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Southwell F. pork butcher and coal
merchant, Bell street Spencer Ernest, draper and outfitter, Latimer street Stares Alfred, provision merchant,
Corn market Stares Charles K. corn, hay, and
straw merchant, The Hundred Stares John, blacksmith and whitesmith, Winchester road Stares Joseph, whitesmith, works, Linden road; residence, Elm grove, Winchester road Stares L. R. brewer and beer retailer, Latimer street_
Stare Thomas, confectioner, Pal-
merston street Stead, Tylee & Mortimer, solicitors and commissioners, porters, Bridge street Strong, Thomas & Co. brewers, malsters, and wholesale spirit merchants, Horse fair Brewery Summers George, town crier, town sergeant, sergeant at mace, inspector of nuisances, school attendance officer,, and town hall keeper, Town hall Summers Miss, British schoolmistress, The Hundred ,
Summers & Son, outfitters and
boot warehouse, Bell street Summers Tom, draper and milliner,
Bell street Swinfield Miss, schoolmistress,
British school, Corn market Symes George, mop maker, &c.
Winchester road Talbot M. M. King's Head Inn,
The Hundred Tar drew Bros, whiting manufacturers, Porter's Bridge street, and at Southampton Tate, Wm. Henry, farmer, Great
Woodley farm Taylor A, beer retailer, mill lane Taylor Frank Askwith, M.B.C.S. [■ England, surgeon,medical officer for the 2nd and 5th District Bomsey Union, Church street Teasdale, Wm. & Sons, grocers, provision, and wine merchants, Latimer street
Terry Edward, coffee room, Latimer street
TEST VALLEY IRON WORKS CO. (Limited) mill-wrights, engineers, iron and brass founders, agricultural implement makers & agents, The Hundred, E. J. Clark, manager (See advt.)
Thornton Henry, Hallway View,
Station road Thorp Fred. John, British schoolmaster, Winchester road Tibbie Henry, baker and beer retailer, Lansdowne Arms, Church street, carrier to Southampton daily
Tribble William, butler, 1 Green-
hill terrace Tubb James, dairyman, Fifield
house, Winchester road Tuck John, watchmaker, jeweller
and engraver, Market place Tuck F. W. tailor, Market place
TALMY-TURNER R. "White Horse Hotel" and wine and spirit merchant, Market pi
Post horses and carriages on hire. Agent to the South-Western railway.
Tylee Charles. John (firm Stead, Tylee & Mortimer) solicitor and commissioner for oaths, Porter's Bridge st. and at Southampton Ward Alfred, mealman, railway carrier, and carman, Bell street Waterman Anne, general shop,
The Hundred.
Waterman F. boot maker, Cher-
ville street Watson John, farmer, Hoe lane, Ashfield
Watts David, private school for boys, Cambrian house, Winchester road
Watts Frank Leonard, Ramsey
Arms, Banning street Webb Joseph, farmer and cattle dealer, Stanbridge, Ban villa
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