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Woods Geo. 68 East street Yaldren Miss A. 25 King street
Fruit & Potato Merchants.
Barnes H. E. 63 Oxford street Besant T. 51 Belle Vue street Earley Thos. 50 St. Mary street England U. 44 Above bar Head S. G. 98 High street Hickman C. Carbon place stores,
and 84 High street Kimber F. 54 Wellington road,
Freeman tie LANHAM J. C. and CO. 8 Hanover buildings, near Bargate Potheeary W. 35 St. Maty street Pouppeviile E. 4U French street BEAD Ed. 73 and 74 French st Snook C. 88 and 80 St. Mary st. Snook John, 64 Orchard lane Snook Rich. 121 St. Mary street Stiide Hy. 9 Cross street Sykes M. 14 Strand Travers A. 9 Above bar Yoller Geo. 2 Orchard lane Walden Daniel 13 French street Woods George, 68 East street
Furnishing Warehouses. Arding Thos. 52, 62 and 64 High
street Shirley BARNES Edward, 34 Bedford
terrace, Bedford place Clark Giles, 89 and 90 East street Hart E. and Co. 7 to 11 Bridge st. HORSEMAN Christopher, 13 and 16 High street, 92, 93 and 113 East st )See Advt. opposite.) Isted Thos. 66 High st. Shirley MANN Wm. 22£ Above bar Mondey A. 106 High street Perkins and Sons. 59 High street Permain and Co. 23 Above bar Russell and Sons, 111 and 112 St.
Mary street Tolfree E. 147 St. Mary street
Furniture Brokers, Dealers,
and Warehouses.
Adams Mrs. M. A 5 and 76
Orchard lane BAKER JOHN 66 Millbrook road, Freemantle
Beavis Arthur, 5 and 6 Chtirch st. Shirley
Bennett John, Oxford Mart, 64
Oxford street Blackwell John, 11 St. Mark's
road, Nichols town Bulbrook Win. 2 Stoneliam place,
Bevois valley Bundy Mark, 4 St. Luke's terrace,
Bevt'is valley Burn Edwin Jos. 17 Millbrook rd. Hill
Casey John, 26 Onslow rd. Newtown ChalK Mrs. E. 25 Chapel road Cohen and Son, Bevois valley Cole W. H. 28 Marsh lane Cosens John, 49 Orchard lane Duffett Thomas, Bevois valley Everett Charles, 19 Cossack street Ferbraclie Jas.41 Upper Canal walk Flute her and Co. 11 Queen's road God den H. and Son, 170 Millbrook
road, Freen.antle Harding Wm. 34 Weymouth terr. Hayward Jos. 50 St. Mary's rd. Hodges Daniel 25 St. Mary st. Humby Geo. 1 High st. Shirley Humpliery G. 12 The Strand James Wm. 69 French street Joy Mrs. E. 43 Park rd. Freemantle Kitchen Hy. 9 Marsh lane Lawrence Geo. 120 St. Mary's rd. MANN W. 22£ Above bar Mudge Wm. 137 St. Mary street Portsmouth Thos. 76 French st. Potter Jas. 6 Fanshawe street,
Newtown Powell Mrs. C. 76 Upper Canal walk Russell & Sons, 111 and 112 St.
Maiy st.
Saunders Wm. 27 Orchard lane SHORT Fred. 91 Bedford jdace Toliree Edward, 147 St. Mary st. Tubb Geo. Thos. 83 St. Mary st. White John, 31 St. Mary street Wiles John, 5 Stoneham pi. Bevois valley
Furniture Removers.
BARNES Edward, 34 Bedford terr.
Bedford plat e BEMISTER W. 55 Bugle street I Brown E. 62 St. Andrew's road
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