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BUI Posters and Advertising Agents-
COLSON Wm. " Reform Hall,"
Above bar, and Clifton terrace Gladwin Geo. 40 Park road, Free-
mantle _
SHIELDS & GEAR, 22 Upper Portland terrace
Bird Dealers & Fanciers. Billefct Geo. 110 High street Yeoman Chas. 95 High street
Bird Staffers and Preservers. BAtfSHAW Geo. 45 South front Billett Geo. 110 High street Bendy C. 10 Weymouth terrace,
Western shore King J. 19 Lower Bannister st Yeoman Chas. 95 High street
Block and Mast Makers.
PAY S. & SON, 90 High st. and
Northam Yacht Building Yards Hatcher, Clifford, & Co. Btlvidere
road, Northam Mist Geo. Chantry road Holland Geo.. 18 Chapel road
Boat Builders.
Moon E, West quay
Stevens John, 3 Gloucester square
and Cuckoo lane Stone Edward, West quay Woodcock Rich. H. 34 Payne's rd. Freemantle
Boiler Makers.
Curtis Fk. 13 Clifford street Day, Summers & Co. Northam Iron
Works, Millbank street Evens John, Bridge Foundry, Northam
Napier G. & Son, Cross house Works, Cross house
Bellinger John, 8 Lower Lyon st.
Newtown Broadbere K. J. 5 Pembroke sq. Budden Wm. & Sons, 41 St Mary street
CAWTE.Geo. 5 West street FOSTER Walter, Albion place, High street
GUTCH & COX, 150 High street Paul Bros 77 High street REE YES Thos. W. 15 Elgin road,
Freemantle Roberts Edmund, 7 Hanover bdngs. WARREN H. 20 Above bar
Booksellers and Stationers.
Marked thus * are Second-hand. Marked thus + are Ssationers only. Adams John, 49 Oxford street Atkins Wm. Jas. 34 Bernard st Barnes Richd. 28 Orchard lane Binsted F. G. 62 Marland place,
Above bar tBudden Wm. & Sons, 41 St.
Mary street Buxey Geo. 21 Bridge street tCarpenter Hy. Edwd. 7 Alliance
place, Bevois valley Clarke W. C. 108 High street fCorke Mrs. 2 Victoria terrace,
Northam road Cox Charles, 161 High street Curtis M. 30 High street, Shirley Deane Mrs. E. 19 Park road, Freemantle *
fDix Mrs. John, Bevois hill Post
Office, Portswood road fEsterford Haydn, 34 Padwell rd. Foster J. & W, 46 High street FOSTER Walter (wholesale),
Albion place, High street * Gil bei t & Co. 26£ Above bar GUTCH & COX, 150 High street Hazelton C. A. Post Office, 9 Upper
Prospect place HUNT Henry J. 123a St. Mary st. *JAMES T. & Co. South of England Book Emporium, Bernard st. f Jessop Mark, 28 Upper Canal walk Judges John Melville, 4 Bridge st. King James, 16 Victoria terrace,
N ortham road Knight Ed. H. Southampton Book
Society, 178 High street Lyne & Mason, 2% Belle Vue road Martin Mrs. H. 60 East street tMartin Mrs. S. 56 High street, Shirley
Newey Francis 118 Millbrook rd.
Freemantle Paul Bros. 77 High street
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