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Mussell Miss, 1 West Park villas,
West Park road Myer Sidney, 1 East Park terrace Myers James S. B. 72 High street Myers Mrs. Lynton villa, Priory
road, St. Denys Napier George. 3 Oak place, Nor-
tham road Nash Charles, Elmfield villa, 32
Millbrook rd. Freeman tie Nash Jehu, Portland cottage, Cambridge rd. Bevois mount Nash Mrs. Clifton villa, 109 Mill-
brook rd. Freemantle Neave Alfred Jamas, Roseland,
131 Millbrook rd. Freemantle Neave Mrs. Fane villas, 79 Millbrook rd. Freemantle Neill Jph. C. Y. Claremont villa,
4 Albert road, Hill Nettles Major Charles E. Rothsay
cottg. St. Denys rd. Bevois hill Neville Isaac, Floryville, Avenue rd Neville Mrs. Rosehill, 2 Shirley rd
Freemantle Newland Rev. Arthur (Curate St. Paul's), 3 West Park villas, West Park road Newman Jas. 16 Cranbury place Newman Wm. Caselton, Cambridge
road, Bevois mount Newmarch Mrs. 10 Cromwell road,
Fitzhugh Newton Benjamin, Florence cottage, Avenue road Nicholl Mrs. Springfield, Portswood Nicholas Rd. Trenant lodge, 63
Paynes rd. Freemantle Nichols Jonas, 46 Brintons road Nichols Thos. Bernard, Beckford
terrace, 6 Manchester street Nicholls John, 29 Bugle terrace,
Bugle street Nicholson Thomas, The Firs, 43
Hill lane, Hill Nicol James, 15 Albert rd, Hill Nicoll Mrs. The Cedars, Park road,
Portswood Nightingale Chas. 40 East Park ter Nightingale W. E. N. 40 East
Park terrace Nightingale W. H. The Laurels, Spring road, Portswood
Nippard Geo. 230 Shirley road, Shirley
Nisbett Gen. John, Clarence lodge,
278 Shirley rd. Shirley Nobbs Wm. 26 Bugle street Norris Mrs. Caroline, 4 Havelock
terrace, West Marlands North Chas. Henley villa, 13 Albert
road, Hill North Mrs. Elmfield, St. Denys rd.
Bevois hill North Wm. Hy. 34 Northbrook rd North The Misses, Eckowe villa,
Osborne rd. Bevois hill Norton Mrs. E. 1 Waterloo place Noyce Chas. 45 Northumberland rd Nutt Frederick, 19 Oxford road,
Bevois mount Nutman Wm. Gwendoline, Spring
road, Portswood Oakley Richard, 118 High street Oakshott Alfred, Albion cottage,
3 Emsworth rd. Shirley Ogden Miss, Highfield house, The
Avenue, Highfield Obee Christopher, 93 Milton road,
Fitzhugh Obree John Frederick, Clairville,
Archers road Obree R. A. Ratcliffe house, Spear
road, Bevois town O'Callaghan Chas. Mansion villa,
93 Waterloo rd. Freemantle O'Connor Col. Val, Bedford house,
77 Bedford place O'Connor James, Kingston villa,
8 Cromwell rd. Fitzhugh O'Farrell James, Afton villa, 5
Padwell rd, Bevois mount O'Farrell Mrs. 47 Oxford street Oke Miss, 7 Roclcstone place Oke Robert R. Cumberland house,
20 Cumberland place Okey Benjamin, Gloucester villa,
15 Rose rd. Bevois mount Oldaway Wm. Rose cottg. Highfield Olive Mrs. E. Caprera house, 11
Park road Olive Thos. Olive villa, Avenue rd Olive Thomas, Park terrace, 15
Park rd. Freemantle Oliver Geo. 12 Wilton rd. Shirley
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