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kelly's directory op southampton.
The Hartley Institution, High street, built and endowed by a bequest made to the Corporation (in trust) by the late PI. R. Hartley esq. was opened by Viscount Pal-merston, 15th October, 1862 : its object is to promote the study and advancement of +i,Q QmAnrAs of Natural History, Astronomy,
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the Sciences of Natural History, Astronomy, Antiquities, Classical and Oriental Literature and the Fine Arts in the town of Southampton : the educational work of the institution is organized in three Departments, vjz (1.) The School of General Literature, Mathematics and Classics. (2.) The School of Science and Engineering. (3.) The School of Art. The institution build-in o-, which, together with the site, cost upwards of £20,000, embraces a library, containing about 22,000 volumes, many of them works of great rarity; a reading room, supplied with the leading literary and scientific periodicals and daily papers lecture hall, capable of seating 1,200 persons , a Natural History Museum; chemical, physical and physiological laboratories, wel supplied with apparatus and models; £ gallery for the exhibition and study of works of art; and a series of class rooms. The buildings have been constructed for the requirements of classes for higher education; in addition to the regular classes a course of lectures 011 subjects of general interest is given during the winter session : the Museum is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, free, from ix a.m. to / p.m. ; and on Tuesdays on a payment of sixpence each person : it contains collections of objects illustrative of various branches of Natural Science, chiefly Geology, Local History and Antiquity : the Reading Room is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. to subscribers, on payment of 10s. 6d. yearly, and freely after 5 p.m. on five days weekly, and after 4 p.m. on Saturdays : it is supplied with newspapers, periodicals and telegrams : the Circulating and Reference Libraries are open to subscribers and to the general public on presenting a guarantee form duly signed. rIhe Lecture Hall is used for concerts and for lectures organised by local societies or institutions, or by the council of the Hartley Institution : the lectures of the Polytechnic Institution are also delivered in this hall each Wednesday evening during the winter season : the Art Gallery was built for the promotion of art and the general diffusion of artistic taste: special art exhibitions are held here from time to time.
stitution, where a room has been set apart or the use of its members, the registered offices of the Chamber being at u, Oriental )laee: the subscription to the Chamber is £1 is. yearly, payable in advance in March : it entitles a member to use the room of the Chamber, and the telegrams, newspapers, writing materials, &c., placed therein : the subscription also entitles a member to the ull privileges of the Hartley Institution, viz. : To take out two volumes from the ibrary, to read the telegrams, newspapers, and current .periodicals, and to admission to any lectures, concerts, readings, or soirees, concerning which the Hartley council may give special notice that the member's ticket is available : general meetings of members are held in February, May, August, and November : the annual meeting of members is held in the month of March. The Reading Room of the Chamber of Commerce is open to subscribers of one guinea yearly : this room is supplied daily with telegraphic reports of the London Stock Exchange, market reports and telegrams of general news and telephonic communication.
• The Southampton Chamber of Commerce established in 1854 and incorporated in ^875, holds its meetings at the Hartley In-
The Guildhall is a spacious room above the arches of the ancient Bar Gate, in which the borough sessions and other courts are held.
The Corn Exchange and Chamber of Commerce is a handsome building, facing the quays.
The Corporation offices are in the High street: here the regalia of the corporation are kept, which, together with the seals and records, are ancient and extremely curious.
The Custom House is a handsome building situated near the Docks and Railway station : adjoining it are the offices of the Board of Trade: there is also a Customs branch on the Town Quay.
The Inland Revenue offices are in Portland street.
Ordnance Survey Office.—This establishment, which is the head quarters of the Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom, where all the plans and maps of Great Britain are engraved, zincographed and printed, is situated at the north entrance of the town, near the Avenue. The resident officers of the survey are Col. Sir Chas. W. Wilson k.c.b., k.c.m.g., r.e. assisted by Lieut.-Cols. T. P. White, G. H. Bolland, J. Fellowes and Captains E. R. Hussey, E. W. Creswell, H. ,R. Sankey and M. Elrington Bisset, Royal
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