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Bradbury Mrs. 15 Orchard place CAMPBELL & Co., 1 Onslow rd.
Clark William, 22 Oxford road,
Bevois mount Cox W. B. & Son, 21 Bernard st.,
and High street, Shirley CWMAMAN COAL COMPANY, Peter Stewart & Co. District Agents, 11 Oriental place Douglas D. 101 St. Mary street,
and Bevois valley Dovey & Son, 42 & 44 Millbrook
road, Freemantle Ekless & Son, Pheonix wharf,
Marine parade Fairey Thomas, 37 East park ter. Grace E. & Co. Osborn rd. Bevois hill
Haddon & Beavis, 83 High street HELLYER Ed. 17 Church street, Shirley
Hill Wm. & Co. 8 Gloucester sq.
and Itchen Holden & Mar chant, 51 High st. Shirley
Holden William R. Baltic wharf,
Marine parade Hooper <& Son, 65 & 67 Park road,
Freemantle King & Jones, 78 High street Lury H. Marine parade Marchant Jno. 51 High street, Shirley
May Henry, 5 Middle Portland ter. Pearce J. S. 31 Above bar, and
Sunderland wharf Penny Charles, 88 Shirley road,
Freemantle Powell Charles, South rd. St. Denys Ray J. & F. 72 East street, and
Woodmill Short Herbert, 114 Millbrook road,
Freemantle Smith John, 75, St. Mary's road Snook Hy. Millbrook Spencer S. A. Northam road Spincer Sydney, 62 St. Margaret street
Stewart P. & Co. 11 Oriental place Stubbs James Edwin, Portswood
road, Bevois hill Sutton Jno. 0. Park street, Shirley
Taylor W. J. Melitia villa, Osborne
road. Bevois hill Wood & Co. Burnley wharf, Marine parade
Coal and Wood Dealers.
Barton Frank, 2 Lower Spring place, Mount pleasant road, Bevois town Braxton Chas. 2 Oriental street Shirley
Car gill John, 36 Bevois street Collier Joseph, Priory rd. St. Denys Earl Wm. 13, Kent road, Freemantle
Fielder W. & T. 25 Orchard lane Floyd G. H. Winchester road,
Portswood Ford Wm. 4 Church lane Gough R. Priory road, St. Denys Guino Antonio, Simnel street Hutchens Charles, 2 & 3 St. Mary's road
Mecarthy Wm. 1 Albert terrace,
Avenue road Mid diet on Geo. 163 Millbrook road
Freemantle Pink W. H. 84 Park road, Freemantle
Rickman Robt. 9 Orchard lane Smith John, 41 Russell street,
Chandos street Stride Henry, 9 Cross street Sturgess Charles, 46 Grove street Talbot John, 28 Grove street Thompson Wm. 49 Romsey road,
Old Shirley Whitlock Geo. 52 Bellevue street
Colliery Agents.
Benning, Heywood & Co. Pembroke square, Above bar Bradbury Mrs. Orchard place Fairey Thomas, 37 East Park terr. Gregory Wm. H. R. 100 High st. Harper G. T. & Co. 6 Oriental pi.
Canute road Pearce J. S. 31 Above bar
Wood & Co. Burnley wharf, marine parade
Confectioners and Pastrycooks. Allen Fredk. 102 St. Mary street, and 30 Bernard street
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