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southampton street directory.
16 Horn John, ship broker
17 Callanan Mrs. lodging ho
17 Callanan Charles
18 St. James's Mission House
19 Evans William, engineer is Cambridge st......
22 Savage Mrs
23 Wilkie James
24 Adams Mrs
25 Bullock Miss
26 Army Pension Oflice(Major
Charles E. Lennox in charge) in Richmond st.....
Bristol hotel, W111. Anstey Garton Chas. & Co. brewers (Bristol) (Albert James Blackmail, agent)
27 Ollett Edward
28 Bennett John
29 Hennard Joseph is Duke st..........
30 Doran William
31 Jones Abraham
32 Cross Charles
33 Williams William H
34 Coombes Leonard Samuel,
35 Evans Mrs
36 Peacoclt&Buchan.manufrs.
of composition for ships' bottoms
Three Field lane, Marsh lane to Bridge road.
1 Driver & Co. saw mills &
timber merchants 3 Smith William 5 Tubbs Mrs 7 Thomas Robert 9 Duncombe William 11 Bousfield Henry 13 Kemp's hotel,ThomasPrice is Richmond st.......
15 Savage Chas. greengrocer 17 Bailey Alfred, shopkeeper 19 Adams John & Co.printers 21 CoatesFredk. boot maker 23 Clark —
25 Nicholson Miss Ann, dress
maker 27 Hewlett John 29 Beavis Josiah, shopkeeper is Cambridge st.......
31 Harris George,greengrocer 33 Jones Mrs
35 Roberton Misses, school
37 Penman Mrs
39 Carr<§ Mrs. A. honiton
lace maker 2 Brine William
4 Tomkin James 6 Brookman William, cooper 8 Norris Henry, beer retailer 12 Hayes William 14 Porter Henry 16 Wallis George 18 Ferbranche Philip, cabinet
maker 20 Blundell Joseph 22 Cotton William 24 Barnes M is Saiomill cut...
26 Barton Jn. Hanson, painter 28 Hurst William 30 Shelley Mrs 32 Hatchard Frederick 34 Moxley Thomas 30 Diaper William 38 Bance Charles 40 Penny Charles 42 Budden Frederick 44 Walters Mrs 46 Warren Henry 48 Tarrant James 48 TarrantMissAlice,dress ma 50 Long Harry Henry 52 Russell Mrs 54 Mansell Win. shopkeeper is Chandos st.......
Anchor & Hope p.h. Joseph Croome 56 Symes Mrs 58 Moon George 60 Poulton Mrs 62 Atkinson Richd. beer retlr 64 Cook Mrs
66 Ode 11 Richard A. oilman here is Winchester ter.....
Shepard Bros, shipping agents Southampton Harbour Board Offices is Winkle st.........
Sun Bar p.h. Wm. Bennett Phillips Chas. James, cheese
& provision merchant Platform tavern, Richd. Ball
Sea View house :
Seamen's Institute & Mission Room
Stanton James, coffee bar
Town quay,facing the Royal pier.
Royal Victoria Pier is Cuckoo lane........
Royal Southern Yacht Club, Capt. Edward Pilkington is Bugle st..........
Jeffery & Lewis, corn stores Royal Pier hotel (Wm. Cole, proprietor) is French st.......
Lomer & Co.'s corn stores Prince Cobourg p.h. Alfred Maddox is Porters lane.......
Jeffery & Lewis' Stores Custom House (branch)
Corn Exchange Co. Limited
(W. Conway, lion, sec) Jeffery & Lewis, corn mers. Corn Exchange buildings is High st..........
Clyde Steam Shipping Co.
(Wm. W. Fernie, agent) Buxey Percival N. shipping
agent (Platform house) Smith James (Solent cottage) Mayoress's Blanket Loan Soc. (C. W. A. Jellicoe esq. & J. Spearing esq. hon. sees) Dead House Southampton
Corporation Harbour Commissioners'Strs. W. Bowyer, wharfinger
Tredegar wharf.
See Marine place.
Trinity road, from New rd. to Brinton's road.
left side. 3 Williams Charles Richard
(Vine cottage)
5 Jacobs William 11 Pretty Jesse 13 Eburn Joseph Wm.marinr 15 Brazier Charles, plumber
& decorator 17 Haysom Mrs 19 Western Benjamin Felix 21 Bird Robert Henry 23 Plank Mrs
25 Painter Wm. fur. van propr 27 Lucas Mrs
29 Mingham Jas. Hy. printer 31 Pomeroy Mrs. dress maker 33 Rampree Thomas 35 Cole Chas. master mariner 37 May Richard, beer retailer is Magdalene ter..... is St. Andrew's rd____ is St- Mary's rd......
right side.
4 Hopkins Miss 6 Jones Mrs 8 Dominy George 10 Soffe John
12 Oakley Richard, plasterer 14 Bates Mrs
16 Oliver Henry, cab proprtr 18 Pearce George
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