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Auditors, Messrs. Charles Rogers and J. J. Burnett. Matron, Miss Hoiloway.
Collector, Mr. J. J. Bunday. .
10s. 6d. are entitled to recommend eight applicants. Blankets are issued between the hours of Eleven and One, every Monday and Thursday during the months of November and December. A charge of 3d. is made on each Blanket, to help defray the expense of washing. _
Hampshire Nurses' Institute, 8, Park Boad, BeUevue. Southampton, Established 1867-Patron, The Lord Bishop of Winchester. Chairman, Dr. Maclean, C.B. Com-
J P., W. B. Sanders, W. Spranger, J. P. Ranwell, Esqrs., Major Hamilton, and Dr. Mackinnon. Hon. Treasurer, W. E. Darwin, Esq. Hon. Secretary, Miss E. A. Turnei. Hon. Solicitors, Messrs. Sharp, Harrison, Turner, and Turner. Hon. Auditor, W. Beer, Esq. Assist. Hon. Secretary, Miss Stevens. Matron, Miss Waters. This Institution provides Trained Nurses—Medical, Monthly, and Surgical—for the sick in Private Families. Nurses may be engaged from the Institute on application to the Matron, and gratuitously to the Sick Poor of the Town
and Neighbourhood. .
Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Anvmals, Southampton Branch—Patroness, The Countess of Portsmouth. Patrons, The Right Hon. Lord Mount-Temple and Lord Henry Scott, M.P. President, The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Winchester. Treasurer, B. 0. Hau-kinson. Esq. Hon. Secretaries, C. Lamport, 1, Portland Street; H. Bose, 104, High Street. Inspector, WPeet,Bir-mingham Street, Southampton. Collector, H. Harris ■ a e Inspector Borough Police), 25, Bugle Street, Southampton.
Hants Female Orphan Asylum--—Under the Patronage of their Serene Highnesses the Prince and Princess A award
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