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Wolfe Charles, wood and sand dealer, Brownhill
(See also Southampton Names, and Street Directory for Shirley). Ecclesiastical districts and pleasant suburbs of Shirley, and under the same jurisdiction. The Local Board of Health for Shirley was established by an Order in Council on the 25th of of February, 1853, consisting of twelve members, four of whom retire every year. The church of St. James, situated in Upper Shirley, is a neat white brick edifice in the transition style, having a chancel, nave, tower clock, and one bell. Date of register, 1836. The living is a vicarage, held by the Eev. John Haigh, M.A., of Queen's College, Oxford. There are places of worship for the Congregational-istsj Wesleyans, Baptists, &c. There is a parochial school at Shirley Warren, erected Dec. 29th, 1878, at the expense of Andrew Barlow, Esq., the grant being given by Wm. Duke, Esq. Miss Holt is the mistress.
Post Office at Old Shirley, 36 Boinsey road.—B. A. Atkins, receiver. Letter box cleared at 9.0 a.m. and 10.0 p.m. Parcels' post 9.30 a.m. and 10.0 p.m. Wall letter box at Shirley manor, corner of Chilworth road. Cleared at 7.30 p.m. week days only. For all other local information and names, see under Southampton.
Old Shirley—Private.
Foster Mrs. J. A. Rose cottage,
60 Eomsey road Gould Wm. 3 Bedbridge hill HarfieldBernard, Warren lodge Harfield Robert, Warren lodge Luker Hy. Prospect house, May* bush
Marrett Miss F. Maybush house,
Maybush 'Pegler Alfred, J.P. Maybush Smith Horatio, Crabwood, May-bush
Old Shirley—Commercial.
Atkins A. grocer and post office, 36 Romsey road '
Broomfield Albert, dairyman, May-bush
Butt John, market gardener, Maybush
'Cole Wm. general smith, Maybush
Duffin Fielder, market gardener,
Maybush Earwood Mrs. laundress, 14 Bed-
bridge hill Freeborn Wm. Fk. farmer and dairyman, Washington cottage, 38 Bomsey road Hunt George, bricklayer, Bose hill,
Bomsey road Burst Charles, market gardener,
Maybush jJay Jno, Thos. baker, Maybush Knight Jno. market gardener,
Maybush 'Maton Wm. Boyle, general shop and ginger beer maker, 48 Bomsey road
Ware Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper and
beer retailer, Maybush Wilkes Jno. market gardener, 20
Bedbridge hill 'Wilkes, B. A. market gardener and florist, 18 Bedbridge hill
Shirley Warren—Private.
Andrews Mrs. A. Brook villa, The
Crescent Bearman Hy. Clover cottage :Edmunds Geo. Bemsberry house i Harding Bichard Kemp Dixon, The Vinery, Chil-
worth road Leigh Fk. The Chestnuts Richards William Jacob, Bosehill cottage
Sandeman Bev. F. Stewart, Tre-
mond, Chilworth road Stride Capt. B. Ankerwycke, The Crescent
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