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H. J. Buchan, Esq., J.P., Rev. Cresswell Strange, M.A., W. Bone, Esq., J.P., R. Driver, Esq., (Mayor) J.P., C. P. Keele, Esq., J. Miller, Esq.. W. C. Westlake, Esq., J.P., Rev. Canon Wilberforce, M.A., W. Basevi Sanders, Esq. Clerk to the Trustees, James T. Hamilton, 23, High Street.
Baker's Charity (St. Mary's Parish), bequeathed by Mrs. Mary Baker—This Charity consists of £2,000 Consols, the dividends to be distributed yearly amongst the poor and industrious parishioners, above 60 years of age, of this Parish (including therein the districts of Holy Trinity, St. James', St. Luke's, St. Matthew's and Northam), in sums of £1 each. Clerk to the Trustees, W. J. Hickman. Also a bequest of £2,000, in favour of the poor and industrious parishioners of the Parish of Millbrook.
Barlow and Ellyett Home, Church Street, Shirley-Erected in J840 by the Rev. Herbert Smith as a home for aged women, and, through the generosity of Mr. Barlow and other contributions it has been purchased and will still continue for the same charitable purpose, March, 1877. Chairman of Governing Body, Rev. Jno. Haigh! Vice-chairman, Major Gen. Lewis. Hon. Secretary, G. Bassett. Two wings have been added by Mr. Ellyett. The inmates receive a small gift at Christmas.
Bird Charity—Left by Elizabeth Bird to the Corporation in 1820. £1,400 3 per cent. Consuls to be applied in giving annuities of £5 each to six poor women of Southampton of good character and of the Church of England and of the age of 60 years and upwards.
Bishop's Charity (1800)—Trustees, The Churchwardens and Guardians of the Poor of the Parish of Holy Rood and W. Forder, J. E. Le Feuvre, T. Forder, and W. G.' Lankester, Esqrs., in whose name the Stock stands. This Chanty consists of £3,333 6s. 8d. Three Per Cent. Consols, producing £93^ 10s. 2d. per annum, divided amongst
five persons m half-yearly instalments, who are elected
for life, according to the directions of the will of the late Mr. Joseph Bishop, preference is given to Bakers, their widows, maiden daughters, and journeyman bakers, having served seven years as apprentices in the Parish of Holy
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