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Butt John, May bush, Old Shirley Cropp Wm. 116 Hill lane, Upper Shirley
Duffin .Fielder, May bush, Old
Shirley England U. 43 Above bar Joy Geo. 100 Hill lane. Shirley Joy Walter, 4 Queen Anne's buildings, Canal walk Harbut F- 1 Salem street, Shirley Hurst Chas. May bush, Old Shirley Inder Thos. Hope cottage, 2 Winchester road, Shirley Knight John, May bush, Old Shirley Long Stephen, 62 Wellington road,
Freemantle Notley Jacob, 10 and 12 Oxford st. Shirley
Oakley and Watling, 118 High st. Orchard Isaac, 268 Shirley road, Shirley
Eansom Geo. Portswood road,
Bevois hill Eansom Hy. 94 Shirley road, Free-mantle
Eansom J. C. & H. 32 Hill lane Eichards Hy. 220 Shirley road, Shirley
Eichards V. 2 Botley rd. Shirley Stride H. 19 Winchester road, Shirley
Stride Wm. 17 Winchsster road, Shirley
Thompson Wm. 49 Eomsey road,
Old Shirley Tfavers A. Above bar White Mrs. E. St. James' road, Shirley
Wilkes John, 20 Eedbridge hill,
Old Shirley Wilkes E. A. 18 Eedbridge hill, Old Shirley
Marine Store & Metal Dealers-
Campbell Wm. 77 St. Mary's road Clark Joseph, 36 Cossack street Clark Sarah, 71 St. Mary street Currie Alf. 10 Upper Canal walk Davies John, 33 High st. Shirley Godden Thos. 2 Princes street,
Northam Harman John Saml. 6 Orchard la.
Harman & Son, 19 Orchard lane Layton J. F. 24 Chapel road Pearcey Francis, 17 Cambridge
terrace, Bridge road Pim John, 23 Orchard lane Pim Eobert, 21 French street Eussell Thos. 37 Chapel road Wheeler Geo. 2 French street Woolard Mrs. 53 Grove street
Appleford Jas. Old Northam Eay J. & F. 72 East street, and at Woodmill
Milliners & Dressmakers.
Alexander Mrs. 6 Park view,
Houndwell Allen Miss 26 Kingsfield road Arthur Miss, 8 North front Austey Mrs. 137& High street Bacon Mrs. 4 Waverley road, Free-mantle
Bailey the Misses, 14 Portland st. Barton the Misses, 39 Bedford pi. BATHUEST W. E. Paris house,
2 and 3 Bernard street Benham Mrs. A. 18 South front Bentley Mrs. 7 St. Andrew's road Bigwood H. W. 23 East street Blake Mrs. E. Bevois hill Bound W. T. 134 High street Branchflower Mrs. 6 Park view Brannon E. 16 St. Mary street Bright Miss, 144 Pound st. Shirley Brook Mrs. E. 26 and 28 High st. Shirley
Burkill Mrs. 45 Anglesea rd. Shirley Candy The Misses, London road
(opposite the Ordnance office) Casley Mrs. 12 Latimer street Chandler Miss A. 6 Bedford place Cheverton Mrs. 33 St. Mary's road Clifford J. Silas, 13,14 St. Mary st. Colborne Miss, 29 Church st. Shirley Collins Miss, 14 Church st. Shirley COOKE the Misses 8. & A. Bevois valley Drapery Bazaar, Bevois valley
Coombs Saml. 25 Onslow road,
Newtown Cox Miss, Avenue road Cox Mrs. 71& Bevois street
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