiddingwood, Banister's road Ruse William, 122 Milton road Rosman Richd.Robt.Loane,Highlands,Itchcn Rosomon Frederick Adolphus, Overdalc,
Portsmouth road, Woolston Ross David, St. Duthus villa, Osborne road,
Portswood Ross Hugh, 73 Lodge road, Bevois mount Ross John, Dale cottage,Garnock rd. Woolston Ross Miss, 37 East Park terrace Ross Miss, New Alma road Ross Mrs. Dorset lo.Portsmouth rd. Woolston
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