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P T G D. • W. Bro. W. B. Edgeler. P.M., 928, P.Gr. Sup. "Wk's ' W. Bro. J. S. Pearce, P.M., 1780, P.G.D.C.; W. Bro. H. Croucher, W.M., 342, P.A.G.D.C. ; W. Bro. J.
B* i.vsr
Organist. W. Bro, J. Robertson, P.M., 180 , W. Bro. J. Clisham, P.M., 1381; W. Bro. R. R. L. Rosoman P.M., 1461 • W. Bro. Latimer H. Saunders. W.M., 1869; W. Bro.' W. H. Jacob. W.M., 76 ; W. Bro. J. Patstone, W.M., 359; P.Gr. Stewards. Brothers J. Biggs, 130; J. Exell, 487,' P.Gr. Tylers.
Craft Lodges of Freemasons Royal Arch Chapters.
Marked * are
* Royal Gloucester Lodge, No. 130—Warrants dated 22nd April, 1772, and 5th August, 1792; meets second Thursday in the month. Election W.M., December ; Installation, January. The Royal Gloucester Lodge of Instruction meets on the second and fourth Monday in the month from September to April.
Peace and Harmony Lodge, No. 359. Warrant dated 6th October, 1819 ; meets third Monday in the month. Election, December. Installation, January.
* Southampton Lodge, No. 394—Warrant dated 4th February, 1829 ; meetings third Thursday in the month, from September to April, at Freemasons' Hall, Albion-Place, Annual Election of W.M., January. Installation in February.
Shirley Lodge, No. 1,112. Transferred from Fording-bridge to Shirley, October, 1875. Meets at the Masonic Hall, Oxford Street, Shirley, second Monday in the month. Election W.M., December. Installation, Jan.
Clauscntum Lodge, No. 1,461—Warrant dated 1873 ; meets first Wednesday in the month. Election, November. Installation, December.
New Forest Lodge, Lymington,No. 319—Meetings second Tuesday in the month, at the Masonic Hall, Quay Street, Lymington. Election W.M., June. Installation, July.
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