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SOUTHAMPTON INCORPORATION. Offices—The Workhouse, St. Mary Street.
Guardians of the Poor {Ex-affitio)— The Mayor (President), tlie three Senior Aldermen, the Senior and Junior Bailiffs, the Recorder, and the Resident Justices of the Peace. All Saints—Messrs. E. Barnes, T. Joy, D. A. Stroud, and T. Freeley. St. Lawrence—J. Patstone. Holy Rood—Messrs. J. Robson and J. Croft. St. Michael— Messrs. M. Batchelor and H. Harris. St. John—W. Cole. Stf. Mary—Messrs. L. Button, J. W. Rowland, H. Laver, W. H. Purkiss, C. Perress, J. Clark, J. Baker, and H. Wyeth.
The ordinary meetings of the Guardians are held every Thursday during the year, at half-past two o'clock. Officials..—Clerk to the Board—C. Crowther Smith, Esq.
Treasurer—R. C. Hankinson, Esq, Poor Law Auditor_
J. O'Neill, Esq. Chaplain—Rev. S. Scott, M.A.
Medical Officers—For the Workhouse, Henry Bencraffc Es^[., M.R.C.b., St. Mary Street. No. 1 District, George Cheesman, Esq., Marland Place; No. 2 District, E. J, Archer, Esq., Portland Street; No. 3 District, James Oliver, Esq., Cranbury Avenue ; Dispenser, William Henrv Adams; Master of the Workhouse, Edward Kingman • Matron, Mrs. Harriet Kingman; Assistant-Master, T. Lawes ; Schoolmaster, Thomas Hardie; Schoolmistress, Miss Caroline Mons; Infant Schoolmistress, Mrs. Maria M. Wilcox : Porter, W. Hosegood; Male Nurse, Thomas Palmer ; Female Nurse—Mrs. R. S. Ayling.
Industrial Teachers—Girls, Martha Page: Bovs W Pope* Tailor, and T. Tarrant, Shoemaker.
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Relieving Officers—No. 1 District, Thomas Westlake, 10 Gloucester Square ; No. 2 District, George Richmond, 80'
07' ri ! N2; 8 District, Henry Huntley]
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0-f Fo°r T~'A1] Saints—H- CoUis, 8, Middle
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